Danner Explorer 650 Hiking Boots

The ultimate blend of style and function, Danner Explorer 650 Hiking Boots are the epitome of footwear innovation.

Designed to handle virtually every sort of terrain, the model is durable yet incredibly light.

A modification of the renowned Danner Light, the design takes the best aspects of its predecessor and upgrades it for unmatched performance. 

On the interior, Gore-Tex lining offers waterproofing. And though it is primarily made using leather, some sections have been replaced with high-quality nylon. The result is an extremely light and agile shoe, perfect for outdoor adventure. 

Danner Explorer 650 Hiking Boots

Nylon also adds to its comfort by significantly reducing the amount of break-in time that would typically be required.

Danner Explorer 650 Hiking Boots

Its mid sole offers a cushion-like platform further enhancing its convenience during extended wear. At the same time, a removable footbed provides several layers for maximum rebound and heat dissipation.

On the outside, a Vibram Megagrip sole provides matchless traction for all manner of terrain. To top it off, the sleek profile offers optimum versatility and great aesthetic appeal for everyday wear. 

Danner Explorer 650 Hiking Boots

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