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25 Cool Motorcycle Helmets for a Rider Boyfriend

When we talk about bikers, what will immediately pop up in your mind? Our guess will be a motorbike, cool leather jacket, sunglasses, and a cool motorcycle helmet, right? Every biker does need a helmet. Aside from the fact that a helmet is mandatory by the law for safety and protection, a cool motorcycle helmet is also a fashionable and stylish accessory that all bikers must posses.

If your boyfriend happens to be a biker who loves to ride his motorcycle, then a cool motorcycle helmet is going to be the perfect gift for his birthday, job promotion, or even graduation. He deserves a cool motorcycle helmet based on his taste of style. To help your struggle in finding the right one, check out 25 cool motorcycle helmets below.

1. GLX GX11 Motorcycle Helmet

GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Compact Lightweight Full Face

Give your boyfriend this full face army green helmet as a new accessory for a Sunday morning ride with his fellow riders. The aerodynamic design of this helmet makes it perfect for a short-distance ride or long-distance touring ride.

2. VCOROS FA-602 Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

VCOROS FA-602 Carbon Fiber Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Give this cool motorcycle helmet as a birthday gift for your boyfriend, and he will have a new helmet that works for anything! Say for motorcycle, motocross, street bike, ATV, scooter, off road, and mountain bike, too!  

3. VCOROS X9 Motorcycle Helmet

VCOROS X9 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Inner Sun Visor and Bluetooth Space DOT Approved Motorbike

This full face helmet looks a lot cooler with an image of a monster clown on the back. No doubt, your boyfriend will look a lot cooler in this helmet, too! 

4. Vega Half Size Motorcycle Helmet

Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet

Let him express his love for the country by giving him this half-face with a nation’s flag pattern helmet. Also, this cool helmet is going to be perfect for a boyfriend who rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

5. Retro Moped Helmet

Open Face Helmet with Visor, 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet

If your boyfriend is a Scooter rider, we’re pretty sure he has a love for vintage and retro designs. If so, then you must pick this Retro Moped Helmet as a gift for him. The vintage design creates a retro feel and completes your boyfriend’s look.

6. YUIEN Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

YUIEN Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

This simple looking helmet is perfect for your boyfriend’s short ride to the office everyday. Comes in metallic green, this helmet will surely be a cool motorcycle helmet for daily use, and the orange inner is made of sweat-absorbing material for extra comfort.

7. AHR Dual Visor Motorcycle Helmet

cool motorcycle helmet

Looking for a helmet that offers extra protection and a much cooler design for your boyfriend? Give him this helmet that has double visors design, including front wide visual field clear visor and inner dark visor.  

8. 1STORM Motorcycle Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

This black full face helmet is suitable for a biker boyfriend who loves to wear all-black from head to toe during his ride. Not to mention the beautiful carbon fiber UV protective finish that adds an elegant touch to this cool motorcycle helmet.

9. Oumurs Motorcycle Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

Try to bring your boyfriend out of the comfort zone of wearing the same old black helmet over and over again? Why don’t you try something different by giving him this white full face helmet? After all, it’s always good to open yourself to something new, right?

10. Bat Ear Motorcycle Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

A boyfriend who loves superhero characters would love this cool motorcycle helmet, especially if he loves Batman. The unique bat ears on this helmet will be the kind of fun element that your boyfriend is looking for for a casual ride in the afternoon.

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11. Tomshine Motorcycle Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

This cool motorcycle helmet surely reminds you of Captain America’s classic look but with a different tone of colors. But the design clearly brings a touch of classic and retro into this helmet, which makes it perfect for a boyfriend who loves classic designs.

12. Daytona Retro Golden Glitter Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

Who says that gold is only for women? Let your boyfriend go for a casual motorcycle ride wearing this unique and vintage looking gold helmet, and see how it actually looks good on him! And just so you know, this helmet will look perfect for you, too.

13. Black Character Predator Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

This helmet is crafted based on request. So if you want to give your boyfriend something different for his birthday, you can have this helmet custom made, and you will never see anyone wearing the same helmet as your boyfriend’s anywhere.

14. Predator Helmet Black Iron Red Top Motorcycle

cool motorcycle helmets

This one is also made by request, but this one looks more scary and will certainly give your boyfriend a different and unique kind of look. This Predator Helmet will make him stand out from the crowd, and scare the hell out of little children on the street as he passes by with his motorcycle. 

15. Skull Skeleton Visor Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

If your boyfriend is a member of a big motorcycle club, this cool motorcycle helmet will be suitable as it will create a different look, especially if he wears it together with a leather jacket and boots. And don’t be surprised if his friends from the club ask you about where you bought this helmet one day. 

16. Fire Motive Custom Skull Motorcycle Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

Another one that will be the perfect helmet for motorcycle club members who love to create a bad boy image in them. There’s nothing better than having a skull helmet covered in fire to look bad while riding in big motorcycles, right?

17. Raider Journey Open Face Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

For a boyfriend with a simple taste of fashion, this cool motorcycle helmet will be the perfect helmet, no matter where he goes. It has a sleek retro look that features a sturdy, lightweight thermoplastic shell. 

18. Raider Ambush Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

A motocross rider deserves this helmet for an extreme and fun ride offroads. If your boyfriend is a motocross rider, you can give him this cool helmet that has an aerodynamic outer shell design. The color and pattern of this helmet also features a real tree extra camouflage.

19. Motorbike Leather Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

When we talk about cool motorcycle helmets, then we have to admit that these leather helmets are still the coolest ones for riders who are into retro and vintage styles. So if your boyfriend drives a retro motorcycle, which includes a scooter, then wearing this leather helmet is a must!

20. Skull Monster Motorcycle Helmet 

cool motorcycle helmets

Wee what can we say, a skull helmet will always be big motorcycle riders’ favorite in terms of helmet. So when your boyfriend is about to go on a trip with his friends from the club, don’t forget to equip him with this skull motorcycle helmet.

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21. Venom Motorcycle Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

For Venom fans out there, we have found a cool motorcycle helmet for you! We can assure you that you will totally stand out from the crowd wherever you go, and make you the coolest Venom who rides a cool motorcycle in town.

22. Shark Riding Helmet 

cool motorcycle helmets

If you’re looking for a badass helmet for a cool boyfriend, we have this Shark Riding Helmet for you. This helmet looks solid and strong, but actually very light and has sool features including a protection from dust and debris, and vented for fresh air flow. Plus, this cool motorcycle helmet also offers antibacterial, anti-sweating and hypoallergenic features.

23. Icon Airflite Ursa Major Gold Motorcycle Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

This helmet is made of injection molded polycarbonate shells that make this helmet stronger than other helmets out there. Being the perfect gift for your rider boyfriend, this helmet also has a super cool color and pattern, and also a design that will boost his look when he is on touring with his fellow riders.

24. Tomshoo Scooter Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

With this helmet, your boyfriend’s ride with his scooter will be a lot more exciting, as this helmet has an original vintage look and feel like no other helmet can offer. You actually have two of these helmets, one for him and one for you, and both of you can have a ride together in matching helmets!

25. ILM Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

cool motorcycle helmets

This helmet offers lots of cool features including a detachable lens, sun shield and chin guard, which allows your boyfriend to have an open face helmet in an instant. Give him this cool motorcycle helmet and he will have a helmet for any occasion with an easy-to-replace mouth cover.

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