25 Unique Pearl Gifts for Men To Celebrate Anniversary

The 30th anniversary is also known as the pearl wedding anniversary. This term originated from the old historical traditions where wives often received pearls as gifts on the 30th wedding anniversary. The tradition continues although now it comes in various forms and not limited to jewelry. And along with time, husbands also start to receive pearls as gifts too. 

If you are not celebrating the 30th wedding anniversary soon, you can still give pearl gifts for him whether he’s your husband or boyfriend. Especially since the value that the pearl represents is more important than the occasion itself. 

Now, you may come here because you are in search of pearl gifts for men. There are numerous options when it comes to pearl gifts for him and you may have trouble deciding what’s best. We’ve selected a number of the best pearl gifts for men to help you get the unique 30th anniversary gifts. 

1. Miniature Pearl Handled Knives

Pearl Gifts for Men

Men love knives. They are functional, reliable in daily activities, and serve a certain aesthetic. Whether they are a collector or not, a man is likely to have at least one knife in their life. This knife features a stainless clip point blade and Mother of Pearl handle with nickel silver bolsters. It would make a unique 3th anniversary gift for men and also appropriate as a pearl gift for boyfriend. 

2. Double Edge Safety Razor

Double Edge Safety Razor

A good quality razor is essential in men’s life. They need to make sure they can do their daily routine safely and comfortably. This razor comes with a white pearl handle making it a nice pearl gift for men. And it is also more eco-friendly since it is reusable and they can use it for years to come. Such a thoughtful pearl gift for husband no matter what the occasion. 

3. Mother of Pearl Inlay Drink Coasters

Pearl Gifts for Men

Aside from its main purpose to hold drinks and protect the furniture, drink coasters also serve the decorative function. Stylish drink coasters like these ones will make a nice feature to the coffee table. And it will make a nice pearl gift for men due to its classy design. They will be able to enjoy their coffee or alcoholic beverage in style. It is a nice pearl gift for him no matter if you’re already married or still in the early stage of the relationship. 

4. Pearl Airpods Case

Pearl Gifts for Men

Airpods need to be protected and protections can appear stylish too. These airpods come in pearly design and also come with a little pearl decorations. It makes nice pearl gifts for men and women and is actually functional in everyday life. It provides security to the airpods and is easy to access making it the perfect airpods case to get. If you are looking for a nice pearl gift for your boyfriend you should definitely get this case. 

5. Mother of Pearl Inlay Money Clip

Mother of Pearl Inlay Money Clip

Money clips are just a classic gift option when it comes to pearl gifts for men. It is handy, actually useful, and can be kept for a lifetime. This money clip has a mother of pearl inlay in a button-like design on it. Making it a fantastic pearl anniversary gift for men. The pearl appears nicely but not over the top making it suitable for everyday needs. Give it as a pearl gift for husband and he will know how deeply you care about him. 

6. Mother of Pearl Ballpoint Ink Pen

Pearl Gifts for Men

Pens are often used as gifts for men. It represents professionality, intelligence, efficiency and overall appreciation from someone to the receiver. If you are looking for a unique 30th anniversary gift, you can get this mother of pearl ballpoint pen. It looks elegant and nicely made making it a great pearl anniversary gift. It is also a well working pen so they can use it on their daily job.

7. Little star Keychain Pearl and Initial Letter

Pearl Gifts for Men

It is always nice to get a keychain as a gift. And this keychain can be an unusual pearl gift for men. It features a single pearl with a little star and an initial. You can use their initial or the initial of their loved ones such as their wife or their child to make it something with high value and they can keep it for the rest of their lives. This keychain also makes a perfect pearl gift for a boyfriend due to its casualty. 

8. Sterling Silver Black Pearl Earrings

Pearl Gifts for Men

And if you have a boyfriend with piercings, you can also get him these black pearl earrings as a pearl gift for him. It is simple and elegant, yet so stylish making them suitable on different occasions. The black pearl is great as an unusual pearl gift for men providing them with jewelry that is wearable in everyday life. 

9. Half Pearl Half Chain Necklace


If you think that pearl necklaces are just for women, then you may need to change your mind. This necklace comes in half chain, half pearl design making it suitable for men. The unique design appears both elegant and fashionable and it will add a charm to the wearer. Perfect as pearl gifts for boyfriends who are fashionable and not afraid to appear bold. 

10. Pearl Brooch Wine Stopper


If you are looking for an elegant and unique 30th anniversary gift, you should give this pearl wine stopper a go. It looks so unique and aside from serving its main purpose, it also adds a touch of glam to the wine bottle. A wine bottle is a nice choice when it comes to pearl gifts for men, especially if they are a wine lover themselves. 

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11. Pearl Keychain Hand Wrist Lanyard


Hand wrist lanyards are more useful than you can think of. It keeps all the essentials in hand for easy access and security. It can be used as a keychain too and since the size is bigger than regular keychains, it will make all the important stuff easier to find. It is also perfect to use in cars making it an unusual pearl gift for men that is actually useful.

12. Small Table Clock with Faux Pearls


Decorating the desk will be so much fun when we use something so unique and beautiful like this pearl desk clock. The pearl framing of the old school style clock adds a touch of elegance to any working desk. The pearls don’t look too much at all and are still appropriate as pearl gifts for men.

13. Goth Yin Yang Pearl Necklace


Got a goth boyfriend? Then this yin and tang pearl necklace might be the best pearl gift for him to get. It is definitely an unusual pearl gift for boyfriend but anyone with goth and other bold aesthetic will wear it happily. The black and white color makes it versatile and can go with basically any outfit. 

14. Sterling Silver Mens Ring


When it comes to pearl anniversary gifts, nothing works better than a silver ring with a mother of pearl stone. It looks elegant, stylish, and very manly as well. The design looks very elegant and represents wisdom and maturity making it perfect as a 30th wedding anniversary gift. The men who receive it will be able to wear it for different occasions in style. A great choice as pearl gifts for husband. 

15. Thick Chains Pearl Choker


And for those who aren’t afraid to look bold and extra, this thick chain pearl choker will be a fantastic gift option. The design of the necklace is very bold and looks like something a popular rapper would wear. This is an unusual pearl gift for him so make sure that the receiver is into this kind of aesthetic to make sure that they will be able to wear it. 

16. Baseball Glove Simulated Pearl Charm

Pearl Gifts for Men

This pearl charm will be a unique 30th anniversary gift especially if your husband or boyfriend is a baseball player or a baseball fan. It features a glove charm with a pearl simulating the ball making it so unique and cool. This is the pearl gift for men that doesn’t look cheesy and still has a playful side to it. It will make him very happy. 

17. Invicta Pro Diver Mother of Pearl

Pearl Gifts for Men

Watches are a gift that will never go wrong. Since looking for pearl gifts for men can sometimes be a little challenging, you can consider watches as safe options to get. This watch has a mother of pearl dial making it suitable as a 30th wedding anniversary gift. It also features a stainless steel band and transparent caseback making it timeless and can be kept for a lifetime.

18. Mens Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Gifts for Men

Bracelets also make great options if you are looking for pearl gifts for your boyfriend. If you think that a pearl bracelet will appear too feminine to men, this bracelet is not at all since it features a combination of pearls and chains. The chain balances the pearl feminine side making it a neutral jewelry that is suitable for all genders. Hand it to your boyfriend and watch him as he wears it casually. 

19. Mother of Pearl Men’s Cuff Links

Pearl Gifts for Men

And of course, we cannot leave out cuff links as pearl gifts for men. They need elegant cufflinks to go about their special occasions. Imagine coming up for them and giving these pearl cufflinks right before the 30th wedding anniversary. Get these cufflinks as pearl gifts for your husband and he will be able to wear them to the celebration, looking good and elegant.

20. Mother Of Pearl Black Plated Necklace

Pearl Gifts for Men

Dog tag necklaces are not only popular in the military. They became a popular fashion item especially for men. If you are looking for pearl gifts for men who are into casual aesthetic, you can try this mother of pearl dog tag necklace. It looks very versatile and can go with every outfit. On the other hand, it also appears elegant and masculine making it suitable as a unique 30th anniversary gift.

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21. Mother Of Pearl and Diamond Mens Ring

Pearl Gifts for Men

Diamonds are forever, and so are pearls. When looking for an unusual pearl gift for a 30th wedding anniversary, we may not only be looking for something unique, but also something that is actually meaningful. And this ring here, despite its unique design, holds special meanings to it. The design appears so unique yet elegant. This is the men’s ring that will never go out of style. 

22. Double-Sided Cufflinks Tie Clip Box Set

Pearl Gifts for Men

Other than cufflinks, tie clips also make a nice pearl gift for men. And why don’t you get a set of both to get a matching cufflinks and tie clip? The mother of pearl inlay looks so subtle yet gives an elegant touch to the cufflinks. The men wearing it will appear stylish, elegant, and modern at the same time. This set is also suitable to wear for any occasion making it appropriate as pearl gifts for husbands and boyfriends. 

23. Black Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Pearl Gifts for Men

Black pearl necklaces are something classic to get yet very appropriate as a pearl anniversary gift for husband. Black represents strength, elegance, and sophistication making it suitable for men with strong personalities. This necklace is very stylish and the black pearls make it versatile and can go with basically anything. This necklace can also be the best pearl gift for boyfriend that can be a forever keepsake.

24. Marcasite and Freshwater Pearl Ring

Pearl Gifts for Men

There are just so many pearl ring options and this one is perfect for those who want something that looks subtle and not too big. This ring features sterling silver material and is crafted with such intricate details to hold a freshwater pearl. The design is elegant but doesn’t look too much at all. It will be the perfect 30th anniversary gift to get for your husband. 

25. Pearl Tie Tack


A well made tie tack will add a touch of elegance to any appearance. It can be worn for multiple occasions from wedding, anniversary, to everyday business meeting. This tie is made in a way that looks elegant and represents gentleman’s dignity vibes. The pearl featured on it making it unique and suitable as a pearl wedding anniversary gift

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What does gifting a pearl mean?

Gifting a pearl means timeless love and strong bond because pearls represent concepts such as love, purity, and wisdom. Gifting pearls can also be a way for people to express their appreciation and a way to tell the receiver how much they care about them. Pearl also makes a great 30th anniversary gift since the 30th anniversary is also known as the pearl wedding anniversary. 

Are pearls an anniversary gift?

Yes, pearls are used as anniversary gifts a lot especially on the 30th anniversary that is also known as the pearl wedding anniversary. Historically, wives who are celebrating their 30th anniversary receive pearls as gifts. That is what makes pearls so popular as anniversary gifts and not limited to wives only but husbands too. 

Is it OK to give a man a pearl as a gift?

Of course, it is ok to give a man a pearl as a gift. Even though pearls are often considered as feminin and often referred to as gifts for women, actually it makes nice gifts for men too. Especially since pearls now come in various forms and not limited only to jewelries such as bracelets and necklaces. 

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