Magnetic Double Sided Window Cleaner

Let’s face it cleaning windows is a hassle. Your home may be neat as a pin, but as soon as you open the curtains you’re faced with smudges.

Often courtesy of the sticky little hands or cats making their way in or out), rain marks, or just dirt in general.

You may be having visitors over for a party, clean your entire home until you can eat off the floor (don’t, though!), and then you look at filthy windows and feel overwhelmed and irritated. Cue Glider: the Magnetic Double Sided Window Cleaner!

The Magnetic double-sided window cleaner makes the tedious chore of window cleaning a whole lot easier and faster. So what makes it different from other window cleaners?

Magnetic Double Sided Window Cleaner

This cleaner not only cleans the inside of your window but outside too at the same time! It uses magnets that grip onto each side of your window, and voila clean windows in half the time.

Magnetic Double Sided Window Cleaner

This clever idea isn’t all that makes it a great investment; it is also incredibly durable and lasts for years, comes with 4 rubber squeegees which won’t wear out, and, for really dirty windows, it comes with 2 Microfiber cloths. Happy cleaning!

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