The Butter Stick Sprayer

Sometimes, you need a little extra butter in your food. This often comes with having to go to the trouble of melting it and then pouring it over whatever you might be eating.  

At those times, the Butter Stick Sprayer is the perfect solution to your problem.  Simply unscrew the top of the sprayer, and plop a full stick of butter inside. Close the lid and let the sprayer do the work for you!

Moreover, the sprayer only liquefies only the amount of butter you need. This leaves the rest of the butter intact and ready for use the next time you need something buttered up. 

The Butter Stick Sprayer

The best part is that you can use it with other kinds of grease. If you are more of an olive or coconut oil person, this sprayer will work with it. So, it is ideal for people who want to stay healthy and not end up with food soaked in grease after frying it.

The Butter Stick Sprayer

The butter sprayer operates on a high-density battery you can recharge at any time. The nozzle has been specifically designed to avoid clogging. Additionally, you can keep it in a fridge or on a counter top. 

The Butter Stick Sprayer

Whichever option you choose, it won’t affect the quality or state of the sprayed butter. Plus, when you use up all the butter and want to try out another type of grease, no problem!

The butter stick sprayer is extremely easy to clean. Just use water, detergent, and rinse it clean with a push of a button.

The Butter Stick Sprayer

 Point it at the food of your choice and press the button, it’s that easy. The spray of butter will land directly onto the nearest surface.

This is a great solution for frying pans, vegetables, toasts, corn. Let’s not forget about popcorn! Spray some butter onto a fresh batch of popcorn and go watch a movie on a portable mini projector for the best experience.  


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