27 Essential Gifts for Hikers for Their Conquests

The Everest and 127 Hours are just two examples of cool hiking movies. After watching those intense movies, people could be scared and back off from hiking. However, there are people who will feel challenged and get excited about hiking. Nothing can beat the feeling of joy when you have conquered a mountain hike. If you have a friend who likes hiking, you might want to buy them some cool gifts for hikers as a surprise.

There are a lot of things that you can get as gifts for hikers, starting from decorations that they can display in their home to essential items for their hobby. Without further ado, let’s jump into our cool list containing unique gifts for hikers.  

Decoration Gifts for Hikers

It may not seem much, but giving decorations as gifts for hikers is a cool idea. After all, they will need some hiking-related item that they can display back home. Below, you will find unique wall decorations, beautiful arts, and many more. 

1. Hiking Lifeline Vinyl Sticker

Hiking Lifeline Vinyl Sticker

To some people, hiking is their life. They may not know what else to do if they can’t feel the thrill of climbing a mountain. If your friend has the same kind of passion, you might want to give this awesome decal. It will look great on their wall back home.

2. Decorative Board as Gift for Hikers

52 Hikes a Year Board

Some decorations can also be used as a form of motivation. With this cool board, your friend can plan a hike every week for the year! This sign will help them to track the mountains that they have beaten as well as the ones waiting on their list. 

3. Hiker’s Journey Glassware

Hiker’s Journey Glassware

On this unique glass, you can see a beautiful print that all hikers will love. The glass itself also has a unique shape that will make a cool decoration. You can also drink in this glass on several occasions. 

4. Adventure Signs

Adventure Signs

Unique plaques will always be a great gift for people with a certain kind of passion. In this case, you may give this beautiful plaque sign as part of your gifts for hikers. It contains a wonderful quote and amazing design. 

5. Wonderful World Poster as Gift for Hikers

Wonderful World Poster

When you go out to hike, you’ll get a better view on this beautiful earth. It’s practically the reason why people love to go mountain hiking. If your friend truly enjoys the activity, you can get them this wonderful poster as a tribute to their hobby. 

6. On A Hike Doormat

On A Hike Doormat

Hikers will spend most of their time outdoors. That’s the reason why you probably won’t get the chance to meet them, unless you’re an avid hiker yourself. To help them inform their guests better of their status, you can get this hilarious doormat for them!

7. “Climb with Me” Serving Bowl as Gift for Hikers

“Climb with Me” Serving Bowl

Who said that serving bowls cannot be a beautiful decoration for a home? In fact, this particular serving bowl is perfect for a hiker’s taste. They can choose to serve their meal with this fancy bowl or leave it in a shelf as part of their cool collection. 

8. Trail Hikers Print

Trail Hikers Print

Last up on our list, we’ve got this beautiful print for your hiker friend. If they prefer a more modern style of art, then this print will be the perfect addition for their home decoration. This beautiful poster is inspired by a retro poster with some modern take on it. 

Essential Hiking Gifts for Hikers

As an experienced hiker, there’s a huge chance that your friend already owned most items needed for their hobby. However, it doesn’t mean that their things shouldn’t need an upgrade. Let’s take a look at some of the best essential items that you can get as gifts for hikers. 

9. First Aid Kit as Gift for Hikers

Hiking First Aid Kit

No one can know what terrible things may await when someone goes on a hike. That’s the reason why you should always have a hiking first aid kit. This particular aid kit is no ordinary kit. It contains 120 pieces of essential items that will ensure your friend’s survival. 

10. Sierra Designs Hydration Pack

Sierra Designs Hydration Pack

Travel in style with this awesome hydration pack. When you go on a hike, being practical is essential. Therefore, your friend is going to need this hydration pack to replace conventional bottles. Besides, they can also store other essential items in the bag. 

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11. Brown Leather Bear Bell

Brown Leather Bear Bell

When you go on a hike, you might want to remember to bring a bear bell. It will alert nearby animals of your presence, so you won’t startle them and make them go berserk. Hand this awesome bear bell for your friend so they may travel in style. 

12. Double Wall Insulated Bottle

Double Wall Insulated Bottle

Durable water bottle is essential on a hike. You need to make sure that the fluids won’t leak and your storage remains intact. For that matter, you may get this awesome insulated bottle for your friend. This bottle is extremely lightweight so it won’t really bother your friend. 

13. Hiking Sticks as Gift for Hikers

Hiking Sticks

To get through all the rocky passages, hikers need to use trekking sticks as an aid. We strongly recommend this wonderful hiking sticks for your friend. It is practical and foldable, and they have a 4-level height adjustment. 

14. Portable Outdoor Shower

Portable Outdoor Shower

If your friend is strong enough to carry extra items, they might want to bring this portable outdoor shower. Hiking really drains your energy, and that’s why they will need showers to freshen up. You can even enjoy a hot shower without any electricity. 

15. Camping Multi Tool

Camping Multi Tool

When you look at this small item, you will wonder how it can be of use during a hike, right? To put in in a simple way, this awesome tool contains ten amazing tools that will come in handy for your hiking experience. You can light up a fire with the ferro rod, or prepping the tent with the rope tensioner and cutter.  

16. Day Hike Supply Pack

Day Hike Supply Packb

Being able to carry lots of heavy stuff is not a privilege that all people can enjoy. If your friend likes to hike with less burdens on their shoulders, you can get them this unique supply pack. Inside, they will find essential items that are stored inside compact canisters. 

17. Hiker Shoe as Gift for Hikers

Hiker Shoe

When you are going for a hike, you might not want to use sneakers or normal sport shoes. Unless you’re planning on getting those precious shoes dirty and damaged, you should consider buying this cool hiker shoe

18. Scratch-off Hiking Map

Scratch-off Hiking Map

Here is a fun way to keep track of the mountains that your friend has conquered. Simply scratch the mountains that they have visited to reveal a colorful trail beneath. It’s so fun, we guarantee you that!

19. Chill Beer Vest

Chill Beer Vest

Beers are essential for your hiking journey. However, it might be a stretch to carry a cooler box when you’re climbing a mountain. As an alternative, you can bring this cute beer vest that will keep them cold!

20. Fanny Pack as Gift for Hikers

Hiking Fanny Pack

You might want to know that carrying fanny packs are essential for a hiker. It will act as an extra storage for small items that won’t fit into their bag. That’s the reason why we’re going to recommend this fanny pack. It contains many spaces for essential items and water bottles too. 

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21. Buoyant Personal Locator

Buoyant Personal Locator

The last thing that you would want during hiking is to get lost from your friends. To avoid that scenario, you might want to buy this personal locator. Once activated, it will generate an SOS signal to worldwide Search and Rescue forces. 

22. NanoDry Towel

 NanoDry Towel

When you’re packing for a hike, remember that you’re not visiting some fancy city and staying in a five-star hotel. Bearing that thought in mind, you should bring a practical towel like this one. Its fabric absorbs 2.3 times of its weight in moisture!

23. Funny Shirt as Gift for Hikers

Sloth Hiking Team Shirt

There are some people who like to maintain speed to reach the mountain quickly. However, there are also people who like to take things slowly. If your friend and their gang prefer the latter method, you should buy them this shirt!

24. Hiking Dad Shirt

There’s no age limit for hiking. If your friend is a parent who still enjoys hiking, you should honor that passion with this awesome shirt. Help them brag about their hobby to their neighbor through this comfortable shirt.  

25. Another Half Mile Shirt

Another Half Mile Shirt

Hiking is not easy for some people. Most of the time, you’ll notice a bunch of people giving up before reaching the top of the mountain. Therefore, you should encourage your friend with this cool and funny shirt

26. Hiking Shirt for Women

Hiking Shirt for Women

Hiking is not a hobby made exclusively for men. In fact, there are a lot of women out there who enjoy conquering mountains. Should you have a female friend who shares the same passion, you should buy them this shirt as part of your gifts for hikers.

27. Not Getting Lost Shirt

Not Getting Lost Shirt

Experienced hikers might not want to admit it, but it’s natural if you get lost during a hike. If you happen to know someone with that kind of pride, then you should get this funny shirt as a gift. It will suit them just fine!

Final Thoughts

Show your love to your favorite hiker by giving him a special gift that will be something for him to cherish. When it comes to the best kinds of gifts, our recommendations would be none other than high-quality hiking tools that can support his hobby. However, if he is one of those hikers who has all the best hiking tools he need, then we would suggest that you for some home decor items that have some unique elements about hiking, mountains and such. We believe he will love you even more after knowing that you are very kind, thoughtful and supportive of his hobby.

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