Unique 30th Birthday Gifts for Men to Surprise Them

Birthdays always remind us about colorful confetti and beautifully wrapped gifts. But as we get older, our preferences on birthdays become more specific. Especially when it comes to choosing the perfect gifts for a special man in your life, who just turned 30. Choosing the best 30th birthday gift for men can be tricky. To start with the struggle, you can select your gift based on his hobbies, activities or simple things that reminds him of you.

Presenting a birthday gift to an adult is not simple, especially for a man. Most men value the purpose of an object more than its visuals. So, giving the usual birthday gifts should be avoided. Nevertheless, a gift that shows love and support to your man who just turned 30 would make him very happy. Now, let’s think about what gift he will like as you scroll through this list!

1. Ergonomic Wrist Rest for His 30th Birthday Gift

Ergonomic Wrist Rest

If your husband is a hard working man who spends most of his time on a computer, then it’s a good idea to give him something that reminds him to take a break. This simple Wrist Rest Pad would help him relieves his hand while he works on his mouse. This small and ergonomic accessory would reduce his hand fatigue and enhance productivity.

2. Foot Massager for Fatigue Reliever

Foot Massager for Fatigue Reliever

Turning 30 isn’t only about adding numbers to our age. It is also about maintaining our physical condition as our body gets old. Having this Foot Massager allows your husband to relax and relieves his fatigue. It will be a perfect gift for your hard-working man to maintain his physical condition. 

3. Manly Scented Candle for Relaxed Mind

Manly Scented Candle for Relaxed Mind

Apart from being physically fit, a healthy mind is also vital to help your husband stays focus and relax. That’s why this scented aromatherapy candles is the perfect gift to clear his mind after a hectic day at work. You should definitely give him this Black Tuxedo Scented Candle. The sleek and masculine packaging makes this candle a nice addition to your husband’s working desk!

4. Beautiful Table Lamp for His Desk

Beautiful Table Lamp for His Desk

If your husband works at his desk all day, then he might need a nice desk lamp. This Architecture Inspired Table Lamp will emit subdued lights, which helps him focus on his work. It’s one of the perfect 30th birthday gifts for men, especially for those who works from home.

5. Minimalist Analog Table Clock for Better Sleep

Minimalist Analog Table Clock for Better Sleep

Having a minimalist table clock beside his bed will help your man gets up on time every morning. Moreover, it will also help him sleeps better the next day. This analog clock has an elegant vintage look. In addition, it was made of sustainable materials and features a timeless design. What a perfect 30th birthday gift!

6. After Dark Reflective Tumbler 

father's day baseball gifts

If you find yourself worrying a lot about your husband’s daily water intake, then giving him a portable tumbler will be helpful. It has a light reflective feature, which allows this After Dark Reflective Bottle to catch lights and gives better night visibility. This item is absolutely perfect for a husband who often works at night, to keep him hydrated day and night. 

7. Bearded Men’s Essentials

Bearded Men’s Essentials

This Beard Care Kit by Marit Aagaard and Jeff Lovett contains three grooming products, which are beard balm, shampoo, and oil. These items would be the perfect 30th birthday gifts for husband or boyfriend who grows facial hair. After all, a man’s beard is a symbol of masculinity, right? 

8. Travel Spray for Your Man’s 30th Birthday

Travel Spray for His Birthday

Searching for something unique and specially made for a special man in your life? Search no more, because This customizable travel spray would be perfect choice! As a package that includes all the letters, you can explore your creativity in composing a personal birthday wish on the bottle. This Diptyque’s Nomadic Spray Fragrance is also available in various scents!

9. Special Mixtape for Your Man on His 30th Birthday

father's day baseball gifts

So, you and your boyfriend share the same taste in music? Then why not enjoy your favorite tunes on this unique mixtape? Comes in a classic design of a vintage wooden cassette, this Mixtape that contains his favorite playlist would be the perfect gift for your boyfriend’s 30th birthday. In addition, you can also personalize this gift by engraving your boyfriend’s name on wooden the surface.

10. Open Up Cards for a Lovely Couple

Open Up Cards to Lovely Couple

This card game set by Michael Tennant contains thoughtful conversations made for lovebirds. It will be an excellent way to let your boyfriend knows how much he means to you. Moreover, these Curiosity Cards would be the perfect game for you and your boyfriend, either as way to improve your communication as a couple, or as a game to spend a quality time together!

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11. Engraved Compass for Boyfriend’s 30th Birthday

30th birthday gifts

This personalized compass is one of the perfect 30th birthday gifts for men who love the great outdoors. Taking this compass for hiking will definitely help him find his way back to you. It’ll just be like that song by Owl City titled “If My Heart Was a House.” We know, it sounds cheesy. But if it’s love, then you can’t blame us, right? In addition, you can request for additional birthday wishes’ engravings on the lid!

12. Wrapped Cologne for His 30th Birthday 

30th birthday gifts

The Diesel Fuel For Life Eau de Toilette has an energetic powdery scent created just for men. The packaging is also very masculine, making it a suitable present for a masculine boyfriend. Furthermore, the intense design on the packaging will make a perfect wrap as one of the most recommended 30th birthday gifts for men.

13. Unique Wooden Watch for Him

30th birthday gifts

Giving a watch as a birthday gift may sounds common and too casual. However, this watch might offers something different. This watch can be engraved with your boyfriend’s name or birthday wishes. Furthermore, it is made out of wood! The material provides a comfortable grip and looks great in a man’s hand. This Customized Wooden Watch also has a timeless design to suit all occasions.

14. Cool Coffee Tumbler for your Boyfriend’s 30th Birthday

Cool Coffee Tumbler for your Boyfriend

Finding the best gift as one of the perfect 30th birthday gifts is a tricky thing to do. But if you’re doing it based on your man’s favorite beverages is actually an excellent idea! This Travel Coffee Tumbler might be the right choice for your boyfriend, who happens to be a coffee lover. He can carry it anywhere he goes, since it comes in a compact travel size.

15. Unique Pocket Knife with His Name

30th birthday gifts

Lots of men love to have a piece or two knifes in their life. Especially men who love the great outdoors and enjoy outdoor activities like hunting, camping, or hiking. Outdoor activities definitely make handheld cutting knifes come in handy. This personalized engraved hunting knife would be the perfect gift for him. It comes with a unique design, and you can engrave his name on the handle, making this gift even more special.

16. Comfortable Belt for Outdoor Activities

30th birthday gifts

For men who like to go on adventures or other outdoor activities, wearing a comfortable belt with additional features will be very helpful. That’s why this Argali Kodiak Belt is a nice gift for an adventurer boyfriend. This belt features a knife sharpener, which makes nature exploration appeals more efficient without having to carry a knife sharpener every time he’s out and about in the woods.

17. Compass for Men who Love Hiking 

30th birthday gifts

Do you ever worry about your man getting lost in the woods when he goes hiking? Giving this compass as a birthday present will let him know that you don’t wanna lose him. Finding the correct cardinal direction is essential to avoid getting lost in nature. And so, this  Military Compass Sighting Navigation will be very helpful for those who want to find peace outdoors.

18. Complete Grill Tools Set

Complete Grill Tools Set

Outside activity is not only about survival. There are also fun activities like an outdoor barbecue party. So, this 32 pcs BBQ Grill Tools Set can be a perfect item for a fantastic outdoor birthday party. This is a perfect gift for your man who loves outdoor cooking and also have fun with his buddies.

19. Comfy Portable Fishing Chair

30th birthday gifts

Fishing is a relaxing and fun hobby, but it can sometimes require long periods of sitting and may cause back pain. A comfortable seat will prevent back pain.  For your man who loves fishing, give him this  Portable Folding Chair for Outdoor Activities as a birthday present! It is a way of letting him know that you care deeply about him and his hobbies.

20. Elegant Lighter for His 30th Birthday

30th birthday gifts

Have you ever wondered how dark it can be to stay outside at night in the forest? Having a compact lighter is an essential must-have item during a camping trip. This Vintage Butane Lighter has an elegant design with artistic engraving. Therefore, it will be a perfect gift to remind your man that you’ll be in the light for him.

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21. Wood Docking Station for a Tidy Desk

30th birthday gifts

Does your husband or boyfriend a workaholic who often works on weekends or holidays? Then we believe he must have had his own desk at home, right? Having an organized desk will help him stay focus to finish his tasks early. This Wood Docking Station will be an excellent choice for his 30th birthday. It certainly brings tidiness to his desk and makes his job more efficient. 

22. Minimalist Coffee Maker 

30th birthday gifts

Having a Coffee Maker at home will definitely be convenient, especially if your man is a coffee lover. This minimalist coffee maker will be an excellent choice for his 30th birthday present. After all, it looks modern and elegant. Furthermore, he can customize his favorite coffee brew with this coffee maker.

23. Comfortable Slippers

30th birthday gifts

Looking for something unique as a wearable and comfortable birthday gift? These Papa Bear Slippers will definitely provide comfort for your man. The fluffiness is just as soft as your feelings for him. It also has an easy-to-remember design that will remind him of you every time he uses the pair.

24. Comfortable Headphones for Your Man’s 30th Birthday

Comfortable Headphones for 30th Birthday Gifts for Men

If your husband loves music, then headphones would be a perfect gift. The Wireless Sleep Headphones would really help him get through his days. After all, this item can be used as a sleep mask at night, a regular headband for working out, or just to get the messy hair out of his face.

25. Millineum Falcon Lego Set

30th birthday gifts

For your special man, his 30th birthday is definitely a special occasion that needs to be celebrated with some of his favorite items. If your boyfriend or husband is a Star Wars fan, then this Millenium Falcon Lego set will be the ultimate present. This way, he can spend his time indoors relaxing while building the lego kit.

Final Thoughts

Celebrating a special 30th birthday for a special man in your life is definitely a must. Being 30 is a number that can become a milestone for him, which is why we really think it needs to be celebrated along with a meaningful birthday gift from you. As a 30 year old man, he would be thrilled to received manly gifts such as a pocket knife, a lighter or a cool outdoor belt. Or, you can also bring out the little boy in him by giving him a cool Millenium Falcon Lego set, which will remind him to always take a rest in between his busy hours by playing with his Lego.

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What should I get my boyfriend for his 30th birthday?

Items that can enhance your relationship will suit your boyfriend’s 30th birthday celebration. A romantic present such as a special mixtape or unique cologne may improve his affection towards you. A novelty compass can also be a good idea for a gift. Nevertheless, whatever you may end up choosing, he will absolutely appreciate your present.

What can I do for my husband’s 30th birthday?

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What do guys want on their birthday?

Guys love novelty items! They also prefer small accessories that they easily can carry inside their pockets. For men who love the outdoors, a lighter, a compass, or a knife is an excellent present. If you want to surprise them, you can choose the gifts based on their hobby or favorite foods.

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