20 Charming Moroccan Decor Ideas You Must Try

Morocco is a North African country which has a charming and elegant style. When visiting Morocco, you will witness how vibrant its culture and style are. Especially in Moroccan homes, you can see this iconic style that includes fun patterns, tons of colors, and furniture and decoration in unique shapes. These details are the core identity of the true Moroccan style. However due to the loud and busy nature of the Moroccan style, it can be overwhelming to see if you don’t do it correctly. This is why you might need some help in order to find the Moroccan inspired style that is perfect for you.

We have put together 20 Moroccan decor ideas to help you decorate in a Moroccan style. Whether you want the classic Moroccan style or the modern Moroccan touch, this list has it all. You will definitely feel inspired after reading this list of charming Moroccan decor ideas. This list will definitely help you find the right balance between the Moroccan style and your own personal style and preferences. You will end up with a style that will be charming and not overwhelming to your eyes.  

1. Mosaic Tiles 

Moroccan Decor Ideas

Starting this list of Moroccan decor ideas with the simplest one to do. The mosaic style tiles are a very iconic Moroccan design that is easy to achieve. You can get them in the combination of rich and vibrant colors. It is a great way to give a fun touch inside a room. There are tons of patterns you can choose from that will match the whole design of the house. If you are into unique and colorful designs, you can definitely go with this mosaic tiles. These tiles are great for both ground tiles and wall tiles. You can decorate basically any room with these including your bathrooms too. 

2. Pillows And Cushions

In a Moroccan room, pillows and cushions are two of the must-have items. You can see tons of pillows and cushions all over the room. Each pillow will come with sheet covers in unique colorful patterns. This is the classic Moroccan style to elevate the overall look of the room and give it a classic ethnic Moroccan feel to the room. If you like something easy yet effective, pillows and cushions are the way to go. 

3. Arches 

Most Moroccan decoration ideas are influence by Islam. Thus, it is very common to have these arches that resemble the ones you can see in mosques to be part of the room design. You can have these arches shaped for the windows, doors, or just an additional accent to the room. As you may have noticed by now, the Moroccans don’t do simple and clean home decor. They are obsessed with intricate details and loud patterns. This is why they won’t leave their arches with no details at all. 

4. Hanging Moroccan Lantern 

The Moroccan lights or lanterns are the iconic decor item that you will always see in a room with Moroccan design. You can put together different sizes and shapes of Moroccan lanterns as the center light piece of the room. It will give off an Arabic night vibe to the room. You have probably seen this in movies like Aladdin where you can see lanterns hanging in different rooms and settings. They usually come in a set of 3 or more lanterns at once that come in different shapes and patterns depending on the size of the room itself. This is one of the most iconic Moroccan decor ideas for the living room. 

5. Dramatic Curtains 

Another Moroccan decor idea for the living room is to hang up some dramatic curtains. Adding these hanging curtains will add some dramatic effects to the room which accentuate the Moroccan themed decor. A simple white curtain will do. However, you can also use a more dramatic curtain with rich patterns and color. These curtains are useful to hide the more private sides of your homes too. Moroccans’ homes have these curtains instead of doors in order to let some air in to survive the humid weather while still keeping parts of their home private to guests or other people. 

6. Wooden Carved Furnitures

Wooden furniture are typical Moroccan interiors. They come with a very elaborate and intricate design. These furniture by themselves could be one of the easiest Moroccan decor ideas. Due to its details, it will make a great and practical decor piece you can always go for. The wooden material will also fit the overall Moroccan style of the room. These furniture are great for those of you who do not like having extra decoration pieces at home, but still want to keep their house well decorated and not boring. 

7. Classic Moroccan Style  

The classic Moroccan style comes in a very straightforward design. It incorporates the classic Moroccan decor items such as the Moroccan table lamps. It is a timeless piece that can stay with you for a long time. A great piece for your living room or bedside lamp piece that will allow you to have some relaxing time at home.

8. Moroccan Meets Victorian Style

The combination of two different styles would also be a great idea to try. When the Moroccan style meets the elegant Victorian style interiors, you will get a totally new feel to your room. Another Moroccan bedroom decor idea that will suit this style is the Moroccan inspired lamp. It comes with the typical Victorian bedside lamp design, but with a little touch of Moroccan culture. The base of the lamp comes with a mosaic like pattern in the combination of vibrant colors. For the top part, you can get a dramatic top in a more subtle color to balance out the whole lamp. You can also try combining the classic Moroccan mosaic walls with classic Victorian wall sconce light. 

9. Close To Nature 

Source: Pinterest (@littlemissnottinghill.com)

Most Moroccan homes have semi outdoor rooms. Thus, they usually decorate it with big sized plants. These plants are super tall and come in unique vases. They usually choose vases with a mosaic-like design with colorful colors. Bringing in some nature inside your home in the Moroccan way. If you want to create for yourself a Moroccan inspired patio or balcony, you definitely need to bring in those huge plants. 

10. Moroccan Palace Inspired 

Source: Pinterest (@houzz.co.uk)

Inspired by the grand and majestic Moroccan palaces, some of you would be interested in turning your home to something like one. This style requires larger bigger decoration pieces instead of the ones with intricate detailing. The Wall mirror is one of the interesting Moroccan decoration ideas to try. It usually comes with a majestic and dramatic design which depicts the Moroccan style. It will be a great Moroccan wall decor for your living room. 

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11. Islam Inspired Interior

Source: Pinterest (@galeriemagazine.com)

The Moroccan architecture and culture as a whole is inspired by Islam. Thus, you can see tons of home designs resembling the mosque dome. Candle lamps are one of the simplest decorating ideas you can always go for. These candle lamps also come in the shape of mini mosque domes which is a very iconic Moroccan style design. You can easily find other decoration pieces in this shape too. It is a must have detail if you want a true Moroccan style home. 

12. Decorative Wood Panels

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Bohemian Moroccan decor is another great idea you can go to. You can start adding these decorative wooden panels to add some Moroccan vibe to any room. It has the usual dome-silhouette-like shape. This time it comes with a Bohemian detailing which looks fresh and fun. Unlike the usual classic Moroccan details, the Bohemian style is more laid back and relaxed to look at. 

13. Moroccan Rug 

Source: Pinterest (@chloedominik.com)

One of the easiest ideas about Moroccan decor is rugs. These rugs come in a detailed pattern with tons of vibrant colors which is an iconic Moroccan style. Also, layering rugs are one of the popular decorating ideas you can try out. Having different rugs in different designs will be your way to go with this layering rug technique. It will add more texture and depth to your room while accentuating the Moroccan themed decor. 

14. Moroccan Market Inspired

Moroccan Market Inspired
Source: Pinterest (@laurelberninteriors.com)

One of the Moroccan inspired decor ideas that will be suitable for your dining area or kitchen. The Moroccan traditional market is the heart of Moroccan culture. You can see all that delicious food, colorful arts, etc. Moroccan plates are colorful and super fun to look at. Thus, they will make great wall decorations for your home. If you are planning to decorate in a Moroccan style, you might want to start with your dining room area. These plates will definitely make your dining area and kitchen feel like a part of the traditional Moroccan market. 

15. Dreamy Bohemian 

Dreamy Bohemian
Source: Pinterest (@twitter.com)

The Bohemian Moroccan decor is definitely a charming style to go with. You can go with the dreamy Bohemian style for a warm and cozy feeling. This is the perfect style to go for your living room, dining room, or even bedroom. The cozy feeling that comes with it will allow you to relax well in that room. Lightings will also play a huge role in setting up this style. Thus, you can choose a dimmer type of lights and adding some Moroccan inspired light jars will also be a great decoration piece that will go well with this style. 

16. Scandinavian Meets Moroccan

Scandinavian Meets Moroccan
Source: Pinterest (@myneverendingdaydream.blogspot.co…)

The Scandinavian interior style is definitely one of the most popular styles since it is more on the simple and minimalistic side. Surprisingly, it will create a rather interesting combination with the loud Moroccan style. The minimalist Scandinavian design will appreciate the addition of some fun colors and patterns that are iconic to a Moroccan interior style. You can add some Moroccan inspired decor items to elevate the rather minimalist looking room. 

17. Moroccan Wall Decor

Moroccan Wall Decor
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

The Moroccan wall decor is another simple item to decorate in a Moroccan style. Some wall decorations are made from wood and come with the iconic Moroccan detailing. If you like something that is more colorful and fun, you can go with the Moroccan ceramic tiles as wall decor. Depending on the Moroccan interior style you are going for, you can choose different materials and designs to decorate your walls. 

18. Minimalist Moroccan Style 

Minimalist Moroccan Style 
Source: Pinterest (@adeel haider)

In general, the Moroccan style is more on the louder side. However, it is not a style that the minimalist needs to completely avoid. If you want something simpler, you can go with a simple Moroccan wall decoration just like this lace wallpaper. The lace detail will give off that Moroccan style detail that you need. This idea is perfect for those who are on a budget or whose walls aren’t strong enough to hold on frames and other decoration, you can choose this simple and fuss free wallpaper. 

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19. Modern Full Color

Modern Full Color
Source: Pinterest (@janiceissittlifestyle.blogspot.co…)

Contrary to the minimalist look, you can easily go with the full blown color style. Instead of choosing the classic Moroccan colors, you can choose more modern colors to create a more sophisticated and fun look. In order to achieve that modern feel, you can go for colorful furniture instead of the classic dramatic decoration pieces. For example, this colorful side table would definitely take the spotlight. It comes with bright and vibrant colors that are super fun to look at. These kinds of tables are pretty all by themselves so you don’t have to add other things with them. Also, being a side table, this piece of furniture is a practical piece to hold a vase or some books which makes it fitting to the modern concept.

20. Modern Moroccan Room 

Modern Full Color

We will end this list of ideas about Moroccan decor with a modern Moroccan decor style. Instead of going for the dramatic detailing and combination of colors, you can take one specific Moroccan inspired color to go with. For example, you can choose this royal blue color. Then, you can include a rug in the same color with a simple pattern. Then, you can add some plants to your room too. By incorporating simple Moroccan elements in your room, it will create a more modern and chic look for your room. 

Latest Post:

What is Moroccan style decor?

Moroccan style decor includes rich colors, intricate details, and busy patterns. Fabrics are usually incorporated as decoration in the form of a rug, wall decoration, etc. They use velvet and silk materials. Also, you can complex detailed ethnic carvings or arch windows and doors. 

How do you decorate a Moroccan room?

In order to decorate a Moroccan room, you need to have details on your wooden furniture, window arches, and doors. Fabrics that come in rich Moroccan colors will give more identity to the room. Lastly, you can hang or place the iconic Moroccan lanterns to complete the whole look. 

What are the Moroccan colors?

The combination of cobalt blue, bright red, and emerald green is the classic Moroccan color. You can see them on tiles, walls, and everything else. With white, black, and yellow, these are the six prominent Moroccan colors. These colors are mostly influence by Islam just like the Moroccan culture is pretty much derived from a Islam. 

What are Moroccan lights called?

The iconic Moroccan lights are called Moroccan lanterns. They usually come in the form of hanging lights or table lights with the iconic Moroccan style design. Most of them are made from brass or iron with stained glass that comes in rich and vibrant colors. 

What does Moroccan furniture look like? 

Moroccan furniture comes with uneven carvings and mosaic-like details. Most Moroccan furniture are made from wood. Their identity lies in the intricate detailing, thus you can’t miss this one out. 

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