25 Unique Turtle Gifts You Should Buy

Cats and dogs are probably two of the cutest and most favorite animals for many people. But let’s not forget about turtles, because turtles are also super adorable! Plus, it can be a sweet pet that surely loved by everyone in the family. If you happen to be one of those people who love turtles, or currently looking for a special turtle gift for someone who loves turtle, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have a complete recommendation of the best turtle gifts that you can get for yourself, or for a special turtle lover in your life.

Since turtles have unique shape, we can easily find turtle-themed items or merchandise in the market. But searching for the best ones can be a struggle, especially if we’re looking for rare and collectible items. Here, you’ll find 25 unique turtle gifts that you can choose, either for yourself or your loved ones who love turtles. Whether it’s your husband, wife, siblings, best friend, parents, or even lover, as long as they love turtles, they will be thrilled to receive turtle gifts. So let’s get started!

Unique and Cute Turtle Gifts

Turtle statues or figurines are unique and cute, indeed. But in reality, there are other turtle-themed things that can be a unique and cute gift, too. So, scroll down to find out more about our recommendations of unique and cute turtle gifts.

1. Sea Turtle Tracking Bracelet


Surprise a special turtle lover in your life by giving this turtle bracelet as a gift. This bracelet was made in several colors that you can choose based on his or her favorite color. The bracelet is not only pretty to wear, but it also environmentally friendly because it was made of eco-friendly ceramic beads. Furthermore, when you order this turtle gift, you are supporting the noble mission of saving turtles under the sea. So, it is a win-win solution, right?

2. Sea Turtle Soap Gift Set

Sea Turtle Soap Set

No one would ever thought that that these tiny and cute turtles are actually soaps. Yes, these turtle-shaped soaps will be one of the cutest turtle gifts for your best friend who is a turtle lover. Simply by looking at these turtle soaps, you can see how these cuties carefully sculpted. Also, these items will also be your best friend’s sweet bathing companion.

3. Turtle Couple Statues

Turtle Couple Statues

A turtle can live for years, particularly for some specific species. These couple of turtle statues can be the perfect gift for your partner or parents, since these items can perfectly describe your love to them, which will lasts a lifetime, just like the turtles and their partners. You may use these statues as a room decor, too. This gift might be cheap, but it has a deep meaning, and it can definitely be cherished forever. 

4. Women’s Crew Socks

Women’s Crew Socks

Let’s keep your feet warm and comfy during winter, with these pair of turtle socks. Or, you can also pick these as a gift for someone who loves turtle, too! The printing is just too cute to resist, making it a perfect pair to wear while having a movie marathon with your loved on at home. After all, we will always have a room for new socks, anyway.

5. Marine Life Snow Globe

Marine Life Snow Globe

This snow globe will be one of the best turtle gifts, which will make your favorite turtle lover feels lucky to have you in his or her life. Just look at how careful the crafter creates every detail of this snow globe. The turtles, sea star, and other details perfectly describe the beauty of a marine life. So, you better hurry before it runs out of stocks.

6. 3D Crystals Sea Turtle Decor

3D Crystals Sea Turtle Decor

Imagine having these two cute turtles accompany you to sleep every night. Wonderful, isn’t it? This 3D LED Light that features sea turtle ornaments is a perfect item to beautify the lighting inside your bedroom, or decorate your bedside table or desk. The light is bright and not too shiny, so it will be an excellent night lamp for a good night sleep.

7. Crochet Turtle Coaster

 Crochet Turtle Coaster

Who wouldn’t fall in love with these adorable turtle crochet coasters? These cuties are the true definition of cuteness overload! The colors, the details, and the function are three main reasons why we put these coaster into this list. You need to pick these as a gift for your turtle lover best friend. Without a doubt, he or she will use this as a cute companion for morning coffee or afternoon tea.

8. Majolica Salsa Turtles

Majolica Salsa Turtles

Next on the list, is a nice turtle gift for mothers out there. Let’s surprise your turtle-lover mom by giving her a set of these beautiful turtle bowls. You can choose one, two or three terra-cota bowls, since each has its own unique pattern. Also, the bowl is made using Mexican and Spanish pottery technique, which is why it is called Majolica. Moreover, each piece was hand-painted with a touch of vintage.

9. Opal Sea Turtle Pendant

Opal Sea Turtle Pendant

This adorable turtle pendant will definitely become a beautiful piece of jewelry to see, and also to wear. Without a doubt, this opal pendant will be a sweet and romantic gift for your sweetheart. In terms of size, it’s not too big nor small, making it a nice and simple jewelry to wear everyday.

10. Jade Dragon Turtle Pendant

Jade Dragon Turtle Pendant

A tiny jade dragon turtle pendant is an excellent piece to become your future charm. You can wear it, or you can also save it inside your pocket. The material is sturdy, so you don’t need to worry about it cracking. In short, we just can’t find any reason for you skip this item, since it will be a great turtle gift for your turtle lover colleague. 

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11. Metal Sea Turtle Ornament 

Metal Sea Turtle Ornament a

Make your bedroom look cooler with this cool turtle wall decor. If you ever feel bored and wanting to redecorate your room, then you can add a decoration that represents an animal that you love the most. If you’re a turtle lover, then you might want to pick this one. Made of metal, this sculpture turtle wall decoration will create a whole new ambience to your room, and will definitely lasts a lifetime.

12. Wildlife Whimsical Sculpture

Wildlife Whimsical Sculpture

Moving on the the next item on the list, we have a classic figurine of turtles! In a turtle world, most turtles spend their time with their family by playing and having fun together. If don’t believe in us, then you can check out this figurine. Cute, right? You can add this cute and tiny ornament in your living room or bedroom, and make it a center of attention. The details of each turtle are fine, vintage, and stunning at the same time. Also, this item was hand-painted, so each turtle features different detail of colors.

13. Relaxing Wind Chime

turtle gifts

Placing a wind chime in the balcony will give a relaxing vibe to calm your mood. Moreover, here we have a wind chime that features a turtle, which is your favorite animal, on top of it. It will add a beach vibe whenever you hear the sweet and breezing sounds of this chime. You can pack this wind chime as turtle gift for your bestie, too.

14. Charm Boho Ankle Bracelet

turtle gifts

A woman who loves turtles must love the beach, too! As a person who loves to spend time on the beach, then we can guarantee that she will love to wear this anklet chain. So, surprise your sister or friend who loves turtles by giving this cute anklet chain on her birthday. The anklet chain is very beautiful to see, and it will give an instant boho look to whoever wears it.

15. Cute Turtle Notebook

Cute Turtle Notebook

This one is funny yet irresistible journal book for turtle lovers. Nothing can beat the cuteness of the turtle on the cover of this journal. If your friend who loves turtles is the one who loves to write as well, then this is the most suitable turtle gift for her or him. The size is just perfect, so it is easy to carry everywhere. 

Turtle Gifts for Kids or Toddlers

Kids love cute animals, and we can all agree that turtles are considered cute animals, right? Because kids are the biggest fans of turtles, so here, we provide you with a special turtle gifts category that will make them excited.

16. Baby Mobile

turtle gifts

Your little baby will be super happy to have this turtle gift. The color combination is super adorable and the turtle shape is just perfect! Also, you can use this item to introduce your baby to sea life, and get your baby to know the animals under the sea. You can place it in the bedroom, in the baby cot, or even in the car.

17. Toothbrushing Turtle Timer

turtle gifts

Nothing can beat how useful and lovely this tiny turtle tooth brushing timer is. When you give this to your toddler as a birthday gift, then it means that you also increase your little one’s awareness about how importance it is to have a healthy mouth and teeth. It may look cute, but it’s super functional as it is used to set the ideal time to brush your little one’s teeth.

18. Sea Life Etched Lamp

turtle gifts

Enlighten your kids room by adding a night lamp with a gorgeous turtle sketch on it. Turn it on while the kids are getting ready to sleep, and let it creates a cozy ambience through its warm lighting. Your kids will be happy to have their favorite animal turns into a light printing.

19. Turtle Birthday Cards

turtle gifts

Most people think that a birthday card seems too common, but for the kids, receiving a birthday card might is actually very special. You can buy this set of punny birthday cards and send the turtle gifts together with turtle birthday cards to your kids, nephews or nieces. Moreover, you can also give this to your student who loves turtles very much. Surprise them with this and see how they react. 

20. Kid’s Turtle Books

turtle gifts

A bedtime story will always be every children’s favorite moment before bed time. As parents, surprising the kids with a new book about their favorite animal will boost the mood and increase their creativity by listening to the story. This book can be one of the best turtle gifts for your kids. So, you better check out now before it becomes unavailable. 

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21. Li’l Woodzeez Figurine Set

turtle gifts

A story book and a set of turtle figurines in one box? What’s more adorable than that? We bet you already imagined how excited your kids would be when they receive this gift, right? So, wait no more and grab this turtle gift now! This set is not only perfect as a toy, but also as an item to explore your kids’ imagination and critical thinking when they know the story of this turtle family. 

Other Cool Turtle Gifts

Asking for more turtle gifts recommendations? These are another cool turtle gift that may make you finally decide what to get for a turtle lover in your life.

22. Two Sea Turtles

turtle gifts

This wall decor of surreal painting will surely change the look of your room. The colors are very vivid, while the detail is very sharp. Without a doubt, this piece of art will be one of the best turtle gifts for a special turtle lover in your life.

23. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Figurine

turtle gifts

TMNT or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles must have the best place in the heart of every turtle lovers. Getting this item as a gift for turtle lovers is still relatable, absolutely! Moreover, the pose of Miguel Diaz is very striking, since it is ready to attack Leo. This figurine, overall, is worth collecting

24. Marine Reptile Gummy

turtle gifts

Getting this yummy turtle-shaped gummy as a sweet treat for your younger sibling is a great idea. The gummy is shaped perfectly to look like real turtles. Also, there is a stick for each gummy, so it will be easy for your little brother or sister to enjoy the sweetness of these two flavors of gummies. 

25. Large Collectible Turtle Statue

turtle gifts

We know that you think this is a real turtle, right? Nope, this is actually a statue. But the crafter creates it perfectly to look like a real turtle, complete with the expression, pose, and the details of the turtles. You can see that the pattern and texture of this turtle are just like the real one. So, if your friend or colleague loves turtles so much, but somehow they just can’t have turtles as a pet, then you can give this statue since it looks so real.

Final Thoughts

Turtles are adorable animals that come with more than just a unique shape and color. Turtles have a unique character that make them one of the most favorite pets for many people. While we probably know already that turtles are show in terms of movement, they are actually friendly animals with a home to carry anywhere they go. If you know anyone who loves turtles, then it would be a wonderful gesture to give that person some unique turtle gifts on their special day.

No matter how old they are, any turtle lover will undoubtedly feel happy to receive such a wonderful turtle gift from you. However, the perfect gifts would be items that can help them to show the world how much they love turtles. For adults, you might want to check out some turtle-themed accessories like a scarf or bracelet. For kids, you can go for toys with a turtle theme.

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What are the best turtle gifts for adults? 

This surreal painting will be the best turtle gifts for adults, because it can perfectly shows others how much someone love turtles. Moreover, they can also feel like they have the best companion in their house, which is the turtles in the painting. 

What are the best funny turtle gifts?

The couple of turtle statues will be the best funny turtle gifts. The expression, the design and the detail is very adorable, fun and worth buying.

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