25 Cool Women’s Motorcycle Helmets for True Riders

For all riders, including women, having a helmet that meets the safety requirement is a must. Cool helmets are not just looking good but should also ensure the user’s safety. If you are a woman who always rides a bike or motorcycle daily, do not forget to also find women’s motorcycle helmets to protect you on the road.

Nowadays, there are many cool helmets specially made for women riders out there. But which helmet is the best for you? And so, here we have collected 25 incredible women’s motorcycle helmets for true riders like you. Pick one that can express your style and free-spirited soul!

BEST Cool Women’s Motorcycle Helmets

In case you are looking for a helmet that will allow you to ride with style, you have arrived at the right site. We have compiled the BEST and most awesome women’s motorcycle helmets you can wear confidently. You can buy one or make it as a gift for a woman rider in your life. Interested? Find the BEST helmet below!

1. Royal M139 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Royal M139 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Inspired by a classic and vintage open helmet, this helmet is a perfect fit for women riders, especially if you have a scooter. The visor is anti-scratch and unbreakable, so you can imagine how safe it is.

Plus, this cool helmet is approved for US Safety Standards, so no worries about its safety. What’s even more amazing is it comes with a stylish bag, allowing you to Bring this cool women’s motorcycle helmet anywhere easily. Moreover, it is available in four colors and patterns but we recommend yellow as it has the most stunning design out of all.

2. AHR RUN-F DOT Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

AHR RUN-F DOT Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

If you like a conventional and plain full face of a cool helmet, you can go with this one. The design meets DOT standards for safety and quality. It comes with a double visor for double protection of your visual.

Although it seems heavy, the ABS shell ensures that this one is lightweight. So, even for a woman, there will be no dizzy feeling when you wear it for a long ride. Moreover, you can choose black if you want to easily mix and match the helmet with you outifits. But, red is such a cool color for women’s motorcycle helmets.

3. Cruiser Intricate Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet

Cruiser Intricate Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet

The factory produced the helmet for over 30 years, so you don’t have to worry about its quality and safety standards. The butterfly design is too cute to resist. It is the epitome of women’s motorcycle helmets that combines adorable design and practicality.

Furthermore, the interior padding is very soft and comfortable to wear. Also, the ABS shell meets DOT standards for its quality, ensuring its safety for riders. Given its half-helmet design, we recommend this helmet for every female rider who rides a scooter.

4. Full Face Motorcycle Helmet 

Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This sports racing helmet is one of the coolest women’s motorcycle helmets. The flowers and colors describe how lovely you are, yet you cannot underestimate the quality for its safety rating. It is lightweight and the ABS shell meets DOT safety standards.

Moreover, the pads are complete for the head, chin, and even the cheeks, ensuring full-face safety. If you like motorsports, you can have this helmet to show off your cute personality and born-to-ride spirit. 

5. Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmet

Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmet

For a cat lover, this one’s for you! A cat ear helmet is one of the cool women’s motorcycle helmets you’ve ever had. Those two ears will be the center of attention whenever you ride. The design is cute and the safety meets the standard quality.

What’s more? You can wear this cool helmet whether your motorcycle is an automatic one, sport, or scooter because no one cannot handle its adorable, cat ears design. If you are someone who loves girlie items, pick the pink one.

6. ILM Motorcycle Helmet Full Face

ILM Motorcycle Helmet Full Face

It is a super cool women’s motorcycle helmet for all riders out there. Look at the design! How can you miss this one? It features artsy designs you can choose that suit your personality best. If you love flashy colors and patterns, choose pink, green, or red one to accentuate your taste.

Not only this helmet is stunning, but the quality also meets DOT and FMVSS-18 safety standards. There is no doubt to skip this item. Also, the helm is lightweight and you can remove the inner easily when you want to clean it. 

7. Open Face Spitfire Helmet

Open Face Spitfire Helmet

LS2 open-face spitfire helmet is what you are looking for! This cool women’s motorcycle helmet is perfect for skull lovers who want something cute on it. The black and pink color is such an awesome combo color.

Also, the padding is easily removed and hypoallergenic, so it can protect your skin from irritation. How about safety? It has already met DOT standards! You can showcase this helmet while riding around the city with your boyfriend.

8. BEON Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

BEON Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

When in doubt, wear black. That will never go wrong in any way, just like this retro vintage scooter helmet. It seems heavy and thick yet it is very lightweight. Moreover, it comes with a double inner and outer visor with UV protection, ensuring extra protection for the eyes from the sun.

Given such features, it will be an ideal pick for those women riders who love high speed. If you want to clean it up, just remove the pad since it is removable and washable. Oh, don’t ask about the safety since we only recommend cool women’s motorcycle helmet that meets DOT standards and FMVSS quality. 

9. Bell Qualifier Street Helmet

Bell Qualifier Street Helmet

BELL never fails us when it comes to a helmet. So, this camo design full-face helmet should be on your list. It is a very cool one yet still matches all delicate women. The combination of black, grey, and pink tones blend in smoothly, making it an ideal piece for women with bold personalities.

Additionally, it comes with a NutraFog II UV-protected shield which is a ClickRelease shield for fast, easy, and tool-free shield replacement. Guess there is no missing feature for this one. 

10. JAGASOL 3/4 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Adults Retro Moped Helmet

Feel the vintage vibe through this helmet. The half-face and lightweight design make the rider comfortable even wearing it for a long time. Meanwhile, the lining pad is removable and washable, making it easy to clean and handle.

Since it is an open-face helmet, it may not be the best option for a road trip. Nonetheless, it is a great one for your daily ride at a moderate speed. For example, to hang out with your boyfriend by riding around the city.

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11. Shoei J-0 Sequel TC-10 Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei J-0 Sequel TC-10 Motorcycle Helmet

Baby blue open-face helmet like this is such the best gift for your girlfriend who is a rider too. This helmet is cool and lovely at the same time. Also, the retro look yet still modern can be seen clearly through this helmet.

Shoei offers you high quality, high safety, and performance, not only its stunning beauty. You can consider giving your girl friend this helmet for her birthday and after that, ask her to join you ride your motorcycle together.

12. ZOX Thunder 2 Women’s

ZOX Thunder 2 Womens

A cute and adorable full-face helmet from ZOX. You can surprise your girlfriend with this one. Such a cool women’s motorcycle helmet with DOT and ECE safety standards. The pink color will not disappoint your girlfriend since it is a cool pink version.

If you are a motorsport fan and want to invite your girlfriend to come to you, then this women’s helmet is suitable for her. No more worry about her safety. 

13. Helmet Jet for Woman Torx Taille

Cool Womens Motorcycle Helmets

A fresh and different open-face helmet for you is here. The color is irresistible, featuring matte orange with glitter is a cool one for daily riding. Also, the visor comes with 95% UV protection.

So, you can ride in the daylight with no worry about scorching sun exposure to your face. In addition, it is lightweight and easily removed from the lining pad. Thus, making it easy for you to clean it up.

14. ZOX Galaxy Ray Women’s

ZOX Galaxy Ray Womens

Do you feel like a power ranger pink once you see it? Yes, if you are a fan of pink ranger, then this item should be yours. The design is cute and safety is of high priority.

The pad is very comfortable to wear. Hence, no more concern about being lightheaded when you wear it for a long duration. Having a full-face design, this cool helmet is suitable for motorsport riders. 

15. Adult Motorcycle Helmet Pink Butterfly White

Adult Motorcycle Helmet Pink Butterfly White

Here is a complete package of cool women’s motorcycle helmets. The set does not only contain a helm but also gloves and goggles. A glossy helmet is finished with UV protection. The cushion is very comfortable to wear and easy to remove.

It is tough yet lightweight for women riders out there. Considering the design, it is a perfect one for ATV Offroad as well. If you are an adrenaline junkie and want to add something cute while doing the offroad, this cool helmet should be yours.

16. JIEKAI Motorcycle Helmet Open Face

JIEKAI Motorcycle Helmet Open Face

It is made of ABS material, hence it is lightweight and impact resistant. A double visor is provided for extra protection and can be used based on your preference.

It is adorable yet functional and safe. If you are a scooter rider, this type of cool women’s motorcycle helmet will complete your look effortlessly. This classic pink will never fail you whenever you want to ride around the city.

17. Personality Bat Ear Helmet

Personality Bat Ear Helmet

For Batman fans, this can complete the look that resembles your idol. A cool batman ear helmet that is suitable for women or men. The design is slim, pure black, and full-face type. It is comfortable and soft.

There is four ventilation for the airflow, ensuring you won’t feel stiflingly hot when you wear it while riding for hours. As the safety, there is no doubt about it, thanks to the full-face design.

18. Motorcycle Bike Scooter Halfs Helmet with Goggles

Cool Womens Motorcycle Helmets

Remember the movie UP? Yes, you can be like Carl with this vintage design helmet. Coming with goggles, it completes the vintage feel for you. The colors also won’t make you down since it is very classic and earthy. Pick one that suits your personality best!

Moreover, if you are a vintage motorcycle enthusiast, this women’s helmet can be yours. Everybody will look at you and feel the classic atmosphere as you drive.

19. Daytona Helmets

Cool Womens Motorcycle Helmets

A silver metal flake half-face helmet is the answer for you who love glittery appeal. The contour fits your head comfortably. Also, the sparkling silver will make you the center of the crowd.

Don’t forget about the quick-release lock, it will ensure that you are safe but you can unlock it easily once you arrive at the destination. For the best appeal, you can have it on at noon when the sun will shine on the helmet, creating a glimmer effect.

20. Rhinestone Motorcycle Helmet Women

Cool Womens Motorcycle Helmets

People surely cannot take their eyes off you when you wear this helmet. This Rhinestone helmet for women is handmade and such a rare item. The padding is hypoallergenic, soft, flexible, and made from high-quality material.

Moreover, the visor comes with UV protection, so worry no more about riding under the sun. And the ears, no one can deny how cute they are! Well, not many love flashy design, but if you love to look fancy, look no other than this one!

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21. Full-face sugar skull helmet

Cool Womens Motorcycle Helmets

It is the perfection of a cool women’s motorcycle helmet for true riders! Look at the fine details! It is all handmade painting, making it rare and unique. The high quality of paintings based on your personality, a high safety that meets standards.

A rider that loves artsy items cannot ignore this cool product. Your head is secured and your love for art is full! It is such a top-notch helmet. Instead of creepy masks, you can put on this helmet to celebrate Halloween though!

22. Urban Tracer Chess

Cool Womens Motorcycle Helmets

This is one of a kind design for your helmet. Inspired by chess with a half-face type, it is best suited for city riding. This is a rare item and a handmade one. Such a classic vibe too. This must be included on your list.

Also, as monochrome lovers, this one can level up your outfit of the day and look instantly above the motorcycle or your scooter. You better have this one of the coolest women’s motorcycle helmets with your black leather outfits if you want to highlight bold accent.

23. Cat Led Ear Motorcycle Helmets

Cool Womens Motorcycle Helmets

Create a mysterious yet adorable look with this cat-led ear motorcycle helmet. Yes, the ears are provided with led light, making them glow in the dark. So, it will look good on you whenever you take it for a ride at night with your beloved bike.

The color combination completes the whole team too. Dress up in an all-black costume, wear this cool women’s motorcycle helmet, and you are ready for a Catwoman night!

24. WONDER WOMAN Motorcycle Helmet

Cool Womens Motorcycle Helmets

Calling all Wonder Woman fans out there. This helmet is so cool and beautiful with wonder woman features. The details and finishing are so fine. Also, the colors resemble wonder woman!

You can wear this one while riding for a Wonder Woman cosplay or for daily wear to represent how you adore the character very much. What a perfect helmet for a wonderful woman like you!

25. Moto Ear Helmet

Cool Womens Motorcycle Helmets

This moto ear helmet will answer your needs for a unique yet functional motorcycle helmet for women. A cute yellow helmet with ears for your daily ride might catch everyone’s attention on the road.

Also, safety is on top priority. Moreover, a cat person who has to take a ride every day will love this cool women’s motorcycle helmet. Well, it is not only your favorite but your cat too! Pair it with your all-black outfits to make this helmet stands out.

Final Thoughts

Many people don’t care about their safety by not wearing a helmet. In fact, it is important to prevent serious injury if you have an accident. Another reason why people don’t wear helmets is that most of the designs are out of fashion.

Well, women complain the most about this. For that reason, you better take a look at our collection above to check on the coolest women’s helmet you can buy. If you love to highlight your bold personality, choose one with black domination. Meanwhile, the cheerful ones are for those who love striking designs.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the difference between men’s and women’s motorcycle helmets?

Helmets for men and women are different since the contour and the design for men and women are not the same. You can get the cute design yet still cool to wear. Also, don’t forget about the material for the pads. The hypoallergenic one should be a top consideration when choosing

How should a woman choose a motorcycle helmet? 

You can choose based on the safety standard, then move to the design. Whether the handmade one that makes the item rare or the cute color. The vintage design can be on your list too since it fits pretty well if your motorcycle is a classic one too. 

What are the coolest-looking helmets for women? 

The coolest-looking helmets for women are the design, like this skull painting helmet. Because it is one of a kind. Or if the helmet describes your personality very well without being afraid of being judged by others. You can choose the vintage yet cool women’s motorcycle helmet if you are a classic item enthusiast to increase the atmosphere of a classic in a good way.  

What color motorcycle helmet is most visible?

White or metal color will be the most visible colors of motorcycle helmets. Because it not only can be seen instantly, but also it shines even when you ride at night. Also, you can take a ride for a party alone with this cool motorcycle women’s helmet since the white or metal color is suitable for a formal occasion.

Although most of the riders tend to choose black or monochrome since it is neutral and easy to mix and match with any outfit.  

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