WoKart Personal Watercraft

The WoKrat Personal Watercraft is truly a go-kart for the water – quick, agile and bringing you incredible amounts of fun.

Who doesn’t like driving go-karts? These little machines are absolutely fantastic and incredibly fun for people of all ages. They are small and simple but also fast and exciting. That’s why driving around in one of them is an amazing, adrenaline filled pastime.

Now how about putting the same go-kart principles on the water? There is a company which tried to do just that and the result is this amazing watercraft called WoKart. 

WoKart Personal Watercraft

Let’s start with the body. The WoKart was engineered using digital platforms to give it an aerodynamic body, bringing speed and safety.

It is hand built from light but strong high-quality materials with a carbon fiber dashboard and sports seats. It is powered by a 70 hp engine sitting in the middle of the vehicle (like in a true sports car), which can make the WoKart reach around 40 knots (75km/h).

WoKart Personal Watercraft

The unique patented design lets the WoKart stay safe and stable no matter how tough the water conditions are. So we established that the WoKart is well-made, fast and safe, but is it fun?

Well, you can definitely say yes! It’s very easy to drive so you won’t have any problems adjusting. Add to that great speed, blistering acceleration and 90 degrees high speed turns and you have got yourself a truly beautiful, mid-engined, agile sports machine. 

WoKart Personal Watercraft

The WoKart will be perfect for any adrenaline junkie, who is already bored with jet skis and looks for even more engagement.

It will also be great if you just want to have some fun with your family and friends while on vacation by the water. Wherever you take it, you may expect a lot of emotion and whoever will drive it can expect to have time of their life.

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