60 Unique Kitchen Gadgets & Quirky Kitchen Accessories

Some people adore cooking. They usually can’t wait for a reason to try out the new recipe they’ve just found and are the first ones to volunteer to bring food to a party or a family gathering.

But to others the mere mention of the word “cooking” sends them running for a phone to order pizza or Chinese food, so they wouldn’t have to chop, slice and dice anything ever again.

cooking meme

But both groups can appreciate these unique kitchen gadgets that serve multiple purposes. Some of which are quirky kitchen accessories, that just brighten up the place and are adorable to look at, least of all cook with.

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Creative Kitchen Gadgets & Accessories

All of those reasons make you want to surround yourself with amazing kitchen gadgets. And let’s not forget, that for some, cool kitchen appliances are the best kind of gift, and for some, they are the last saving grace during shopping for presents for friends or family.

#1 Blood Splash Chopping Board

bllod splatter cutting board - unique kitchen gadgets

This is one of those unique kitchen gadgets that will satisfy the tastes of a real kitchen maniac. Let’s just agree, that it will be the only pool of blood featured in your kitchen. Please? No need to wake your inner Dexter up.

#2 Loch Ness Monster “Nessie” Soup Ladles

unique kitchen gadgets

What can be cuter than an actual Loch Ness monster poking out of your soup? This Nessie incarnation will be your adorable sous-chef and will prevent the ladle from toppling over and causing a huge mess in your kitchen.

#3 Stovetop Pizza Oven

unique kitchen gadgets

Real pizza lovers that like to cook have certainly entertained the thought of having a brick oven. But if you don’t have the funds or a place in your home to install the bulky monstrosity, then this will be one of your best kitchen gadgets yet.

#4 Spartan Knife block with Knives 

spartan knife block - unique kitchen gadgets

If you think that the Spartan approach to cooking is the best approach to cooking with its passion and the military precision, then this knife block is the perfect way to profess your love for it.

Or just buy it as a gag gift for someone or yourself. Either way is cool.

#5 Jumbo Cutlery Drainer 

Jumbo Cutlery Drainer

This cute kitchen gadget looks not only adorable but very stylish as well. Its minimalistic design will perfectly blend in with any environment and will drain the water from the cutlery through its tiny trunk.

As you can see it’s also handy as a bathroom toiletries holder.

#6 This Mug! 

Shh Almost Now You May Speak Nevermind I Have To Go Poop Now Coffee MugShh Almost Now You May Speak Nevermind I Have To Go Poop Now Coffee Mug

If you believe that the best morning conversation is no conversation at all, then I have found my kindred spirit in you and you need to have this mug. “Quirky kitchen gadget” doesn’t even start to cover the awesomeness of this mug.

#7 A Spiral Veggie Slicer

unique kitchen gadgets

Trying to thinly slice your veggies can be a real pain and troublesome experience. But if you want your food to look pretty with no additional input on your end, then this unique veggie slicer will definitely make your life easier.

#8 The Pinch and Dash Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shaker

When the recipe says “add a dash of that” or “add a pinch of this” some people can start rubbing their forehead in confusion. But these two quirky kitchen accessories will take care of the problem, at least in the matters of salt and pepper adding routine.

#9 Corn Kerneler 

corn kerneler - unique kitchen gadgets

You can love eating corn all you want, but when it comes to eating it right from the cob you can’t help the splashes of corn juice everywhere, hurting your gums and getting the mess all over your clothes.

Well, with this corn kerneler you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

#10 Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster 

star wars toaster - quirky kitchen accessories

If your heart still lies with the Empire, then this cool kitchen appliance will certainly satiate your desire to be closer to the all-powerful Darth Vader. And your desire for a fresh toast, certainly.

Somewhere out there Kylo Ren has probably bought this toaster for himself too.

#11 Herb Scissors 

herb scissors - unique kitchen gadgets

These scissors with 5 stainless steel blades will quickly chop your fresh herbs and let you serve your culinary masterpiece in a timely manner. And with a little bit of imagination you could always find another chopping task for them, if the herbs are not there.

#12 Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Food Chopper    

Clever cutter - unique kitchen gadgets

If you cause a lot of clutter on your kitchen counter while cooking and have no time for cleaning it up while everything is boiling and sizzling around you, then this will be one of the most useful kitchen gadgets in your arsenal.

It easily chops the food right into the pan with no cutting board needed.

#13 Cute Sloth Tea Infuser 

sloth tea infuser - unique kitchen gadgets

Sloths are adorable. A sloth in a teacup is even more adorable.

A sloth in a teacup that is also a tea infuser? Is one of the most awesome kitchen gadgets that you need to have to brighten up your life!

#14 Cheeky Monkey Kitchen Utensil Hooks 

monkey kitchen hooks - unique kitchen gadgets

These are fun kitchen accessories that make a great alternative for ordinary boring kitchen utensil hooks. The monkeys come in different colors and will surely brighten up your kitchen as well as your cooking experience.

#15 Over The Sink Cutting Board

over the sink cutting board - unique kitchen gadgets

Sometimes carrying freshly rinsed vegetables from your sink to the cutting board makes the kitchen counter wet and the floor slippery.

That’s just dangerous. But this unique kitchen gadget combines a cutting board with a strainer and will easily sit atop your sink to avoid any unnecessary water hazard.

#16 UnderCabinet Magnetic Knife Rack 

under cabinet kife rack - unique kitchen gadgets

This handy kitchen accessory lets you keep the knives organized and safely tucked away until you require them. Plus, it eradicates the risk of accidentally cutting yourself while looking for that specific knife you need.

#17 R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

The lovable robot disassembles into a useful set of cups and spoons that make for truly creative kitchen gadgets.

#18 Buddha Butter Dish 

buddha butter dish - unique kitchen gadgets

While trying to reach the state of eternal nirvana you might as well enjoy a crispy slice of toast with fresh butter pulled straight out of this unique Buddha butter dish.

Bring some peace into your kitchen!

#19 Angry Mama Microwave Steam Cleaner

microwave steam cleaner

Probably anyone in their early life has driven their mom to the point of steaming with anger that made you fear for their life. At least now, with this unique kitchen accessory, it will result into a clean microwave.

#20 Butter Stick Sprayer 

butter stick sprayer - unique kitchen gadgets

This cool kitchen tool allows you to spray butter on any surface without the need of melting it. So, whether you need extra butter on your corn or you want to stay healthy and use as little butter as possible on your frying pan, this gadget is for you.

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#21 Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

If you want to add another item to your Star Wars collection ofcool kitchen appliances, then this knife block should capture your attention and make the Empire weep in terror.

#22 Magnetic Refrigerator Bottle Holder 


The beer needs to be chilled, but the fridge is too full – the tragedy ensues and hearts get broken. To avoid such scenario just use this bottle holder to stick the beer to the ceiling of your fridge.

#23 Customizable Pizza Slice Toppings Divider 


I like pineapple slices on my pizza. Yes, I’m one of those heathens, which I am constantly reminded of during the discussion on which toppings should be used for pizza. More info Here

But with this unique kitchen gadget, anyone can have the toppings they want, so I won’t need to sacrifice the pineapple anymore. Yay!

#24 Chemists Spice Rack 

Wink Chemist's Spice Rack, 14 Piece Chemistry Spice Rack Set

This spice rack is shaped like beakers and flask and has additional labels with periodic-table-like names of spices. If you are looking for a great gift for a chemist buddy of yours, then this set of awesome kitchen gadgets is definitely your answer. 

#25 These Litte Guys – Board Brothers Board Holders

unique kitchen gadgets

If you ever wanted someone to help you in the kitchen while also not getting in your way, then these unique kitchen accessories might fulfil your wish. They’re not great at cooking, but these little guys will give their all to support your cutting boards.

#26 Steam Ship Pot Lid 

pcs Steam Ship Silicone Steamer Lid Food Covers Cute Design Steaming Pot Lids and Bowl Covers

This silicone pot lid can be used for cooking your meal in a microwave or on a stove pot. And the ship design, that lets out the steam so it won’t boil over, will make you feel like a real leader of a flotilla.

#27 Magnetic Robot Key Holders 

unique kitchen gadgets

Fridge magnets can be useful not only for holding up notes and drawings. These little robot magnets will do that all for you, and will additionally let you use them as hangers. That is some unique kitchen stuff right there.

#28 APP-Controlled Robotic Bartender 

unique kitchen gadgets

Create your favorite cocktail concoctions with a simple push of a button on your phone thanks to this unique kitchen gadget. Who says you need to go to a bar for a top of a line drink, when you can have this modern looking robotic bartender?

#29 Ultra Fast Defrosting Tray 

defrosting tray

If your dinner usually depends on whether the piece of meet you’ve pulled out of freezer way too late will be ready for preparation on time, than this is one of those cool kitchen tools you might want to have.

#30 Magnetic All Thing Opener

magnetic all thing opener

You probably know the pain of breaking your nails while popping open cans or hurting your wrist while twisting off a lid. If that’s the case, then this all thing opener will save you the trouble.

#31 Kitchen Tablet / Smartphone Holder

unique kitchen gadgets

This unique kitchen gadget will come in handy if you can’t stay away from your phone or tablet even in the kitchen, but on the other hand want it out of the way so it won’t be all covered in grease and water.

#32 Modern Scoop Chip & Dip Bowl 

unique kitchen gadgets

This bowl is perfect for you if you want to put chips and dip on your dinner table, but want it to look a bit more sophisticated and upscale then the plastic bowls you usually see on parties.

#33 Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker 

dual sandwhich maker

Making breakfast with this cool kitchen gadget will become much easier and, most of all, tastier, so maybe it will be easier to decide who has to get out of bed first to do it – you or your better half?

cookie monster mug

If getting out of the bed in the morning is the worst for you, then take this mug, fill it with your favourite drink, stash cookies in its “mouth”, scream “Cookies!” on the top of your lungs, and the smile will definitely bloom on your face in no time.

#35 Time Locking Kitchen Container 

unique kitchen gadgets

Whether you are dieting and cannot trust yourself or your naughty children have too much of a sweet tooth, then this unique kitchen gadget might be useful. We still cannot decide whether it’s a thing of genius or torture.

#36 Egg 51 Egg Cup 

Egg 51 Egg Cup

This will be a perfect gag gift for someone you know, who is an enthusiastic Area 51 conspiracy theorist. Put the egg in it and get to the bottom of it!

Star Wars Darth Vader Talking Cookie Jar

If Darth Vader actually breathing at you every time you reach for a cookie won’t make you stick to the diet, I don’t know what will. This weird kitchen accessory might actually intimidate you into losing weight, who would have thought?

#38 Ketchup or Mustard Condiment Gun 

 ketchup or mustard condiment gun

This is a perfect gadget for breaking the ice on the family picnic or barbecue, which will also help you distribute any condiment with grace and efficiency.

quirky kitchen gadgets

Daenerys is the one true Mother of Dragons, but with this cool kitchen gadget you could try to become the Mother of Cookies, no?

Or at least use it as a conversation starter, whatever suits you best.

#40 Star Wars Light Up Chopsticks  

quirky kitchen gadgets

Before you can master the art of wielding a lightsaber you should try to master the art of wielding sushi off your plate with lightsaber chopsticks. These funny kitchen gadgets will be the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan.

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#41 Concealed Drawers Cutting Board


This is a great kitchen gadget for those of you who like having a lot of chopped things in their food, but don’t want their only cutting board overflowing with already chopped ingredient. Just store them in the “drawers” until it’s time to cook them. 

#42 Coffee Art Stencils

quirky kitchen gadget

Now you can treat your friends and family with coffee looking like it just came straight out of a coffee shop.  Just pick a stencil, sprinkle and done!

#43 Multi-Section Skillet

This unique kitchen product is for those of you, who want to cook a lot of things at the same time, but don’t have enough pots and pans lying around. The skillet is divided into 5 sections, so maybe that will satiate your need for cooking.

#44 Rotating Pizza Oven

unique kitchen products

The rotating pizza oven uses up to 60% less power than an oven and lets you regulate the temperature for both the top and the bottom of your pizza or any other food you have a craving for.

#45 Heated Ice Cream Scoop 

heated ice cream scoop

If you don’t want to wait for an ice cream to get softer so you can eat it ever again, then this heated scoop will solve that problem for you.

#44 Star Wars Rolling Pin

unique kitchen gadgets

If you want to make truly unique cookies without using the Force, then just make the dough, roll it out with this rolling pin and you’ll get Star Wars themed cookies, that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

#45 Tetris Sandwich Cutter

quirky kitchen products

This cool kitchen gadget will make sandwiches much more appealing to your children and will also make lunch a fun game of rearranging bits and pieces of soon-to-be-eaten sandwich all over the plate.

#46 Hand Gun Frying Egg Mold

hand gun frying egg mold

This gun-shaped mold is perfect not only for eggs, but can also be used for making fresh pancakes in the morning or as a cookie cutter for a special occasion.

#47 Army Men Birthday Candles 

army men candles

These birthday candles will serve as an amazing cake decoration for a soldier’s or a veteran’s birthday or a kid’s birthday, who is a huge fan of the “Toy Story” franchise.

#48 Egg and Muffin Toaster

quirky kitchen gadget

This cool kitchen gadget will toast your English muffin to a perfect crisp state all the while cooking your eggs just the way you like it. A perfect breakfast with no additional effort from you.

#49 Pasta Pot with Lid Strainer 

pasta pot strainer with lid

Everything you need to cook pasta is combined in this amazing pot. All you need is some pasta, water and the tiniest amount of kitchen skills on your end. Cooking pasta has never been so easy.

#50 Voice Activated Grocery List Gadget

Voice activated grocery list

This is one of the coolest kitchen gadgets that comes straight from the future. Just tell this device what groceries you need to buy and it will print out the list for you, so that next time you go to the store you won’t forget the item you went there for.

#51 MR-T Tea Pot 

mr t tea pot

Mr Tea is a tea for one set, that comes with a teapot that fits snugly over a teacup. This hand made set will ensure that you’re never alone while drinking tea because Mr Tea is right there beside you.

#52 Hot Man Trivet

hot man trivet

I have once melted a cutting board because I put a hot skillet on it. Not one of my proudest moments for sure. If only I have had this unique kitchen gadget, the crisis could have been averted. Plus, it’s fun to look at.

#53 The-Ex Skewer Set 

the ex skewer set - quirky kitchen gadgets

If you have anger management issues, then maybe a nice party and this cool kitchen product will be able to help you with stress relief. If not, you’d at least have something to eat cheese with.

#54 Oiladdin Pourer Stopper  

quirky kitchen gadget

This adorable lamp might not contain the Genie, but at least it will safely pour oil on your pan and keep it fresh when you don’t need it. Plus, it will put a smile on any old-school Disney fan’s face.

#55  Melon Slicer 

melon slicer

Amazing kitchen gadgets come in every shape and form, and this one is no exception. It will easily cut your watermelon into even peaces, so that on the next summer gathering party nobody will have to deal with a sticky mess of cutting it themselves.

#56 Voodoo Man Knife Block

unique kitchen gadgets

This knife block comes with a set of 5 stainless steel knives and looks like a freeze frame of someone getting stabbed. Some might call it creepy, others therapeutic and others fun. But what it definitely is, is attention grabbing.

#57 Pocket Knife Shaped Utensil Organizer 

unique kitchen gadgets

This unique kitchen gadget doesn’t only store your cutlery in a smart and space saving way, but it also looks cool and fun with its direct link to the famous vintage Swiss Army Knife.

#58 Spaghetti Monster Strainer

Spaghetti Monster

Do you ever find it challenging to drain spaghetti after cooking it because it falls in the sink? Now, sit tight! We have found you a breakthrough and convenient solution. An awesome strainer that will save your time and energy to cook your tasty spaghetti recipe. 

It has two cutely designed handles like monster eyes that function to ensure the strainer is installed perfectly by the sink as you rise. So, you don’t have to worry about your spaghetti scattered everywhere.

Its round and concave shape make it easy for water from the spaghetti to drain right away. This strainer is surely the ultimate handy kitchen gadget you must have!

#59 Dish Washing Soap Dispenser

Premium Quality Soap Dispenser

For those who often cook and waste soap because you have to wash a lot of cooking utensils, this novelty kitchen tool will hundred percent help you. 

Say no more to the messy spill of liquid soap! You can effortlessly wash dishes with one press on this dispenser that provides you with the right amount of liquid soap. This tool features a caddy hold sponge, scrubbers, rags, and scouring pads that are packed all in one.

Washing dishes becomes more convenient and, of course, saves time.

#60 Watermelon Cutter Knife

No products found.

We all understand how difficult it is to peel watermelons neatly because they are so watery that they spill everywhere. But now, thanks to human creativity, there is a helpful kitchen gadget that can solve this problem. 

You only need to cut it in half and leave the rest to this novel watermelon cutter. Thanks to the windmill-like slicer in this tool, the watermelon flesh can be cut into squares, making it easier to eat in one go.

Cutting watermelon now is not a terrible job anymore.

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What are the best and coolest kitchen gadgets in 2021?

Here are the best and coolest kitchen gadgets and quirky kitchen accessories you can buy in 2021. Check it out!

1. Watermelon Cutter Knife

2. Spaghetti Monster Strainer

3. Dish Washing Soap Dispenser

4. Corn Kerneler 

5. Stovetop Pizza Oven

6. Jumbo Cutlery Drainer 

7. Magnetic All Thing Opener

8. Over The Sink Cutting Board

9.  Ultra-Fast Defrosting Tray 

10. Voice Activated Grocery List Gadget

11. Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker 

12. Time Locking Kitchen Container 

13. APP-Controlled Robotic Bartender 

14. Concealed Drawers Cutting Board

15. Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Food Chopper 

So there you have our epic list of the most fun, quirky and most unique kitchen gadgets on the planet, now tell us what’s some of your favourites or do you know of one that deserves to be on this list?

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