5th Anniversary Gifts for Your Favorite Couple

5th years of marriage is an incredible achievement. Half a decade down and a lifetime to go, it’s the perfect time to celebrate. To mark the occasion, people traditionally give gifts that were mainly crafted out of wood. However, from time to time, people consider flatware and sapphire jewelries to be the standard present to commemorate a 5th wedding anniversary. Nowadays, 5th anniversary gifts for your beloved couple is a must.

Whether you are buying something special for your siblings or celebrating a close friend’s anniversary, any of these wonderful gifts are definitely guaranteed to please their 5th anniversary. From traditional gifts to some unique picks, here are some of our favorite gift ideas to celebrate 5th wedding anniversary.

1. His and Hers Wedding Vows Wall Art Print

5th anniversary gifts

This is the most ideal wedding gift that you could ever think of. Celebrate the lifelong relationship with this state-of-the-art wall print that constantly reminds them of the vows they took to always love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. Aside from its sentimental values, the wall art print also can become an elegant home decor with a visual appeal.

2. Wooden Interlocking Hearts

5th anniversary gifts

If you prefer to keep it simple and compact, you may consider these decorative wooden hearts as a gift. This is especially perfect for a 5th anniversary gift where the traditional gift is wood. Two hearts intertwined together to become one is a great way to symbolize an everlasting love. They can proudly show off these gorgeous hearts on their coffee table, a nightstand or even their office desk. It is indeed a wonderful keepsake gift that can be treasured for years to come.

3. Personalized Soy Candle

5th anniversary gifts

Married couples always love to have candles in their living space. It helps them to soothe and relax after having a long day of work and taking care of the kids. Give this personalized candle as a gift and it will remind them how much they have loved each other through thick and thin. 

4. Little Coupon Book

5th anniversary gifts

Coming into the 5th year of marriage, their marriage may become more vanilla and boring. Giving this little coupon book might help them to spice up their bed life to be more sexy and adventurous. It comes with 27 ‘redeem for one’ sex themed printed coupons, including 3 blank cards to fill in yourself. Definitely perfect for an anniversary gift.

5. Better Together 4 Aluminum Bowl

Better Together 4 Aluminum Bowl

Many married couples chose to renew their vows after 5 years of being married, and so they will get a new ring. If they do, you can give this wonderful aluminium bowl to store their rings. Made with real aluminium, it is guaranteed that the bowl is built to last for centuries, just like their long lasting marriage. 

6. Anniversary Map Candle

5th anniversary gifts

This unique candle comes personalized with their names, your names, a meaningful date and a special location. You can also give a nod to the year they met or tied the knot on the lid, which reads “burning bright since…”

7. A Dozen Reasons I Love You

5th anniversary gifts

5th year anniversary sometimes also means running out of ideas on what to flirt with your loved ones. Buy these wooden heart-shaped blocks filled with customized romantic messages, so they don’t have to worry about what and how to compliment each other. 

8. Personalized Book of Love

Personalized Book of Love

Time to celebrate the important occasion with this lovely personalized book. You can choose the cover design, names, genders and unique traits of the couple and create a heartfelt customized storybook of their union. This is definitely one of the most unforgettably romantic gift to delight your favorite married couples.

9. “The Story of Us” Book

5th anniversary gifts

Living together for more than five years means there are a lot of stories to tell. Use this journal to record any important romantic moments that are meant to be revisited in later years. The book is divided into ten sections, which includes prompts and photo corners. It’s a great keepsake gift that they can read on every anniversary.

10. Personalized Hearts: Four Across Games

5th anniversary gifts

Games for couples had never been a bad idea for gifts. In fact, it is in high demand right now as many people prefer to stay at home due to the ongoing pandemic. While there are plenty of games to choose from, this one is really unique and artsy. Personalized this wooden game with their names, wedding dates and lots of hearts, this wooden game also can be used as a home decor or keepsakes. 

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11. Nautical Sundial Wood

5th anniversary gifts

If you are looking for a 5th anniversary gift that stands with time, then it is highly recommended for you to get this gift for your beloved married couple. Combining simplicity, elegance and durability, this sundial makes a wonderful present that will be appreciated for many years to come. Other than ornamental purposes, they will also be able to use this sundial for outdoor use according to its original purpose, as it is guaranteed weatherproof.

12. Wooden Keepsake Box

Wooden Keepsake Box

As married couples had celebrated too many anniversaries, they always wanted to store their keepsakes in one simple box. Give this as an anniversary gift and they will be able to store any anniversary memorabilia here. The wood material also matched the main theme of the 5th anniversary.

13. Scratch World Map Poster 

5th anniversary gifts

Five years of living together also means exploring the world together. Help married couples to mark their visited places on the world map by buying this scratch-able world map poster. With this map, they will never run out of ideas on where to go for summer vacation.

14. Wooden Food and Wine Tray

Wooden Food and Wine Tray

Encourage your favorite couples to have more romantic breakfast-in-beds with this high quality bamboo tray. It’s quite functional, and the size is large enough for any kind of use. It also comes with special 2 handles for easy handling. Its simple design and environmentally friendly material will surely impress any couples who are environmentally-conscious. 

15. LED Votive Candles

LED Votive Candles

Make their regular date night at home to be more dreamy and romantic with these LED candles. Buy these candles for their 5th anniversary and they will never have problems running out of candles for their romantic night. These brilliant LED votive candles will continue oozing oodles of celebratory glow for as long as they wish to; creating the sensuous silhouettes.

16. Roman 23 Wall Clock

Roman 23 Wall Clock

Giving a clock for an important milestone is similar to giving a watch. Watches mark the passage of time and remind us that time is precious, just like our lives and relationships. We particularly love this on-theme Acacia wood clock with sleek laser-cut numbers. Bonus: It’s weather sealed, meaning the couple can use it to decorate an indoor or outdoor space.

17. Unfinished Wood Recipe Box with Cards

5th anniversary gifts

This will be a perfect gift for couples who love to cook. Memorizing hundreds of family recipes can be a hassle but with this recipe box, you can help them write their recipe and categorize it with the provided divider. It is ideal for keeping the recipes safe and organized in one place. 

18. Wood Handled Stainless Flatware

Wood Handled Stainless Flatware

Thinking of buying something practical but looks unique? Then this flatware will make a perfect 5th anniversary. Combining two different materials that are often linked with the 5th wedding anniversary, it will surely never fail to impress your beloved couples who are celebrating. 

19. Blue Sapphire Diamond Necklace

Blue Sapphire Diamond Necklace

5th wedding anniversary is often represented with blue sapphire, which symbolizes an everlasting strength and hope for the years of marriage to come. This blue sapphire diamond necklace will make great anniversary gifts for women who put marriage over anything in their lives. Different from rings or earrings, necklaces can be comfortably worn everyday at any occasion.

20. “Date Night” Sweet Fig and Woods Candle

“Date Night” Sweet Fig and Woods Candle

Encourage your favorite couples to breakaway from their tiring everyday routines and recharge the house atmosphere with this candle. This candle is the ultimate mood changer packaged in a glass jar, which features a refreshing scents of sweet figs and woods that would create a calming ambiance. Set it on the coffee table or bathroom to transform their living space into a nice-smelling oasis. 

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21. Personalized Wooden Spoon

Personalized Wooden Spoon

This will make an ideal gift for married couples who love spending time in the kitchen with a little bit of dirty humor. Made with real wood, this personalized wooden spoon will never disappoint the gift receiver. Can be used as an ornament and keepsake as well.

22. “Cheers To 5 Years” Anniversary Mug

“Cheers To 5 Years” Anniversary Mug

Straightforward  and irrefutable, giving this mug for their 5th wedding anniversary will make a loving gesture and serve as a daily wake-up call to love each other through the ups and downs of life. 

23. Couple T-shirt 5th Wedding Anniversary

Couple T-shirt 5th Wedding Anniversary

Say no more, t-shirts will always make a terrific gift for couples. It is wearable for everyday use and they can freely show off to people that their marriage bonds are incredibly stronger than ever.

24. 5th Anniversary Hoodie 

5th Anniversary Hoodie

There is no better way to say congratulations on their 5th anniversary with this bulky and comfy hoodie. Purchase this hoodie to your favorite married male relatives and help them stay cozy during cold days. The hoodie also comes with a little joke on the side, hence it will be a great conversation starter. 

25. Two Pieces Coffee Mug Set – 5th Anniversary

25. Two Pieces Coffee Mug Set - 5th Anniversary

Thinking of buying something that is simple and practical? A beautiful set of couple mugs is probably the brilliant answer to the questions. This pair of ceramic mugs will make a perfect companion for any hot and cold beverages. These mugs are suitable everyday for drinks or being kept as collectibles. Also, a good way to show off their pride of five years being in love together!

26. Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation

Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation

Managing a household together for more than five years can be a tiring job. This smart speaker can ease up their busy days with easy voice controls. Just say “Hey Google” to play songs from Spotify, YouTube Music, and more. They can also ask your Google Assistant about the weather, news, hear personalized schedule, and control your compatible smart devices

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Just like any other important occasions, choosing gifts for a 5th anniversary doesn’t have to be complex. You just need to think about something practical or something that would resonate to their personality and preference. With these precious 5th anniversary gifts, it is definitely guaranteed your favorite couples will appreciate and love it.

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