25 Cheap Bedroom Chairs Under $500

Shopping for a bedroom chair might not always be an easy task. Other than being overwhelmed with the many choices available in the market, bedroom chairs are expensive. If you are looking for a budget friendly and decent quality bedroom chairs option, you come to the right place. 

We have curated 25 different bedroom chairs options into a list of cheap bedroom chairs. All these bedroom chairs options are under $500. It is a reasonable price to get a decent bedroom chair with a decent quality and would last you quite sometime. We have prepared a variety of material, design, color, and type of chair so you can have a huge range of choices. We hope these cheap bedroom chairs will help you get your bedroom chair shopping sorted. 

1. Armless Mid Century Chair by Gunlocke After Risom

Armless Mid Century Chair by Gunlocke After Risom

Starting the list of cheap bedroom chairs with a classic armchair: the Armless Mid Century Chair by Gunlocke After Risom. It has a mid-century classic design armchair and solid walnut frame. The orange colored tweed on the upholstery gives a real vintage feel to the whole piece. 

2. Pari Rattan Chair

Pari Rattan Chair

The Pari Rattan Chair, inspired by British colonial furniture, is made from natural rattan.. It is easy to clean because it is sealed with clear lacquer protection. You can choose from many different colors and add your own sitting cushion for extra comfort. It is definitely a good quality rattan chair. 

3. Contemporary Barrel Accent Chair

Contemporary Barrel Accent Chair

Another classic piece on this list of cheap bedroom chairs is the Contemporary Barrel Accent Chair. Comes in the classic barrel shape with button details, it surely will bring some nostalgic feel to your room. The side barrel will provide you with a comfortable backrest and armrest. This chair is 

4. Kamila Ottoman

Kamila Ottoman

Getting a set of a chair and an ottoman might be too expensive, getting one or the other only will be a cheaper alternative. The Kamila Ottoman is a simple ottoman that acts as a storage space as well. It is made by order with upholstery and pinewood legs. Comes in a natural linen shade, this chair is a classic and a useful piece. 

5. Narin Folding Chair

Narin Folding Chair

Folding chairs are a great choice if you are on a budget. A modern twist on a regular folding chair. The Narin Folding Chair is made from solid oak legs. Comes in a pretty wooden brown shade, this folding chair will make a pretty addition to your bedroom. 

6. Libby Accent Chair

Libby Accent Chair

A timeless slipper chair, the Libby Accent Chair, made with a combination of fresh materials. The ebony-finished wood frame is combined with the neutral linen upholster making the overall design subtle yet iconic. This chair is a classic, definitely looks way more expensive than it actually is. 

7. Costa X-Base Stool

Costa X-Base Stool

A fancy stool would always be a great choice for a bedroom chair if you are on a tight budget. The Costa X-Base Stool has the classic X base shaped with a hand-braided water hyacinth inspired by the 40s French furniture. It will add a little island vibe to your room.  

8. Teak Camp Stool

Teak Camp Stool

Another classic x-shaped stool option in this list of cheap bedroom chairs is the Teak Camp Stool. Unlike the previous item, this stool comes with a fabric seat that has many patterns with it. It is a really aesthetic piece that would help elevate the mood of the room. The chair is useful, looks good, and won’t break your wallet. 

9. Ivory Faux Sherpa Freja Upholstered Arm Chair

Ivory Faux Sherpa Freja Upholstered Arm Chair

A classic armchair design with unique rounded edges. The Faux Sherpa Freja Arm Chair comes with a ivory polyester upholstery with birch wood legs. It is a versatile piece with a very reasonable price.  

10. Dorchester Bench

Dorchester Bench

You can also consider getting the Dorchester Bench. It is a cheaper alternative and you can place it in front of your bed or close to the wall of one corner of your bedroom so you can make use of these benches effectively and comfortably. Inspired by classic French country furniture, this bench is made from solid beechwood and hand woven rush. 

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11. Eames Molded Plastic Armchair

cheap bedroom chairs

A unique armchair on this list of cheap bedroom chairs is the Eames Molded Plastic Armchair. Unlike the usual armchairs, this one comes with a plastic seat and metal legs making the chair cheaper than the usual armchair. It has a variety of fun colors to choose from and the combination of material it uses makes the whole piece playful and fun.

12. Penn Chair

cheap bedroom chairs

Another armchair option on this list of cheap bedroom chairs is the Penn Chair. It is a square shaped armchair which comes with upholstery and metal legs with black finish. Also, it comes with a thick cushion to ensure a comfortable experience. Another good quality piece with a really good price. 

13. Petite Groovy Swivel Chair 

cheap bedroom chairs

The Petite Groovy Swivel Chair comes in a very unique round shape. It is a fully cushioned chair covered with 100% polyester fabric. Its unique shape gives it a very expensive and fun look. Also, it will add a little artsy touch to your whole bedroom. 

14. Hattie Chair

cheap bedroom chairs

A modern take on a classic tub chair. The Hattie Chair is a good quality product with a very reasonable price. It is made with velvet upholstery and a solid acacia wood frame. A classic and easy to match chair that you can add to your bedroom. 

15. Mid Century Upholstered Stool

cheap bedroom chairs

Unlike the other stools mentioned in this list of cheap bedroom chairs, the Mid-Century Upholstered Stool, just like the name suggests, comes with an upholstered cushion seat. It will ensure a more comfortable experience for you. The solid eucalyptus wood base and acacia wood veneer body makes the stool look classy and expensive.  

16. Basket Chair  

cheap bedroom chairs

Another alternative of the iconic rattan chairs is this Basket Chair. Instead of being made using rattan, it uses bamboo with metal legs. Bamboo is another cheaper alternative for a bedroom chair. Comes in a unique half basket shape that will give you a good back support. you can add an extra cushion for extra comfort. 

17. Modern Armchair

cheap bedroom chairs

The unique point of the Modern Armchair is on how fluffy the cushion it comes with. It guarantees a comfortable sitting experience every time. You can also get the chair customizable without having to pay extra. 

18. Halcyon Swivel Egg Chair

cheap bedroom chairs

Probably the most unique shaped chair option on this list of cheap bedroom chairs is the Halcyon Swivel Egg Chair. Unlike the classic swivel chair you can find in the market, this comes with a unique shape almost resembling the oval shape of an egg. If you are looking for budget friendly statement pieces, you can consider getting one of these. 

19. Linen Bean Bag

cheap bedroom chairs

Bean bags are a great alternative for a bedroom chair if you are on a budget. The Linen Bean Bag is made from 100% washed linen that would be a great addition to one corner of your bedroom. It also comes in two different sizes which will fit both young children and adults. 

20. Modern Accent Chair WIth Ottoman

cheap bedroom chairs

The Modern Accent Chair with Ottoman is a budget friendly chair and ottoman set. It is made from a thick padded linen seat and high density wooden legs. The set is super soft and cloud-like which will help you instantly relax. 

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21. Duhome Velvet Accent Chair

Duhome Velvet Accent Chaircheap bedroom chairs

If you are looking for chairs with bolder patterns, you can go with the Duhome Velvet Accent Chair. This chair comes with basic colors with a gold accent to it which makes the whole pattern look like a marble pattern. It is made with a velvet seat and gold metal base for some extra bling without the need of robbing the bank. 

22. Bellamy Studios Faux Leather

cheap bedroom chairs

A popular item on this list of cheap bedroom chairs is the Bellamy Studios Faux Leather. Designed as an armchair, it is made with high quality faux leather and sturdy metal frame. This is a budget-friendly alternative for those expensive leather armchairs. 

23. Contemporary Accent Chair 

cheap bedroom chairs

Your usual velvet padded chair with a contemporary twist. The Contemporary Accent Chair comes with a shell-shaped back and comfortable cushioned seat. Gold metal legs add a more fancy touch to the whole look. If you are into fancy looking chairs, you can consider getting this for just under $500. 

24. Lexicon Elle Accent Chair

Lexicon Elle Accent Chair

Comes with a classic armchair design, the Lexicon Elle Accent Chair is made with cushioned polyester upholstery. Unlike most armchairs mentioned in this list of cheap bedroom chairs, its armrest is made of wood which is attached with its legs. A classic that comes with a great price. 

25. Milliard Cozy Chair

Milliard Cozy Chair

The last chair option on this list of cheap bedroom chairs is just a little under $100. The Milliard Cozy Chair is a unique furry chair that has a shape like a saucer pan. It is also a foldable chair which will help you with storage. 

Latest Post:

What are the comfy and cheap bedroom chairs?

From this list of cheap bedroom chairs, there are three top picks for bedroom chairs that are both comfy and cheap. The first one is Faux Sherpa Freja Arm Chair is a classic chair that is fully cushioned which will give you a comfortable sitting experience. Another option is the Modern Accent Chair with Ottoman which comes in a set of a comfy chair and an ottoman. The ottoman provides you with a footrest so that you can also relax your feet. Lastly, you can also consider getting the Linen Bean Bag. Bean bags are very comfortable to lounge around while reading a book. 

Why are bedroom chairs so expensive?

Bedroom chairs in the market are usually expensive. This is due to the production cost of bedroom chairs that are relatively high. The upholstery of your bedroom chair and the material will determine the price of the bedroom chair. Despite its high price, expensive bedroom chairs are made to last. 

What are the best and cheap armchairs for bedroom?

From this list of cheap bedroom chairs, the best and cheap armchair for the bedroom is the  Bellamy Studios Faux Leather because it is made from full leather which makes it easier for you to clean. The leather also makes the armchair look expensive and classy. If you prefer something with cushioned and fabric upholstery, the Lexicon Elle Accent Chair will be the best choice. It is a simple and sophisticated piece, made to ensure the user’s convenience. 

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