15 Awesome and Cool Motorcycles You Need To See

For motorcycle enthusiasts, nothing is quite as thrilling as indulging the senses in the engineering and aesthetic masterpieces that make it into the limelight. Even though there are hundreds of motorbikes coming into the scene annually, only a handful of them has what it takes to stand out.

We have searched high and low to bring you a list of 13 cool motorcycles that you have to see to believe they exist! These awesome motorcycles defy the odds to adopt unconventional designs that might seem impossible at first.

They range from animal-inspired designs and creative futuristic models to robotic and engineering marvels that do not play by any rules. While some sport striking minimalistic designs, others are aesthetically complex and captivating.

The Coolest Motorcycles in The World!

If you are in the process of trying to identify the best motorcycle of all time, read on to discover incredible models you probably never knew existed!

#1 BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Motorcycle

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Motorcycle

Want a sneak peek into what cool motorcycles will look like in the next century? Well, look no further than the retro-futuristic BMW Motorrad Vision. Aimed at giving the world a glimpse into the future, this BMW model is one of the most radical concepts of the motorbike yet!

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Motorcycle

It sports a single swoop of carbon fiber shell in black, extending all the way from the front wheel to the rear. Thanks to this design, the entire frame changes direction by simply turning the handlebars.

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Motorcycle - cool motorcycles

Though it retains the classic boxer engine shape when stationary, as the bike picks up speed, everything changes. In order to enhance aerodynamics and offer the rider protection from the elements, it extends outwards in proportion to speed.

Aptly dubbed a vision vehicle, it has the capacity to exercise foresight so as to keep the rider safe. It comes chock full of driver assistance features that monitor the environment to prevent crashes.

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Motorcycle

For the first time ever, ardent motorcycle enthusiasts may actually get to ditch the helmet, if indeed it holds up to the hype!

#2 Venier Cagiva Grand Canyon

Venier Cagiva Grand Canyon - cool motorcycles

Old meets new in impeccable style aboard the Venier Cagiva Grand Canyon, offering tons of timeless cool! Based on a 1999 model, the Cagiva Grand Canyon 900, this impressive remodel features the perfect blend of retro and contemporary charm.

Venier Cagiva Grand Canyon

For starter, the looks are simply stunning, with gold anodized rims on an all-black body. Custom leather seating and aluminum side covers add to its sophisticated looks. The taillights are recessed into the seat and it features a custom headlight bucket plus two additional lights on the sides.

Venier Cagiva Grand Canyon

A custom aluminum tank and custom handlebars complete the look, exuding elegance from every pore. Among the few modern touches on the bike is a digital speedometer as well as turn signals.

Venier Cagiva Grand Canyon

But looks are not all there is to this cool motorbike. It comes with the highly-famed Ducati Desmo 900 SS fuel injected engine. As a result, it is not only fun to ride, but its agility is matchless.

#3 Ethec Electric Motorcycle

Ethec Electric Motorcycle - cool motorcycles

In the realm of smart electric bikes, few can compare to Ethec. Designed by students from Zurich University and ETH Zuric, it seeks to challenge every rule in the electric bike book. Not surprisingly, it does a great job at this thanks to a host of smart solutions and innovative technology.

Ethec Electric Motorcycle

First off, the bike recuperates the 75% of braking energy that is motorcycles normally lose through the front wheel. Not only does this offer higher efficiency, but it also enhances safety and the overall driving experience.

Ethec Electric Motorcycle

Its innovative battery is yet another highlight of the design. It adopts cutting-edge thermal management to offer an extensive constant range and optimize efficiency. As a result, the 15kWh battery offers up to 250 miles of range!

Ethec Electric Motorcycle

One look at the motorcycle and you cannot fail to notice the elegant design. Drawing inspiration from the human body, its silver bodywork takes a sensual feminine form. Cool, right?

#4 Honda’s Self-Balancing Robotic Motorcycle

Honda's Self-Balancing Robotic Motorcycle

Take a peek into the future of motorcycles with Honda’s futuristic self-balancing concept. Yes, you heard right, self-balancing – the bike can remain upright, unaided! And this applies both when the rider is on and off of it.

Honda's Self-Balancing Robotic Motorcycle

What makes this incredible feat possible is the capacity of the bike to assess its position and adjust the steering wheel to maintain balance. While most manufacturers use gyroscopes to reduce the tendency of motorcycles to fall over, Honda’s design is different.

Honda's Self-Balancing Robotic Motorcycle

In the place of a heavy gyroscope, they use a robotic device the size of a lamp, positioned above the front wheel. The feature automatically kicks in when the bike slows down to less than 3mph or stops.

That makes it quite handy when navigating through heavy traffic, doesn’t it? No more embarrassing encounters with the pavement or hitting the curb. And for times when the rider prefers a more hands-on feel, all they have to do is switch off balance mode.

Is it not one of the coolest motorcycles ever? Say goodbye to unexpected topples for all time!

#5 Yamaha 3-Wheeled NIKEN Motorcycle

Yamaha 3-Wheeled NIKEN Motorcycle

Just when you thought you had seen it all, Yamaha goes and does it again! The three-wheeled Niken sports a highly unusual design with two front wheels and one at the back. You are probably wondering why two front wheels?

Yamaha 3-Wheeled NIKEN Motorcycle

Well, the idea behind the extra wheel is to increase traction on the front end. What this means is that when the weather takes a turn for the worse, you can count on staying upright. And you can also rip through sharp corners, confident that you won’t fly off the road.

Yamaha 3-Wheeled NIKEN Motorcycle

Whether you are doing crazy hairpin turns, riding on gravel or maneuvering over wet corners, this bike can take it all in a stride.

Yamaha 3-Wheeled NIKEN Motorcycle

Thanks to its exceptional front-end grip, it can lean up to 45 degrees while steering like any other two-wheeler!

Yamaha 3-Wheeled NIKEN Motorcycle

Far from being a traditional trike, the Niken is a solid sport touring bike with a great advantage in stability and handling.

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#6 Ryno Single Wheel Motorcycle

Ryno Single Wheel Motorcycle

As far as unique motorbike designs go, the Ryno single-wheeler takes the day! It has to be one of the most unconventional motorbike models ever. Whoever thought we would live long enough to see a single-wheel bike without a stuntman on it?

I know what you’re thinking, riding this one-wheeler is a terrifying idea, right? Wrong! Its futuristic design takes all matters safety into consideration to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Ryno Single Wheel Motorcycle

It sports a single 25-inch tire and uses a combination of features for self-balance. These include accelerometers and gyroscope sensors, as well as intuitive acceleration and braking. Furthermore, its weight distribution is strategic and it goes at a maximum speed of 10mph.

Ryno Single Wheel Motorcycle

Since it does not feature a hand throttle, juicing the Ryno requires that you lean forward, as is the case with a Segway. Braking similarly requires that you lean back though there is a hand brake too!

What an amazing innovation for futuristic riders!

#7 Tarus 2×2: All-Terrain Folding Motorbike

Tarus 2×2: All-Terrain Folding Motorbike

Wish you could take your motorcycle with you on every outdoors expedition? Turns out you can thanks to the cool design of the Tarus 2×2 folding motorbike.

Tarus 2×2: All-Terrain Folding Motorbike

It is quite unlike any other bike on the list in every respect. Among its key features is the two-wheel drive capability that makes it suitable for virtually any terrain. It’s Honda GX-210 4-stroke engine powers both the front and back wheels.

Tarus 2×2: All-Terrain Folding Motorbike

Consequently, it can maneuver through narrow gorges, plough its way over muddy banks and get you out of any challenging terrain. That’s not all, as the balloon tires equip it with amphibian capabilities, making it possible to stay afloat on a river with ease.

Tarus 2×2: All-Terrain Folding Motorbike

Another major highlight is the fact that you can take it apart and reassemble in a matter of minutes. In the dismantled state, it can go into a suitcase or the boot of your car to ease transportation.

#8 Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle - cool motorcycles

For the tech-oriented superbike enthusiasts in the house, cool motorcycles don’t come any better than the Arc Vector electric motorcycle!

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle

Launched towards the end of 2018, it has earned the title of the most premium electric bike, and for good reason. To begin with, it is capable of going from 0-100 km per hour in a mere 2.7 seconds. Its maximum speeds go as high as 200kmph.

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle

Featuring a unique 16.8kWh battery from Samsung, it can charge fully in only 30 minutes. On full charge, it can travel up to 320 km.

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle

What makes it really awesome is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) integration. This comes in the form of a heads-up display helmet and a tactile riding suit. Thanks to the retro-style helmet, the rider can view bike readouts on a glass shield in front of the right eye.

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle

The suit, on the other hand, communicates using vibrations to warn of possible dangers in the rider’s environment.

#9 De Castelli Samotracia Copper Motorcycle

De Castelli Samotracia Copper Motorcycle

Timeless style and impeccable flair merge into one harmonious whole on the Samotracia copper motorbike.

A creation of Mario Trimarchi for Italian furniture house De Castelli, the design casts aside convention to create one of the most unique bikes of all time. It hides the engineering insides with a copper fairing that seeks to illustrate the essence of high speed.

De Castelli Samotracia Copper Motorcycle

Geometric folds enhance this effect, adding volumes of visual interest. Moreover, as a result of its interesting visual perspective, the motorcycle seems to be in motion even when at rest.

Thanks to the use of unfinished copper, the exterior will patina over the next century to complete its transformation process. Oxidation will see the current copper color give way to a beautiful green patina.

De Castelli Samotracia Copper Motorcycle

The amazing combination of contemporary shapes and raw finishes has turned the motorcycle into more of a work of art than a functional piece.

#10 Ironwood Chain Smoker Motorcycle

Ironwood Chain Smoker Motorcycle - cool motorcycles

In harmony with the recent resurgence of retro-futuristic styling, Ironwood is the perfect depiction of contemporary features on a throwback base.

Ironwood Chain Smoker Motorcycle

When it comes to stunning customizations, few can match up to the potential of this cool ride. Interestingly, the base model, Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 is effortlessly elegant.

However, Ironwood Motors manages to enhance this beauty in simple yet captivating ways. And the best part is that the customization process does not obfuscate the original beauty of the 701.

Ironwood Chain Smoker Motorcycle

One of the most significant changes they make is lopping off the tail so as to expose the frame and engineering components. So as to hide the wiring and other unsightly aspects however, they install an under-seat tray.

Ironwood Chain Smoker Motorcycle

Other additions include a new leather seat complete with taillights and LED indicator lights and a new sub-frame. The makeover would be far from complete without the camouflage paint job on the fuel tank.

Overall, this bike is minimalistic yet inspiring and full of back-in-the-day inspiration.

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#11 Asphalt and Gravel Honda Dominator

Asphalt and Gravel Honda Dominator

A customization of one of the most iconic models of the 90’s gives us one of the most awesome motorcycles of all time.

Asphalt and Gravel Honda Dominator

The Honda Dominator NX650 earned a special spot in history thanks to its blend of flair and function. Drawing on this popularity and reliability, the folks over at Asphalt and Gravel gave it a new look.

Asphalt and Gravel Honda Dominator

With the ultimate objective of turning it into something akin to the 70’s dirt bike, the designers made a number of major changes. They had to redo the entire bodywork to get the desired effect. This included installing a new gas tank from a 1971 dirt bike, fixing a leather tank strap and a new custom seat.

Asphalt and Gravel Honda Dominator

To cap it all up, they used an all-black finish, creating an iconic and eye-catching bike with a timeless design. At the tail-end, it sports an LED strip handling turn signal as well as taillight duties.

#12 Motorcycle Jet Ski Hybrid

Motorcycle Jet Ski Hybrid - cool motorcycles

If you are an adventure lover, then you will definitely appreciate this cool motorcycle hybrid design.

The Biski combines the concepts of motorbikes and personal watercraft to bring you the best of both worlds, literally.

Motorcycle Jet Ski Hybrid

Instead of sporting four wheels like most other amphibious vehicles, Biski has two. Using two propulsion systems to get around, it operates with almost as much ease on solid ground as it does on water.

Motorcycle Jet Ski Hybrid

On land, it can move at speeds of up to 80 mph while in the water, it maxes out at 37 mph. Transitioning from land to water simply takes the touch of a button. Its wheels retract and it turns into a ski.

And when you get back on land, the same button lowers the wheel and ride on. According to the manufacturer, the process can take less than five seconds.

If your partner won’t let you own both a motorcycle and a watercraft, this is the ideal compromise!

#13 Tardigrade Moon Concept Motorcycle

Living in the outer space or on the moon, sometimes we are wondering what kind of transportation we should take there. Are we should get in the plane or rocket all the time? Or is it possible for us to live there, go somewhere within the outer space by car or even motorcycle? Andrey Fabishevsky creates a Tardigrade. It is a concept for moon motorcycles that allows the astronaut to go around only by riding the motorcycle. Packed with battery that enables to ride for 68 miles at maximum speed 9mph, and ultra-lightweight, this moon concept motorcycle can be the advanced idea in automotive invention.


The first time seeing this concept motorcycle by Nazar Eisa, you will think that there is something missing there. It is like a modern motorcycle frame, but it is already a whole motorcycle. Come up with hubless wheels, aerodynamic build, and sleek look with metallic finished on the body of this motorcycle. The concept that named The Dust Tesla is pretty much in our must list to see when it is ready to launch.

#15 Gyro Canopy Electric Scooter

No more get sweat under the sun and no more wet clothes under the rain when riding this Gyro Canopy. It is a scooter from Honda that is eco-friendly and enables you to ride for 77km at average speed 30km/h. Since it is electric scooter and needs 5hours to charge, there is Honda Mobile Power Packs that can be exchange to continue your journey without feeling any worry. This cargo scooter is available in Japan market with price around $6,275. Want to try?

For every motorbike lover who is still trying to figure out which one is the best motorcycle in the world, this list at least narrows down your search to 13 top contenders. Make your pick from these cool motorcycles and get the inspiration you need to bring to life your own fantasy.

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