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Gold Skull Arm Chair

If you have a lot of money to spend on a truly incredible piece of décor, bring home this Gold Skull Arm Chair right away.

Plated in real 24-karat gold, this chair is designed to look imposing from the front and absolutely sinister from the back.

The back of the chair is shaped like a massive skull while the seat is cushioned in soft black velvet for a sense of sophistication and grace. Although it may be a little strange in your living room.

Although it may be a little strange in your living room. 

Gold Skull Arm Chair


Gold Skull Arm Chair


This comfortable chair is the epitome of luxurious, over-the-top seating for anyone looking to add a lot of style and uniqueness to their home and who has a lot of money to spend! 

Gold Skull Arm Chair

Gold Skull Arm Chair


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