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15 Facts About Roller Coasters. Adrenaline Junkie Should Read!

What do you want to ride the most when visiting an amusement park? It must be fun roller coasters, right? A Roller coaster is not only the most popular ride but also a trademark of the place. It is a fact that this ride will decide whether an amusement park is successful or not.

Riding roller coasters is the best thing to do with your loved ones, friends, or even families. Screaming, yelling, and releasing stress are the main reasons people want to ride this one.

There are some fun hidden facts about roller coasters that will make your next ride even more thrilling. The following historical and uncommon roller coasters facts will excite any adrenaline junkie!

1. Gravity Switchback Railway is The First Roller Coaster in the US!

The first roller coaster in America became operational on June 16, 1884, located in Coney Island. The name is Gravity Switchback Railway. There is gravity in the title since roller coasters use the gravity theory to operate.

LaMarcus Thompson became the person who decided to create the first roller coasters in the USA. He also became the father of roller coasters since his invention has entertained millions of people. LaMarcus designed many roller coasters until his retirement in 1915.

2. Roller Coaster Stopped Operating During Time of Crises

During the Great Depression and World War II, roller coasters stopped operating since American people, on that day, had less cash.

They would rather spend more money on essential goods than use them for fun, like riding roller coasters in amusement parks. But then, when Disney reopened in 1955 and launched their new roller coasters, people were excited to go to ride the roller coasters again.

3. Cyclone, the Most Famous Wooden Coaster in Coney Island 

Roller coasters lovers must know Cyclone! This is the most famous wooden coaster launched on Coney Island. And until now, the ride is still in Coney Island. Cyclone was started to operate in 1927.

This roller coaster can run up to 60 mph. Although it is not that fast compared to current roller coasters, it is still operating. It is also one of the most underrated National Historic Landmarks.

4. The Mauch Chunk Switchback Railroad Wasn’t Really a Coaster

Most people said that the first roller coaster was the Mauch Chunk Switchback Railroad, which operated in 1873 Pennsylvania. In fact, the Mauch Chunk was not an actual roller coaster. This ride became the inspiration for LaMarcus to create his first roller coaster on Coney Island.

The Mauch Chunk is a coal mining train that sends passengers hurtling down a mountain for sheer thrills. So, the original purpose of creating the Mauch Chunk is not for riding a roller coaster. According to some records, mules would take the journey aboard the runaway train and then haul it back up the mountain.

5. National Roller Coaster Day is on August 16

August 16 is the National Roller Coaster Day. This date was chosen as the day of the Roller Coaster, but the reason is not apparent. However, most people believe that on that day in 1898, the first roller coaster was patented, and the letter was issued.

That’s why the people celebrate it as the National Roller Coaster. Therefore, don’t forget to go to an amusement park on that day, ride the roller coaster and have fun!

6. Leap The Dips is the Oldest Wooden Roller Coaster in the USA

Here is a fun fact about wooden roller coasters in the USA! Leap The Dips came out in 1902. The creator was Edward Joy Morris. He named this roller coaster Gravity Railroad and later changed it into Leap The Dips in 1910. It is 9 feet, and it went as fast as 10 mph.

Not a speed that you are looking for, but considering the year it was invented, riding this one should have been so much fun back in that day. After being refurbished, this roller coaster reopened in 2020.

7. Giving High Five to Other Passengers!

Have you ever imagined how fun and exciting it is to ride a roller coaster and can do a high five to other passengers? It seems impossible, but it can be done if you ride the Racer in Kennywood!

This roller coaster gave a one-of-a-kind experience for the passengers since there were two operating trains. The first train would go first and meet another train that passes by. Hence, you can do the high five or slap the hands when the trains meet. It is pretty cool, right?

8. The Most Thrilling Roller Coaster Is Kingda Ka

When people visit an amusement park, they will go first to ride a roller coaster. The feeling when riding it is indescribable. That’s why many creators try hard to invent roller coasters that are different, unique, and thrilling but still safe to ride for all people out there. If you wonder about the most thrilling roller coaster in the world.

Why don’t you try to ride Kingda Ka? This roller coaster became the most thrilling since it is the tallest coaster in the world and the fastest roller coaster in North America. This upside-down U-shaped track bolts up 45 stories in the sky—that’s 456 feet high!

This leaves all other coasters in the dust. And, of course, it will take some powerful acceleration to get you to the top of it. Such a fun fact about roller coasters!

9. The Fastest Roller Coaster is Formula Rossa

Located in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari Amusement Park invented the fastest roller coaster in the world! The speed of Formula Rossa can reach up to 240 km/h (149.1 mph) and can travel 52 meters upward in just 4.9 seconds!

This roller coaster was officially opened in 2010 and has already earned the Guinness Book of Record for the fastest roller coaster in the world. Dare to try? Don’t forget to tie your hair first before riding it.

10. The Longest Roller Coaster is Steel Dragon 2000

If you want to ride roller coasters as long as impossible, try the longest roller coaster in the world! It is located in Nagashima Spa Land, Japan, and people call it Steel Dragon 2000

The length of this ride is 8,133 feet for 4 minutes duration! So, it means you ride it at a speed of 95 mph. Furthermore, this roller coaster only lifts once. Hence you can imagine how fast you go down after reaching the peak. Such a fun fact about the longest roller coasters!

11. Riding Roller Coaster Can Reduce Anxiety and Increase Happiness

Riding roller coasters are fun and provide various benefits for your body and mind. The brain chemicals, including adrenaline, dopamine, and cortisol, stimulate a natural high and boost energy that makes you feel more alert and alive. After riding and screaming out loud, you will feel relaxed and recharged.

12. These People Are Not Allowed to Ride Roller Coaster

Unfortunately, people who suffer from high blood pressure or have a heart condition are not allowed to ride a roller coaster. Roller coasters, for some cases and people, may cause strokes. You better check your health first before jumping in to ride the roller coaster. It is better to understand the condition first rather than regret it later. 

13. During the Pandemic, Japan Ban the Visitors to Scream While Riding the Roller Coaster

Japan is always well known for its very disciplined and strict rules during the pandemic. It includes the rules when you visit the amusement park. Japanese people who want to ride roller coasters are not allowed to scream even if they already wear a mask. So, there is no scream or sound once you ride the roller coaster. Do you still want to try if you can ride the roller coasters but cannot scream?

14. The Mindbender, the World’s Largest Indoor Roller Coaster

The Mindbender was the world’s largest indoor roller-coaster. It had also been dubbed as one of the world’s safest rides. Yet, in 1986, it suffered its first and last accident. It became a forever tragedy for the one and only survivor of this accident.

Three people died, and only one passenger survived this accident. His name is Chayko from Canada. He lost his friends in that tragedy and never forgot about that night every day. Because of that tragedy, the mall stopped operating the roller coaster and closed it.

15. The Worst Roller Coaster Tragedy 

It happened in 1930 when a car on Omaha, Nebraska’s Big Dipper roller coaster fell 35 feet to the ground. The accident killed four people, and 17 others got injured. It was considered the deadliest amusement park accident in U.S. history since no more worst tragedies happened after this one. Also, we hope there will be no accidents happening again while riding the roller coaster. 

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