34 Cool & Unique Ottomans & Poufs for Any Room

In spite of their small size, the ottomans and poufs can have an enormous impact on your space. They are full of functional and aesthetic appeal, and there is no end to the designs of these versatile pieces. If you are currently working on re-decorating your space, coffee tables and couches are not the only things you need to think about. Instead, you need to also consider small yet essential pieces of furniture to bring a different touch to your newly designed space, including some unique ottomans.

For that reason, we must say that ottomans deserve to be on your list of consideration. Whether you are looking for unique ottomans, a unique poof, or perhaps a bit of both, you are in for a treat. Read on to discover some of the best concepts and ideas of these furniture pieces to transform your space.

Below, we have a list full of the most recommended ottomans for you to choose from. From modern and unique ottomans to the classic or minimalist ones, we have everything you need on the list.

So read on, because the perfect ottoman to complete the look of your space is just a scroll away!

What Makes An Ottoman Unique?

Ottomans come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, which can make them unique depending on your personal taste and the look you are trying to achieve in your space. Some ottomans may have unique features such as storage compartments or convertible designs that allow them to serve multiple functions.

BEST Ottomans You Can Buy

#1 Giant Rope Knit Ottomans

Large Rope Knit Ottomans - Cool & Unique Ottomans

Showcase your creative side with these giant rope knit pieces. One look at them and we can guarantee you will want to dive aboard and enjoy their cozy goodness. That’s not all, because the best part about these adorable pieces are the fact that you get tons of options from the wide color palette available to match your décor.

If you are currently looking for some additional useful decor pieces to complete your new living room, we believe you just found it right here!

#2 Vintage Look Leather Pouf

Vintage Look Leather - Cool & Unique Ottomans

When we talk about unique ottomans, then we just can’t forget about those made of leather.

As we know, furniture pieces made of leather will never go your of style. We believe it also applies to ottomans, too. So, do you want a touch of old-world charm to warm up your space? Well, you cannot go wrong with one of these pieces. It is small enough to find a spot in any room as well as in your heart.

#3 Stone-Like Wool Ottomans

Stone-Like Wool Ottomans

In our opinion, it’s always a great idea to bring a little of the outdoors indoors, right? If you agree with us on that, how about going all the way with these stone-like pieces?

Having a stone-like ottoman will add a natural touch to your space, which will bring out the feeling of warmth and comfort. As for the design, this is truly one of the most unique ottomans to own. Without a doubt, having a piece of two of these will make a great focal point for any space and will make a big statement as well.

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#4 Farmhouse Casual Ottoman Pouf

Farmhouse Casual Ottoman Pouf

If you are into multi-functional furniture pieces, next up we have one item that you simply cannot resist. It can act as a footstool, a spare seat, a side table and much more. This adorable ottoman features a sweet bohemian look that will turn any room into a comfy and cozy place instantly.

Moreover, it also features a perfect size and shape that will fit any room decor theme. In our opinion, with so many plus points and functionality that this ottoman has to offer, the only limit is your imagination.

#5 Morrocan Leather Pouf

Morrocan Leather Pouf - Cool & Unique Ottomans

Add a little fun to your space with one or more of these colorful leather pieces. If you want to add soft colors to your space, why not go for colorful ottomans that will come as a great footstool, side table or a spare seat?

You can definitely get all of that from one of these adorable pieces. These ottomans come in lots of different colors and sport patterns that create tons of visual interest. Last but not least, the embroidery at the top caps it all up!

#6 Hill Tribe Indigo & Organic Kapok Filled

Hill Tribe Indigo & Organic Kapok Filled

When they said great things come in small packages, they must have had these pieces in mind, there’s no doubt about it.

We have to day that no matter what effect you want to create, these items will have got you covered. These ottomans features adorable design with tribal patterns, plus adorable colors, too! If you ask us, the main thing to love most about this ottoman is definitely the tribal patterns.

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#7 Alunaune Tufted Ottoman

Good Banana Donut Floor Floatie, Kids’ Round Floor Pillow Seating

For your contemporary living room or bedroom, this blue and white piece would be the perfect addition. It might not look like the usual ottoman we know, but this one is definitely the one that is worth having. It deserves to be yours, especially if you have a minimalist space that needs one final touch to complete the look.

We believe without a doubt that it is a perfect way to introduce an oriental touch that will leave the guests stunned. Moreover, this is also a hand-made piece, making it one of the most authentic pieces that you have inside your room. As a hand-sewn piece, this is truly one of the most unique ottomans, and one of a kind, too.

#8 Modway Amour Cocktail Ottoman

Modway Amour Cocktail Ottoman

Make a bold and unforgettable statement with this imposing yet cool ottoman.

Its luxurious finish makes it a fashionable addition to any space, especially to your bedroom. Whether you simply want to rest your tired feet or accent your bedroom, this is the ultimate piece to own. Moreover, we must also praise the designer for choosing such an adorable color, which is currently becomes on the color trends this year.

#9 Chunky Knit Merino Wool

Chunky knit merino round cushion

Chunky knit merino wool always holds the promise of fun, and it even more so when it comes in form of a cozy floor stool.

Since it comes in many choices of colors, make sure you pick a color that most suits your space. It might sounds simple, but it is actually an important step that can create a sense of harmony or make a statement in your space. In addition, these pieces will also make great housewarming gifts as well.

#10 Pink Velvet

Pink Velvet

If you have a soft spot for all things elegant, then here is the perfect addition to your décor.

Made in baby pink velvet, it is impossibly cozy and fun. It also comes with a gold base that boost it’s elegance in an instant. After all, who can say not to a beautiful combination of soft pink and gold, right? Own one of these and use it as a side stool, a comfy seat or an accent piece to fancy up your space.

#11 Donut Floor Pillows

Good Banana Donut Floor Floatie, Kids’ Round Floor Pillow Seating

You don’t have to be a cop or a child to find donuts irresistible. You can definitely find this donut pillow irresistible and hard to resist, too.

In our opinion, this is the best and most unique ottomans out there. It’s the kind of ottoman that everyone cannot have enough of. As for the materials, the use of chunky wool also adds to the appeal and makes this a must-have item.

#12 Design on Stock USA Barrell Leather Stool

 Barrel Chesterfield Footstool | Chesterfield Sofa Company

Showcase your love for beer in style with the barrel leather stool.

As far as creativity goes, this one definitely takes the day. Everything about it from the color and looks to the dimensions takes you to your favorite watering hole. Plus, we need to tell you that in terms of durability, there’s nothing can beat this item. You can have in your space until we don’t know how many years from now.

#13 Rectangle 100% Moroccan Made Real Leather

Rectangle 100% Moroccan Made Real Leather

In case you are looking for the perfect work of art to add to your furniture collection, you just found it right here!

This is a square ottoman that will definitely make a focal point inside your new and refreshed living room. In terms of size, we have to say this one is pretty massive, comes as a leather piece with a weathered finish for timeless appeal. Plus, the craftsmanship is truly impeccable.

#14 Square 100% Moroccan Made Real Leather

Square 100% Moroccan Made Real Leather

If you simply loved the above piece but would rather get it in a smaller size, here you go!

The soft Moroccan leather is not only elegant but its smooth finish makes it warm and inviting. If you’re looking for unique ottomans that will turn your space onto a comfy and cozy space, what more could you ask for? Get this one quick before it runs out!

#15 Knot Floor Pillow

Knot Floor Pillow

A unique ottoman like this one is great for making an unforgettable statement. After all, who would have thought that a knot or three could make such an elegant piece?! It features fun colors and unique design that will be perfect to decorate your modern and minimalist-themed space.

Moreover, the use of holofiber is particularly ideal for making it a cozy piece to own, too.

#16 Rittenhouse Tufted Coffee Ottoman

Rittenhouse Tufted Coffee Ottoman

When it comes to potential, we believe without a doubt no other piece can hold as much promise as this one.

This ottoman comes with so many goodness, including the fact that it can double up as a spare seat, a coffee table or a footrest. Moreover, with the unmistakable traditional appeal, this is truly one of the most unique ottomans that will never go out of style.

#17 Stuffed Merino Wool Floor Pillows

Wool pillow decorative

Floor pillows are always a great choice for cozying up your living room. Next up we have the adorable floor pillows that will ad some fun colors to your living room. However, instead of getting just one, why not get a whole family of them?

In addition, you might also want to explore your creativity and choose items with different colors and sizes, and then see how they can transform your space into a fun yet comfy space.

#18 Round Vintage Look Leather Pouf

Round Vintage Look Leather Pouf

Calling all vintage design lovers out there! This next item is something that will grab your attention.

If you are looking to create the ultimate vintage look, we believe this round piece will do wonders for your décor. It comes in vintage leather and the pleats on the sides make it a great focal point. Plus, it also has a design that is everlasting, which will be able to stay inside your living for years.

#19 Set of 2 Moroccan Leather Poufs

Set of 2 Moroccan Leather Poufs - Cool & Unique Ottomans

Moroccan leather makes the best ottoman poufs to create a semi-traditional look.

Available in a bright shade of brown, we have to say that they are truly the essence of warmth. Even better, we have to praise the maker for the amazing work, because the embroidery is to die for!

#20 LANE LINEN Ottoman Pouf

LANE LINEN Ottoman Pouf

Hand knitted décor items are among the most enduring concepts of all time. It is timeless, elegant, and of course, it will never go out of style. Take this one for instance. If you are looking for a piece of small but impactful item to complete the look of your space. This one is the one to get. Moreover, if you are also looking for a forever stylish footstool, then this is also your best bet. Plus, it comes in lots of colors for a vibrant look.

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#21 Large Coral Peach Crochet Ottoman

Large Coral Peach Crochet Ottoman - Cool & Unique Ottomans

Are you currently expecting and in the process of designing a new nursery room? If you are, then make sure you put in some colorful and adorable furniture inside to keep your little one happy.

However, don’t forget to add a floor pillow to your nursery room. For that purpose, we think one of these crotchet cushions will make the perfect landing spot when playing with toddlers. Plus, with lots of sweet colors to pick from, the decorative potential is purely limitless.

#22 Boho Ottoman Pouf

Mandala Life Art Bohemian Floor Cushion Cover

Showcase your love for boho fashion and make an indelible statement. Featuring a rare Moroccan Shadoui rug as the cover, we have to admit that this is a really authentic addition to a collector’s space.

We can even imagine how adorable your boho-style space will look with one of these inside. It will come as something more than just a piece of furniture. It will also make a beautiful decor item that features a blend of function and style, which is absolutely matchless.

#23 Stuffed Crochet Cool & Unique Ottomans

Stuffed Crochet Cool & Unique Ottomans

Express your creative side with one or more of these. Without a doubt, they are the essence of cuteness and are a great choice for art lovers, too. Moreover, the stunning array of colors will leave you speechless.

In our opinion, this is one of the most unique ottomans that will make you beg for more. In addition, we also love the colors, and it will make a perfect addition to a minimalist or modern-themed rooms.

#24 Lattimer Upholstered Storage Bench

Lattimer Upholstered Storage Bench

Moving on to the next item on your list, what do you think about a storage bench with lots of functional value and visual appeal? If you have an open floor plan, we think this piece might be the ultimate piece to divide your space.

In terms functionality, this item will be the perfect ottoman, a table, or a piece of decor. And when you have extra guests, it will provide you with extra seating space. How cool is that?

#25 Handcrafted Leather Bohemian Ottomans

Handcrafted Leather Bohemian Pouf - Cool & Unique Ottomans

A single vibrant furniture piece is all it takes to transform your living room. Take this next item for example. This is one of those unique ottomans that will bring out the best in mandala style. Plus, it looks charming and captivating, too!

However, since the design is pretty colorful and bright, we definitely think that the eccentrics in the house will immediately fall in love with this piece. Congrats, because you just found your perfect match!

#26 Knitted Crochet Pouf

Knitted Crochet Pouf

Looking for a fun and artistic addition to your interior? Sit back and relax, because we have found you the perfect choice for that. Just take a look at this knitted crochet pouf. We have to admit that other crochet pieces will not come any better than this.

In terms of design, it features a unique pattern that adds a fun twist to an already creative idea. With it’s sweet and natural appearance, this is a piece that will be perfect for a country style-themed home.

#27 Red Barrel Studio Darell Storage Ottoman

Red Barrel Studio Darell Storage Ottoman

Give a voice to your elegant side in the loudest possible way.

With lots of space for all your living room clutter, including inside and beneath, this is the perfect item that will add tons of functions. Even better, it also comes with an elegant appearance, offering a remarkable stylish to make sure your space is warm and comfy.

#28 Myrah Storage Ottoman

Myrah Storage Ottoman

For the perfect blend of function and style, we have to say that you can always go for the classic woven round basket. Inside the basket, you can store all of your throw blankets. Plus, you can get an extra seat for your guests, too.

Made of high-quality materials, you can be sure that you will be able to use it for many years to come. Moreover, if you are also a tiny space living enthusiast, then we can assure you that you will need one of these unique ottomans.

#29 Manford Storage Ottoman

Manford Storage Ottoman

If you are looking for a mid-century modern ottoman, believe us when we recommend you to look no further than the Manford.

It comes in a clean finish with a tufted bottom border. Plus, it comes with a clean and bright color, too. Moreover, the inside of this item also offers lots of room for every piece of living room clutter.

#30 Baxton Studio Cardiff Cocktail Ottoman

baxton studio cardiff cocktail ottoman

Been trying to find a piece to soften your space? You just found it right here!

With this piece, you will get a blend of contemporary and traditional style for a matchless visual effect. In addition, it also has lots of space for you and everyone at home too, plus a furry friend and some coffee, too!

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#31 Dalila Cocktail Ottoman

Dalila Cocktail Ottoman

Add visual appeal and functional value to your living room or den with this multi-functional, cool ottoman. When it comes to choice of color, we have no doubt that black will always be in trend as it will never go out of style.

In terms of design, this cocktail ottoman will also serve as your ‘everything table,’ holding odds and ends on the inside, and your feet and everything else on top. Perfect choice!

#32 Mandala Life Bohemian Ottoman

Bohemian Pouf Ottoman Cover

Discover a chic and unique ottoman for your home in this perfectly made Mandala Life Bohemian Ottoman.

Highlighting a bohemian style, this ottoman will bring an artistic atmosphere to your living room. In our opinion, this ottoman looks eye-catching with the beige and light blue color combination of the embroidered pattern. Suitable to be placed in the corner of the room and a table or chair as a compliment.

#33 Braided Cylindrical Ottoman

Cylindrical Pouf Ottoman

Any nature lover will absolutely fall in love with this Braided Cylindrical Ottoman. This ottoman can indeed add rustic vibes to your favorite place despite its basic design.

The black and natural wood color are effortlessly blended into each other, creating such a great match. Either used as a footrest or an additional seat, we believe this item is a must-have when it comes to multifunctional quality. Moreover, there are several available patterns and color-mix that you can pick following your taste.

#34 Simple Home Round Pouf

Vivienne Round Pouf

A timeless round shape is perfect when it comes to a pouf. This pouf offers you a simple yet delightful appearance with circular stitching details around it. It is the ideal choice to complement the interior of your living room with a classic theme.

The dense polystyrene material maintains the pouf shape, so you don’t have to worry about deforming over time. Moreover, there are also several color options that you can definitely choose to match your room decor.

Final Thoughts

No matter what room you want to style up and what your tastes are, there will always be a unique ottoman or pouf to meet your needs. All you need to do is take your pick and enjoy the transformation. However, make sure you choose wisely and consider several aspects before you make your decision, such as the room design, color theme, and also the room size.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the average size of an ottoman?

Despite the shape, an average size of an ottoman is generally 18 x 18 x 15 in length, width, and height, respectively. 

What is the best place to put an ottoman or pouf?

You can either add your ottoman to your living room or bedroom to enhance the decoration of those rooms. In addition, an ottoman is a perfect item to provide an additional seat in your office. 

How easy to clean my ottomans?

Cleaning your ottomans can be easy with the right approach. Start by vacuuming the surface to remove any loose debris. Next, mix a small amount of dish soap with warm water and use a clean cloth to gently scrub the ottoman.

Avoid using too much water as it can damage the fabric or filling. For tougher stains, you can use a fabric cleaner or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Remember to spot test any cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire surface. With a little bit of effort, you can keep your ottomans looking clean and fresh for years to come.

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