25 Cool Skateboard Shirts To Roll On The Streets

Cool skateboard shirts may not automatically make you a pro skateboard player. Nowadays, skateboard related apparel has actually become more of a statement. Hence, there is the term “poser” referring to people who aren’t actually skaters who wear skater apparel just because it looks cool. 

But there is no shame in wearing cool skateboard shirts. Either you are a true pro skateboard player or you only have a high interest in skateboarding, below is a list of cool skateboard shirts you can wear to roll on the streets. 

What Shirts Do Skateboarders Wear?

In general, skateboarders will wear clothing that is comfortable and allow them to do movements and tricks freely. This is why oversized and comfy fitting is the type of shirts most skaters wear. T-shirts with loud graphics or simple logos are very popular among skaters. 

1. Astronaut Skateboard Shirt

cool skateboard shirts

Combining cool things with other cool things is a common concept in street style apparel. Space related things are pretty much in trend lately making it appear often in fashion items including this cool skateboard shirt. 

2. Floral Skater Girl Shirt

Floral Skater Girl

Tell the whole world that you are that cool skater girl by wearing this cool skater girl t-shirt. It has the obvious design of a pink skateboard with floral design. It has a contrasting color of pink and green that make it pop and will make you the center of attention. 

3. Minimal Skateboard Shirt

cool skateboard shirts

This cool skateboard t-shirt is perfect if you’re more of the modest and humble type but still want to show the cool skater side of you. It has a simple and cool skateboard design on the front side that will make you be able to show that cool skater side without being obnoxious. 

4. Skateboarding Frog Shirt

cool skateboard

This is a funny skateboard t-shirt that can be worn by anyone even if they’re not skaters themselves but also can suit a true skater as well. It has simple linework design making the design simple without overshadowing the funny side of the frog drawing. 

5. Skate of Mind

Skate of Mind

This is a cool skateboard t-shirt for kids who show interest in skateboarding from a very young age. It also has a considerably simple design with the quote “skate of mind” as a pun from the popular term “state of mind”. 

6. Eat, Sleep, Skateboard

cool skateboard shirts

This t-shirt is perfect for any skateboard enthusiast who considers skateboarding as the new way of breathing. It has the popular “Eat, sleep, skateboard, repeat” to represent how important skateboarding is to them. 

7. Skate or Die Shirt

cool skateboard

This t-shirt is no different. It has the “Skate or die” quote that places skateboarding above everything else in life. It can be the perfect option if you want to buy a matching cool skateboard shirt with your significant others, Dominic Toretto and Letty Ortiz style. 

8. Dinosaur Skateboard Shirt

cool skateboard shirts

Is skateboarding becoming extinct? It doesn’t seem like it will go out of style any time soon. This t-shirt can be funny because it shows that even dinosaurs do skate. So yeah, skateboarding is still cool and it seems like it will stay cool for a long time. 

9. Cali Skateboard Shirt

cool skateboard shirts

This t-shirt is the appropriate option to wear for those skaters who live on the west coast. It has the typical California aesthetic including palm trees and bright color to bring out that California spirit

10. Rick and Morty Skateboard Shirt

cool skateboard shirts

Who doesn’t love Rick and Morty? The characters and scenes from this series appear in almost everything you can think of due to its popularity. This t-shirt is perfect for you who love Rick and Morty. How many times did you rewatch this series, really? 

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11. Retro Skateboard Shirt

Retro Skateboard Shirt

Retro design is back in trend now. This cool skateboard shirt is one of the cool t-shirts incorporating retro design that is practically versatile and can go with everything. You can pair it both with retro and modern fashion items. 

12. Girl Can Skateboard Shirt

Girl Can Skateboard Shirt

Girls often get their capabilities doubted. The skater scene is no exception. You can find that sexism exists in this scene too and making a lot of girls get their capabilities questioned. This t-shirt can be pretty powerful to show that in fact, yes, girls can skateboard. Oftentimes, they can even do it better. This t-shirt is perfect if you’re an aspiring skater girl who wants to channel that girl power movement. 

13. Dabbing Skate Skeleton

Dabbing Skate Skeleton

Is dabbing still a thing? Doesn’t matter though, because this dabbing skeleton is still cool. It has the same message to skate till you die as a representation of your love of skating. It also somehow says that being a skater is cool even after you die. 

14. Santa Cruz Skateboard Shirt

cool skateboard shirts

Now, we talk about skateboard apparels. There are a lot of popular skateboard apparels out there and yes, a cool skateboard shirt doesn’t always have to include the obvious skateboard design on it. This t-shirt is a perfect example of it. 

15. Thrasher Skateboard Shirt

cool skateboard shirts

Thrasher is another cool skateboard apparel that has become very trendy lately. Just like any other popular brand, this brand simply shows the iconic logo on it as a proof that you don’t have to say much to be cool. 

16. Levi’s Skateboard Shirt

Levi’s Skateboard Shirt

Other popular brands also don’t want to miss out the opportunity and jump in the skater trend when they can. The popular Levi’s who started out as a jean company also released their skater line. With its simple design, it’s quickly gaining popularity in the skater scene. 

17. Skateboard Ghost Shirt

Skateboard Ghost Shirt

What can be cooler other than a floating ghost who can still skate? This t-shirt is so funny with the cute ghost who floats above a skateboard. The ghost is wearing a safety helmet as a reminder that safety is still the most important thing. 

18. Bulldog Skateboard Shirt

Bulldog Skateboard Shirt

This cool skateboard shirt has a cool bulldog riding a skateboard making it the perfect skateboard t-shirt for skaters who love dogs. The dog design is in pop art style so it will look cool on any occasion and with every clothing piece. 

19. Flaming Skateboard Shirt

Flaming Skate

This t-shirt can represent the spirit and passion you put on skateboarding. It has a flaming skateboard design that shows how skateboarding can be something very hot. It’s so hot it’s cool if you know what we mean. 

20. Powell Skateboard Skeleton Shirt

Powell Skateboard Skeleton Shirt

Skeleton and skateboard seem to go along really well. This cool skateboard shirt by Powell also contains a skeleton doing a trick. The graphic is still relatively simple but still interesting. How cool is that to hit the skate park with this t-shirt?

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21. Spongebob Skateboard Shirt

Spongebob Skateboard Shirt

It is safe to say that we’re all grown up with Spongebob. It has become an important part of our lives. Hence, getting this Spongebob t-shirt can be a cool thing whether you’re a skateboarder or not. Of course, the design showing Spongebob doing a trick and the text says #Awesome also something that can add that coolness to your look. 

22. Born to Skate Shirt

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Some people never find their purpose in life. Some are lucky and know what they’re meant to be at an early stage of their lives. Skaters know for sure that they were born to be great skaters. This t-shirt can be the perfect skateboard t-shirt for you if you feel the same. 

23. Skateboard Typography Shirt

Skateboard Typography

Typography type of t-shirt design is still a cool t-shirt design. This skateboard shirt has a cool typography with skateboard graphic on the front side making it so cool and perfect to accentuate that skater street style. The monochrome color of black t-shirt with white prints making it easy for you to pair it with everything. 

24. Skater Dudes Shirt

Skater Dudes

Skaters are known for their brotherhood and spend a lot of time skating with their friends group. Skating is way more fun when we do it together, right? This t-shirt can be a great t-shirt to get if you think that your skater group is as important as the skating itself. You can even get matching t-shirt with your skater friends. 

25. Skater Girl Retro Shirt

Skater Girl Retro

Another skater girl t-shirt to get for cool skater girls out there. This t-shirt has a cool skater design with fun colors of pink and blue and simple fonts. Getting this t-shirt in the size that fits you perfectly is a great fashion decision if you want to look cool on the skate park. 

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How do you dress like a skater?

If you want to rock that cool skater look, you can choose a popular skater apparel such as Thrasher and pair it with jeans and sneakers and you’re good to go. Add matching socks if possible. You can also wear a beanie and hoodie if you feel like to. 

What do you give a skater girl?

You can give them the cool skater girl t-shirt or that t-shirt that says “Girls can skateboard” to encourage them that they can do it well. But skating is not about gender so other cool skateboard t-shirts will serve the same purpose just well. 

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