25 Thoughtful Gifts for Professors to Show Your Appreciation

Receiving a present from one’s students on holidays and other special occasions is sure to put a smile on any professor’s face. It shows that students do care and appreciate all of the hard work that professors put into sharing their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge.

We believe that without professors’ dedication, the future might not be as bright as it is today. So getting a piece of birthday gift for professors to brighten their days is a great thing to do. Gifts for professors do not always need to be extra expensive. Yet, a gift that comes from the heart will surely warm their moods. 

So, are you in search of an appropriate gift for your professors? Check out these 25 lists of things that have been curated to help you find the perfect gift for your professors, whether it be for Christmas or for their birthdays.

1. Personalized Google Search Mug

Personalized Google Search Mug

You have found yourself the perfect professor that you could ever hope to find. As a student, one thing that you can do to express your appreciation to your devoted teacher is to present them with this personalized Google search mug. It is not too expensive yet it is a dearly heartwarming gift for professors from students. You are free to change the wording in any way you see fit in order to make it more personalized.

2. Self-Stirring Mug

Self-Stirring Mug

This mug, unlike any other, has the ability to stir itself. Using a self-stirring cup to make instant coffee will surely save your professor’s time. This smart mug is also constructed of stainless steel. That way, it will last for years so the professor can enjoy stir-free coffee anytime. This one-of-a-kind gift for professors is truly memorable. Your professor can have instant coffee, tea, or milk in no time.

3. Thank You Puzzle Piece Wall Decor

Thank You Puzzle Piece Wall Decor

There might be no words that can express how grateful students are to professors. So, why don’t you present this wall décor to demonstrate how much you value their time and work in teaching? This thank you puzzle piece wall decor is a great gift for professors’ birthdays or teacher’s days.

Moreover, you can personalize this piece by asking to customize the wall decor to have your professor’s name. A perfect piece of decor from students undoubtedly warms up your professor’s workspace.  

4. Teacher Digital Planner

Teacher Digital Planner

With so many things to do, your professor may lose sight of his own schedule and to-do list. So, a digital planner is a right gift for professors to help them arrange their calendars and stuff. It would be a fantastic present. Price-wise, this item is worth the money because of its many features. After all, they provide various unique and useful templates, such as daily and weekly planning, guided goal setting, a to-do list, and many more!

5. Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag

Your professor will enjoy this laptop bag as a gift. After all, it is useful and can accommodate many of the professor’s essentials. Even though it is a bit expensive, we all agree that it is nothing in comparison to their hard work.

This laptop bag is surely the perfect birthday gift, farewell gift, or teacher’s day gift for professors. The bag can carry a 17-inch laptop, laptop charger, power bank, stationery, wallet, and other items thanks to its large size and several pockets. 

6. Desk Organizer Mesh

Mesh Desk Organizer

A mesh desk organizer is an excellent gift for professors. Made of hard mesh material so it can last a long time on your professor’s desk. There is no way that they can misplace pens and pencils ever again. This desk organizer is easy to access and great to keep things in place. Besides keeping pens and pencils, this desk organizer is also perfect for your professors to store small notebooks, memo pads, and other small stationery such as erasers, sharpeners, and other small items. 

7. Professor Nutritional Fact Mug

Professor Nutritional Fact Mug

Celebrate your professor’s dedication and hard work with this mug that summarizes the facts of why professors are awesome individuals. This mug is sure a winner for anybody who enjoys hot beverages, particularly with its heartwarming quotes and adorable concept. Taking this mug as a gift for professors will undoubtedly bring a smile to their faces and, perhaps, an A+ on your gift-giving effort.

8. Handmade Rattan Pen Holder

Handmade Rattan Pen Holder

This rattan pen holder is a lovely addition to your professor’s desk. This rattan pen holder makes a beautiful gift for professors as it is aesthetically pleasing with warm-boho vibes and handmade entirely from rattan. It is not only decorative but also effective for organizing a large amount of stationery. It is offered in two different shapes that you can choose as a gift for professors: a normal tube shape and an oval shape.

9. Starbucks Gift Set

Starbucks Gift Set

Sitting by the fire on Christmas Eve and sipping a mug of hot chocolate while listening to the sound of the wind in the trees is definitely every professor’s dream holiday. It is for this reason that this gorgeous Starbucks gift set, which consists of a pack of cocoa powder and a pretty bright red Starbucks tumbler, made the ideal gift for professors during the Christmas season.

This gift set does not come with an excessively high price tag but has the impression of one, particularly since it comes in such a lovely box.

10. Reading Pillow

Reading Pillow

A birthday gift or teacher’s day gift as comfy as this throw pillow is surely not a disappointment at all. As sitting at a desk for many hours will undoubtedly strain your professor’s back,  this reading pillow is awesome as a gift for professors as it helps to relieve some strain after sitting for a long period. It comes in three different sizes: Petite has the smallest size, M has a medium size and L has a large size. 

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11. Starbucks Gift Card Multipack

Starbucks Gift Card Multipack

If your professor is a major lover of coffee then you should definitely get this thoughtful gift for your professor, that is, a Starbucks gift card that can give him a couple of free cups of coffee. This multipack comes with three $10 gift cards in one, which makes it easy if you want to split and share each gift card with three individual professors. Make it a perfect gift if you would like to share some gifts yet are still on a budget.

12. Wooden Bookends

Wooden Bookends

Due to its forest silhouette, hardwood material, and clean cutting, this bookend is a great addition to elevates the aesthetic value of any corner of the professor’s home library or reading nook. This bookend with its ornate design is something you will not want to pass up as a gift for professors on either their birthday or the teacher appreciation day. It is just too good to pass.

13. Faux Desk Plant

Faux Desk Plant

As professors might spend most of their day sitting at their desks, a little greenery on a desk can help alleviate their whole mood. This artificial desk plant comes in six different shapes in a single box, giving your professors plenty of options to customize the look of their desk.

A gift for professors that can be used for their whole house to enjoy, because it can be placed in a variety of rooms around the home, including the living room, reading nook, office desk, dining room, or any other area that your professor prefers. 

14. Gratitude Gift Set

Gratitude Gift Set

Someone will always be in a better mood after receiving a care package focused on self-care and general wellness. This gift set includes a candle, a scrub, and a tumbler, and it is designed to keep your professor in a good mood and in a good state of mind while they are grading your test papers.

15. Eyewear Holder

Eyewear Holder

Adding an owl eyeglasses holder to a professor’s working desk may provide for a more enjoyable experience and can also serve as a thoughtful gift for his birthday or appreciation day. It is crafted from Sheesham wood and goes through an intricate process of carving to develop a product of high quality that can be used by your professors to hang their glasses.

16. Tears of My Students Mug

Tears of My Students Mug

This funny mug that says “Tears of my students” is 100% a memorable gift for professors that a student can give. This mug should be perfect for a teacher’s day celebration or a farewell party as it has the perfect size for your professors to have a cup of hot coffee or tea in the morning. Not to mention, the high-quality ceramic that is used to create this mug makes it both dishwasher and microwave safe.

17. Vacuum Insulated Ceramic Travel Tumbler

Vacuum Insulated Ceramic Travel Tumbler

Getting this fantastic vacuum-insulated ceramic travel tumbler for your professor’s morning coffee is a smart move. It would make an excellent tumbler for a boiling hot coffee to have a head start on the day.  This tumbler is made of ceramic and has a lid and a heat band to preserve hot beverages at high temperatures. It gives the appearance of being sophisticated, expensive, and professional as a gift for professors.

18. Small Memo Pads

Small Memo Pads

If your professor is a huge “post-it” person, then these small memo pads are the right gift for professors. It is available in 16 different types of memo pads that you can choose from, that is, timetable memo, daily memo, weekly memo, monthly memo, and many more. Each pad will be 65 x 90 mm in size, which is the perfect size to keep in a desk organizer, pencil case, or inside binder cover. 

19. To-Do List Cork Board

To-Do List Cork Board

To-Do list corkboard is one of many work-related gifts that you should get for your professor’s birthday gift or simply as a gift for professors to appreciate their hard work. With the size of 35.5” and 23.5” this corkboard is great to be placed near the desk to stick some important notes, daily things to do, and many others.

20. Personalized Socks

Personalized Socks

As gifts for professors, personalize your Pima cotton socks with a knitted word of your choosing. Say Happy Birthday or congratulate your professor for being the best professor you’ve ever had with the initials at the ankle and the whole name across the toes! Handcrafted in Cambodia, these socks are meant to provide the ultimate comfort for professors over the festive Christmas season.

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21. Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolate Gift Basket

A gift basket filled with tasty treats, such as this one filled with chocolate biscuits, is always a comforting gift for professors. Thank your professor for everything they do by sending a delicious gift basket in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week or simply to celebrate their birthday.

This ultimate chocolate gift basket is also undoubtedly perfect for Christmas gifts for professors as there are both sweet and savory snacks in this little yet delicious gift basket. From squishy marshmallow-filled cookies to crunchy potato chips, there’s a lot to choose from! 

22. Daily Journal Book

Daily Journal Book

If you’re looking for gifts for professors, this daily journal book is a terrific option since it’s a great way to keep track of your professor’s day, particularly if they have a lot on their plate. Inside, there is a calendar for 366 days, as well as a place to jot down all of their lists, notes, and reminders. Not to be missed, this journal also includes tiny surprise notes, such as birthdays of celebrities, enjoyable holidays, and more.

23. Reading Glasses Mug

Reading Glasses Mug

The combination of glass print and raw edges make it an excellent gift for professors, as it gives professional and cultured vibes, just like professors are. Perfect company to read books, journals, articles, or students’ paperwork. The detailed process that is put into this mug makes it a durable piece of a mug for either hot or cold drinks.

24. Wireless Presenter Remote

Wireless Presenter Remote

This wireless presenter device really performs wonders, particularly during a meeting or a presentation. This provides not only an accurate pointer for easier navigation but also a more clear presentation since your professor is able to move about while still being able to navigate the PowerPoint slides. This allows your professor to give the message in a more natural manner. Therefore, this device is a great gift for professors as it is great to make the teaching process easier.

25. HD Pro Webcam

HD Pro Webcam

Teaching may be challenging, especially when teaching online via video meeting platforms. There might be trouble here and there, and blurry unclear cam is something that is common to be found during online teaching. Hence a good webcam as a gift for professors is one way to have a better online teaching experience. This HD Pro webcam is a perfect addition as a gift for professors as it has top-notch video quality up to 1080p.

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What is an appropriate gift for a professor?

Gift-giving in the academic situation is quite a sensitive thing, as several are afraid that giving gifts to professors might affect the way teachers score exams. Therefore, an appropriate gift is a gift that you give and do not expect anything in return. So, any gift from the inexpensive ones such as small memo pads or pen holders, to the expensive ones such as a self-stirring mug or wireless presenter remotes is appropriate as long as you give it truly to thank or celebrate their birthday.

Is it inappropriate to give your professor a gift?

The answer to that depends. Some universities have strict regulations for professors to not receive any gift from students, whether it is simply a keychain that you got from after summer travels or a snack that you got after flying abroad. If a school says no to gift-giving then it might be inappropriate if you insist on giving a gift for professors.

What are the best Christmas gifts for professors?

The best Christmas gift that you can give for professors is definitely a heartwarming gift that he can enjoy and probably his family can enjoy too. The essence of Christmas is gift-giving and sharing love, right? So, giving a Christmas gift is a gesture that you care about your professor and his family. A gift like a box of yummy cookies or a Starbucks tumbler will surely make the right Christmas gift.

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