Swivel Couch Laptop Tray

This Swivel Couch Laptop Tray allows you to easily get up from your sofa or armchair.

The swiveling tray alone is a handy piece of furniture. You can perch up your laptop on it, use it for eating or reading.

When you’re done using it, simply swivel it away until you need it once more. The tray can be adjusted to sit from 26″ to 32″ above the ground. But that’s not all it has to offer. 

The 6 x 6-inch ergonomic handle can provide support for the elderly or people recovering from physical injuries. The height of the handle is fully adjustable. The handle can sit at a height of 34″ to 40″. 

Swivel Couch Laptop Tray

To ensure stability the tray sits on an adjustable base. The legs of your couch or armchair should sit atop this base.

Swivel Couch Laptop Tray

You can extend it from 20″ to 36″ to fit almost any piece of furniture. Rubber pads were added to the base as well so that your floor doesn’t suffer any damage.

This is a great gadget for the elderly as well as people with limited mobility. Safely sit down and stand up while having the support of this handy tray.

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