Trailer Hitch Hammock Chairs

Those who enjoy road trips will have blast swinging on these double Trailer Hitch Hammock Chairs.

Designed to be mounted on the back of a truck, they’ll ensure you have a proper rest before going back on the road.

These cool hammock chairs come in two parts – the stand and the chairs themselves. The trailer hitch stand can be mounted on any 2-inch standard hitch receiver.

The powder-coated steel structure weighs only 53 pounds and its installation takes only minutes in total. 

Trailer Hitch Hammock Chairs

Each arm can hold up to 250 pounds of weight, so the whole family can swing to their heart’s content.

The hammock chairs (sold separately) feature zero-gravity engineering to make you feel like floating on air. With its hang-anywhere design, you can, well, hang it anywhere!

Trailer Hitch Hammock Chairs

So its use isn’t limited only to road trips. Set up a tripod or arc stand on your patio or balcony (or even indoors) and you can hang out in these chairs all year long.

After a long day spent steering and pushing pedals, there’s nothing better than kick back in a hammock chair, crack a cold one open, and enjoy the view. 

Trailer Hitch Hammock Chairs

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