25 Cool Skateboard Helmets for Young Skater

Almost all sports require you to move around outdoors. Whether you play sports under the sun or in the rain, it is vital to keep your body safe. If you are especially interested in skateboarding, remember to prioritize safety whenever you do it! Protective items such as skateboard helmets are a necessity. After all, you do not want a broken bone or cracked skull!

To keep skateboarding fun and enjoyable, wearing a helmet and protective gear is essential. Especially for the kids who are still learning, the helmet will protect their heads if they fall. Here are 25 cool skateboard helmets that you can choose as excellent protection for the promising, rising star skater, including yourself.

Cool Skateboard Helmets for Boys

The boys always like to act cool, especially when they hang around the big kids. You can prepare these cool skateboard helmets for them.

1. Outdoor Master Skateboard Helmet

Outdoor Master Skateboard Helmet

This sturdy helmet from Outdoor Master is the most loved skateboard helmet based on the numbers. The hard ABS shell and shock-absorbing EPS core give you maximum protection. You can change the lining to match your size or simply get the fresh one. Twelve air vents guarantee to keep your head cool during the rides.

2. Mongoose Street Hard-shell Skull Skateboard Helmets

Mongoose Street Hard-shell Skull Youth Bike Health

Playing in the skate park with the big boys may intimidate your boy. You can let him use this lifelike skull design skateboard helmet to boost his confidence and be brave to join the crowd. The black helmet has a 360-degree internal pad that provides comfort. The big vents in the skull’s eyes and nose will help him fight the heat.

3. Bell Star Wars Darth Vader Multi-Sport Helmet

Bell Star Wars Darth Vader Multi-Sport Helmet

As a loyal fan of Star Wars, you cannot miss this skateboard helmet, even if you can’t use it yourself. Your kids, who know about your undying love for the stories, will proudly wear them to the skate park for sure. You can wear your favorite Star Wars t-shirt when coming to the park with them. Just make sure you don’t impersonate Darth’s Father by saying “I am your father” there.

4. Bilaki Adjustable Helmet

Bilaki Adjustable Helmet

You know you choose the right helmet if they have passed the standard of safety level, as this dual certified skateboard helmet. It has a built-in safety rear light with three flashing modes. It also features an adjustment dial system to fit the child’s head correctly. You can put and detach the sun visor depending on the weather on the day they’re going out for a skate.

5. Full Face Helmet Children

 Full Face Helmet Children

Doesn’t it look cool to wear a full-face helmet? It has ten air vents that make it a breathable and lightweight helmet to use. The PC shell provides excellent impact resistance. You can remove the detachable chin part when your kids request you to do so. It features a cool built-in tail light with three modes for safety.

6. Kuyou Kids Skateboard Helmet

Kuyou Kids Skateboard Helmet

The sturdy casing helmet keeps the child and teen safe when skateboarding. To make it more comfortable, you can adjust the helmet to 52-56cm. The chin pads absorb sweat like the lining inside the helmet. It surely gives the helmet user convenience during skateboarding. Besides skateboarding, roller skating, inline skating, scooter riding, and other riding sports can use this helmet as protection.

7. Teddy Adjustable All-Sport Skate-Style Helmet

Teddy Adjustable All-Sport Skate-Style Helmet

The skateboard helmet comes in medium size but can be adjusted to a smaller size with additional pads. It has cool four-color PVC printing with a teddy design on the ABS shell. It features eleven vents to keep your children’s heads cool during the ride.  

8. Bell Marvel Spiderman Hero Helmet

Bell Marvel Spiderman Hero Helmet

For a starter, you can buy the all-time children’s favorite hero, Spiderman design skateboard helmet for your children. They can use their Spiderman costume to have Spidey look for the ride to the park. This helmet is suitable for kids from 5 years old above, but you can use it based on the head size.

9. Pro-Tec Skateboard Helmet

Pro-Tec Skateboard Helmet

Sometimes, we don’t really pay attention to the outer appearance and focus on the benefit they offer. This black skateboard helmet provides the best protection with a simple and classic sun-like design on the side. The two-stage soft foam liner and EVA crown pad inside will ensure comfort when the skater uses it. 

Cool Skateboard Helmets for Girls

The princesses are out from their castle to find a fun adventure. Give them pretty and cool skateboard helmets to protect their beauty.

10. Celoid Kids Skateboard Helmet & Pads

Celoid Kids Skateboard Helmet & Pads

Do you want to introduce a new hobby for your toddler? Skating can be one of many sports as a hobby choice for them. To keep them safe, do not forget to wear a skateboard helmet with an aerodynamic design! The breathable foam gives a sense of comfort even if they wear it all day long.

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11. Unicorn Skating Helmet

Unicorn Skating Helmet

If your baby girl starts to develop an interest in skateboarding, this magical unicorn helmet will be cute protection for her. The blue and pink color match pretty well with your princess’ bright personality. This helmet will keep your daughter from unexpected accidents and add a stylish accessory to her looks.

12. Kamugo Kids Helmet with Sports Protective Gear Set

Kamugo Kids Helmet with Sports Protective Gear Set

When your little niece and nephew take a new interest in the skateboarding area, you can prepare this skateboard helmet as their birthday presents. The helmet comes with two knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. It gives the perfect protection they need while trying to ride the board.

13. Bern Comet Kids’ Helmet

Bern Comet Kids’ Helmet

Besides covering the skull, some skateboard helmets have a visor on the front side to protect the skater’s sight, like this Comet Kids’ Helmet. The stylish flip visor is removable when it’s not in use. This lavender skateboard helmet offers proper fit customization with its crank fit system. Your daughter’s head will keep cool even after playing the skateboard for hours because of the great airflow from the top and rear air vents.

14. Kids’ Heritage Collection Helmet

Heritage CoKids’ llection Helmet

This Kids Heritage Collection Helmet surely gets attention from others. The shiny looks come from the simplicity of vintage moto lids and the heritage of colorways of the ’50s and ’60s inspiration. Besides its fancy appearance, it complies with all three CPSC, ASTM, and CE certifications. You should not be worried about your kids’ safety with the vintage helmet. It’s available with many color options to match your kids’ other skate gears.

Cool Skateboard Helmets for Everyone

You cannot determine which helmets belong to whom. A cool helmet will be more attractive when it’s unisex and neutral, whether it’s for your boys or girls.

15. Noggn US Star Helmet

Noggn US Star Helmet

If you plan to spend the Sunday morning skateboarding together as a family, this US Star Helmet can be your family’s official skateboard helmet. Your children can use the small size while you and your spouse use the med-large size they provide. With America’s specific red, white, and blue color, you can show how lovely your family time spent on the weekend.

16. Monata Skateboard Helmet

Monata Skateboard Helmet

This skateboard helmet offers you a simple chic design with bright neon green color. It makes your helmet stand out from the others. It has a micro-adjustable fit system that can accommodate everyone’s size, from youth to adults. The lightweight helmet has a removable and washable lining, so you can support your family skater by giving them the new lining after a long practice.

17. Lil 8 Kids Skateboard Helmet with Padded Chin Buckle

Lil 8 Kids Skateboard Helmet with Padded Chin Buckle

The dual certified skate and bike helmet is specially designed for toddlers and kids. As the children tend to be active and have a lot of energy, the two washable fit pads are the best deal for parents. It also has an adjustable padded chin strap that ensures your kids no pinching while fitting the helmet. You can choose one of the five glossy color helmets from Triple Eight.

18. Kids Jr Collection Helmet

Kids Jr Collection Helmet

Since the helmet intends for children’s protection, the Kids’ Jr. Collection Helmet is only available in extra-small size. The adjustable dial fit system allows the gear to grow with the kids. It has six long vents to ensure the airflow passes through the interior. It includes a reflective sticker for a fun and cool customization that shows your kid’s character.

19. Riding Helmet and Protective Gear Set

Riding Helmet and Protective Gear Set

If it’s your kids’ first time trying skateboarding, this helmet and protective gear set will guarantee their experience pleasurable with safety. The sponge makes the gear comfortable to wear and not easy to slide. The all-black set will be suitable with any color of your kids’ outfit during their outdoor sports time.

20. Skateboard Fitness Inline Helmet

Skateboard Fitness Inline Helmet

There are few adult skate helmets since many adults are experienced enough to control their pace. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  This cyan adult helmet fits all sizes, from small to large. It uses the tough ABS shell on the outside to keep you from a collision. The nylon straps are adjustable following your head measurement.

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21. Retrospec CM-1 Classic Skate Helmet

Retrospec CM-1 Classic Skate Helmet

The classic skate helmet provides you with a unique matte pine grain color. You can trick everyone with the wooden-looking helmet. It uses high-quality EPS foam and ABS shell and includes two interchangeable pads. The ten vents give your head superior temperature regulation and prevent you from internal heat. This matte helmet is recommended for 14+ skate riders.

22. Razor V-17 Multi-Sport helmet

Razor V-17 Multi-Sport helmet

If you worry about the heat while your younger brother uses the skateboard helmet, this youth multi-sport helmet will melt away the worry. It has seventeen vents all over the helmet to keep the skater’s head cool. The side-release buckle will help you adjust and fasten the chin strap quicker. 

23. Skateboard Helmet 

Skateboard Helmet

We agree that this cap-style skateboard helmet is different from the other helmets. The lightweight helmet may look thin and weak at a glance. But it has a shockproof and impact-resistant shell with high-density EPS material that keeps you safe from a crash. You can buy the helmet only or one set of protection gear.

24. Pro-Tec Skateboard Helmet Street Lite

Pro-Tec Skateboard Helmet Street Lite

This skateboard helmet uses many lightweight items to keep it comfortable during usage. It has air vents around the hat that will make your children’s heads cool. You can use the bright yet deep color of the helmet to track your kids amongst the skaters.

25. Wipeout Kids Skate Helmet

Pittsburgh Steelers Stainless Steel Black-Cup

Who says people can’t do art and sports at the same time? Before your kids are ready for skating outside, you can let them design their own skateboard helmets. Every day, they can have a different drawing by wiping off yesterday’s artwork for the new one. The cool helmet comes with five non-toxic dry-erase markers and stencil kits that are safe for your kids.

Final Thoughts

Skateboarding is a fun yet dangerous sport. Therefore, you need to make sure that you wear proper protection before you go to a skate park and have fun with your skateboard. Helmet is definitely mandatory, but since we believe that you still want to look cool while skating, you would want to wear a helmet that is not only safe but also cool, right? Since we understand the demand, we came up with a list of the coolest skateboard helmets for you to pick. With these helmets, we’re pretty sure that you will be the coolest skaters in the hood.

Latest Post:

What is the coolest skateboard helmet?

The coolest skateboard helmet goes to the best seller helmet from Outdoor Master. This helmet has everything you need to be a great protection helmet with style. In addition, we would say that this wipe-off skateboard helmet is the best for the children section. It does not only offer protection but also supports your child’s creativity to grow together.

What helmet do pro skateboarders wear?

Most pro skateboarders wear skateboard helmets from Triple 8, Pro-Tec, Outdoor Master, and other brands. However, they usually wear it on special occasions like tournaments or playing in challenging arenas.

What is the lightest skateboard helmet?

Based on our recommendation list, the lightest skateboard helmet is this kid’s helmet. Children’s helmets will have lighter weight and smaller dimensions than the standard teen and adults’ helmets.

Is it lame to wear a helmet skateboarding?

Safety is number one. If people around you or your kids say that wearing a skateboard helmet is lame, then you can ignore them. There is no guarantee of your safety because an accident can happen at any time. Show them that you and your kids are cool with a skateboard helmet like this American helmet.

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