25 Best Winter Hiking Boots Under $100 to Explore Nature

Hiking during winter is amazingly fun to do. Staying active during winter will keep your body warm and fit, while you can also enjoy the cold weather with your loved ones and buddies. Before you go, make sure you have the right equipment for winter hiking, such as your hiking boots. As you know, waking across a thick pile of snow can be very challenging. We also know that the good hiking boots can be pricey, which can cost you more than $100 sometimes. But do you know that you can also get a good pair of winter hiking boots under $100?

Winter hiking boots need to have one most crucial feature, which is waterproof. You can find boots with cool design, nice color, or unique shape, but one thing to bear in mind, those boots must be waterproof. Choosing the all-season boots can be an option, too. But, if you are still confused about choosing the best pair under $100, it would be wise to check out 25 or our best recommendations of winter hiking boots below.

Best Winter Hiking Boots for Men

Winter hiking boots for men are usually are easier to find. But, finding the best winter boots under $100 is another story. Therefore, we have collected a list of 25 most recommended winter hiking boots for you. So, you are ready for a fun hiking in winter?

1. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot III Snow Boot

Columbia Men's Bugaboot III Snow Boot

The design of Columbia Bugaboot III  brings a touch of monochrome with a touch of red on the shoestring. Built to be waterproof, the leather upper is designed with seam-sealed construction in an Injection molded shell, and kept warm with 200g insulation. Being our number one item on this list, this is one of the best winter hiking boots under $100, because you can rely on this pair to step in rocky terrain, deep in the snow, or climb to the cliff.

2. Riemot Hiking Shoes

Riemot Hiking Shoes

With an anti-slip outsole made of durable rubber outsole, this pair of boots is suitable to use for exploring, even on snowy days. The excellent grips make it great for all terrains that you will meet during hiking. With 3M 200B insulate insulation inner material and removable 3M thinsulate insoles, these Riemot winter boots for men can always provide warmth rated down to – 40℉. Also, the design is also timeless, making it hard for any man to resist this pair.

3. Manitu Men’s Winter Hiking Boot

Manitu Men's Winter Hiking Boot

Just by looking at the design, you will immediately know that this pair of boots can be your best companion for hiking in the snow. It is made of thermoplastic elastomer soles, which can adjust the temperature inside when you wear them. Also, the shaft measures approximately Knöchel from the arch. The look of these booths might not be like your usual kind of hiking boots, but we are pretty sure that this should be included in the best winter hiking boots under $100 list.

4. Manfen Men’s Thermator Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boots

Manfen Men's Thermator Mid-Rise Waterproof Hi

A pair of monochrome boots can be the best winter hiking boots under $100 because of their amazing features. All-Terrain rubber TPU outsole provides high-traction grip in all environments. You don’t need to worry about the rocky, wet, or muddy areas if you wear this pair. Also, it offers a high-standard waterproof mesh upper or Hydroshield film, -13℉ insulation layer and also EVA insole to keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long. So, ready to hike in the cold season by wearing this cool pair?

5. Nortiv 8 Men’s Insulated Waterproof Construction Hiking Winter Snow Boots

Nortiv 8 Men's Insulated Waterproof Construction Hiking Winter Snow Boots

The insole cushion from these boots are removable, so you can easily clean it. This pair is built with a waterproof and windproof features. Plus, it also has synthetic toe caps for an anti collision. In addition, this pair also comes with 200g high-quality 3M thinsulate insulation that keeps your feet warm and dry even when the temperature is -25F. Furthermore, an insulated warm comfy lining provides better protection in bad weather. We know it is one of the best winter hiking boots under $100 for you.

6. Rockrooster Newland Hiking Boots

Rockrooster Newland Hiking Boots

This one is made of a goodyear outsole that will provide you with a nice and solid grip, traction and also reliability to perform in all conditions. The olive green color is suitable for outdoor activity, such as hiking, trekking or climbing. This one is perfect for you who loves camouflage, and it comes with a hydroguard lining. The waterproof-breathable membranes are covered in billions of microscopic pores, resulting in unique waterproof-breathable properties. Moreover, the pores are in the perfect size to let small water vapor molecules (sweat and body moisture) escape, rather than building up inside of your boot.

7. Mens Ozark Trail Flood Waterproof Shell Chelsea Boots

Mens Ozark Trail Flood Waterproof Shell Chelsea Boots

This one includes a combination of gray camouflage design with upper leather. Without a doubt, this pair is one of the best winter hiking boots under $100 that you can get easily. Also, the waterproof feature will definitely complete these boots. Although it has no lace, you just need to easily pull it to put them on your feet. No one will know that you’re about to go hiking with these items.

8. Karrimor Hot Rock Mens Walking Boots

Karrimor Hot Rock Mens Walking Boots

With a stitched suede upper with weathertite extreme technology for a waterproof finish, this pair of boots comes with durable metallic eyelets to the lacing system. Also, a high ankle collar with a comfortable padding completes with a molded dynagrip outsole for excellent mobility. In addition, the eye-catching color combination will be your favorite and timeless boots for the fun outdoor activities.

9. Mens Snow Boots

Mens Snow Boots

The boots from Nortiv 8 features waterproof construction for waterproof & windproof, and also synthetic toe cap for anti-collision. The insole is Removable, and the warm cushion faux fur insole offers all-day support & comfort, too. Moreover, there is no need to buy a new pair when the snow comes since this pair is specially designed for both daily use in winter and also outdoor sports.

10. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

This Kinetic Fit advanced removable contoured insole with reinforced heel cushioning for medium support. Also, the Merrell Air Cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability. The boots look very sturdy yet they are made of lightweight EVA foam midsoles for stability and comfort.

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11. Aleader Men’s Insulated Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

Aleader Men's Insulated Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

This pair of boots feature a classy and timeless style that is designed to withstand rugged, muddy terrain. Aleader snow boots provide comfort and sure footing in any environment with this non-slip rubber sole. Also, a seam-sealed and waterproof outsole keeps your feet dry in wet conditions. Perfect for all outdoor winter activities. So, there is no excuse to not explore nature if you have a pair of these boots.

12. Foxelli Men’s Hiking Boots

Foxelli Men’s Hiking Boots

Foxelli men’s hiking shoes are made of high-quality rubber soles, which ensure that you get fully slip-proof and feature advanced traction for better stability on challenging terrains. No more slipping and falling on wet or muddy surfaces! Furthermore, removable, soft foam innersoles also offer relief and quality protection to your feet at all times. Shock absorbent midsoles minimize any impact on joints. So, get a complete features of this pair of boots during hiking now.

13. Vans Ultrarange EXO HI MTE -1

Vans Ultrarange EXO HI MTE -1

Well, no, you are not wrong. You really see that one of our recommendations for hiking boots is this pair of boots from Vans. This one is made for hiking for sure. Also, the feature is an insulated upper with breathable Primaloft insulation, which keeps your feet warm and dry. You can get outside with style by wearing this pair of boots.

14. Decathlon SH100 Ultra-Warm, Waterproof Hiking Boots

Decathlon SH100 Ultra-Warm, Waterproof Hiking Boots

The color block is pretty stunning and cool at the same time, and you can have them from the best winter hiking boots from Decathlon. Also, there is a grip with snow contact technology as the materials and tread pattern of the soles. And for the temperature, you can check the thermal comfort is a balance between the warmth of the boots and its ability to let the foot breathe.

15. Swiss Tech Snow Hiking Mens Boots Ankle

Swiss Tech Snow Hiking Mens Boots Ankle

These boots from Swiss Tech are a must-have for your next hiking adventure. It features a leather upper and waterproof technology to keep your feet dry and warm. The rubber sole will create an anti slip when you are hiking. Just by looking at this pair, you know these boots are sturdy and can be your best and comfortable winter hiking boots under $100.

Best Winter Hiking Boots for Women

Who said women tend to stay at home in winter? Women love to explore nature in the cold season but they face the difficulty to get the suitable winter hiking boots to wear. Therefore, the comfortable, waterproof and insulated boots are the best ones to have, and if they cost under $100, it will a nice bonus to have!

16. Winter Snow Hiking Boots

Winter Snow Hiking Boots

This pair of boots doesn’t look like winter hiking boots, but it’s more like a more casual one. But, you can try it for hiking on snowy days. Also, it is a perfect pair to accompany you for camping, trekking and also hiking. No need to sorry about the snow anymore, since these boots will make your feet stays warm but breathable for you to walk outside in the cold season.

17. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge

Inspired by classic mountaineering style, this pair of boots are durable, with a mid-cut waterproof hiker that provides great traction and comfort. Not only about the design, Columbia Newton Ridge offers you a signature Omni-GRIP non-marking traction rubber outsole provides high grip across a wide variety of terrain, and versatile three season use. With this timeless design, you can get the best winter hiking boots under $100.

18. Women’s Nevados Klondike Waterproof Mid Hiking Boot

Women’s Nevados Klondike Waterproof Mid Hiking Boot

Made of suede for the upper, the lace up closure also creates the casual look of hiking boots. These items are waterproof boots, thus you do not have to be worried when hiking on snowy days. Carbon rubber sole makes the boots lightweight and flexible to wear, too. Also, it is the best find for female climbers that need neutral color shoes like these ones.

19. Outdoor Snow Waterproof Hiking Boots

Outdoor Snow Waterproof Hiking Boots

Fashionable and functional in one item. The waterproof hiking boots, which are suitable for winter days, will be your best companion to explore in the cold season. It is made of pull up leather and faux fur that will keep your feet warm. Such comfort boots but still in style!

20. Lopsie Women Snow Boots for Hiking

Lopsie Women Snow Boots for Hiking

No need to worry about the heavy winter season, since these boots from Lopsie are specially designed for that condition when you are hiking. Also, your boots have full fur lined coverage from ankle-high to insole in order to keep the inside temperature of the shoes stay above 28 degrees. Moreover, there is also the water resistant feature that will make your hiking trip more enjoyable.

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21. Dream Pairs Women’s Winter Hiking Boots

Dream Pairs Women's Winter Hiking Boots

Looking for durable boots for the cold season? Why don’t you take a look at this pair? The design is very classy. Also, there is a cold-weather boot featuring 200g Thermolite insulation rated to -25F. It is not only water resistant, but also windproof, too. Therefore, for women, you know that this is the best winter hiking boots, right? It surely the best winter hiking boots under $100.

22. Women’s Winter Boots

Women's Winter Boots

It is made of suede leather upper with 100% waterproof feature. There is also an insulation to keep your feet warm. The padded collar is applied comfortably for a long time. Plus, the rubber sole provides an anti-slip one. For women’s boots, this pair offers a very cool design. So, this is one of the best winter hiking boots under $100.

23. Micha Faux Fur Lined Hiking Boots

Micha Faux Fur Lined Hiking Boots

Get a very well designed lace-up style with side zip closure. The synthetic faux fur completes the look into adorable boots that you can wear for hiking on snowy days. It is flexible and a shock-absorbent sole will let you go on any terrain you want. Isn’t it the best winter hiking boots under $100?

24. Bearpaw Women’s Tallac Apparel Hiking Shoes

Bearpaw Women's Tallac Apparel Hiking Shoes

Designed with waterproof construction and built tough with suede and mesh for all-season wear, this pair is treated with NeverWet technology for water and stain resistance. Also, the removable mesh footbed is provided to make it easier for you to clean the boots. Moreover, the lace-up styling is classic and favorite for the boots users, too.

25. Bearpaw Women’s Corsica Wide Apparel Hiking Shoes

Bearpaw Women's Corsica Wide Apparel Hiking Shoes

Calling all female outdoor enthusiasts! The best winter hiking boots under $100 that are great for any and all seasons are here, ready for you to own. This one offers full boots’ waterproof construction with suede and nylon upper and faux leather heel and top caps. The feature is now upgraded with Wide Widths! It is treated with NeverWet technology for water and stain resistance, too. So, it is time for you to grab your carrier and explore nature no matter what the season is. This holy grail is one of the best winter hiking boots under $100.

Latest Post:

Can you wear hiking boots as winter boots?

Yes, you can wear hiking boots as your winter boots. But, due to the design, it looks bulky and too sturdy when you wear the hiking boots for your winter boots and daily during the cold season. But, as long as you are comfortable with that, then go ahead.

What are the best winter hiking boots under $100?

The best winter hiking boots under $100 for men, you can try the boots from Nortiv8. It has a complete feature for your needs during outdoor activity in the cold season. But still, the price is affordable. While for the women, you can try these fashionable boots that will cover what you are really looking for during hiking on snowy days.

Are hiking boots OK for snow?

Yes, hiking boots nowadays have a special feature that will cover your needs for snow. The water resistant, insulated upper keeps the feet warm, breathable mesh, and anti slip even if you walk in a muddy area.

What’s the difference between snow boots and hiking boots?

Snow boots are designed for your daily activity during snow days. It is water resistant, keeps your feet warm although not using the insulated one. Moreover, the design and material are not as robust as hiking boots. The terrain is different, hence the material between them.

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