25 Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him Which Will Be Loved By Your Significant Other

Valentines day is the day when a girl can give anything they like to her boyfriend. On this day, girls and wives think and select how to make their boyfriends and husbands happy. They will find a way to make their significant others feel special. With a romantic atmosphere and warm feelings, a woman will give sexy Valentines gifts for him that are mostly to showcase her love on a special occasion like this. If you are one of those girls who wants to express your love with sexy Valentines gifts for him, you will definitely need more inspiration for the best present to share.

There are many ways to impress your boyfriend or husband with sexy Valentines gifts, creating an intimate Valentines day. From naughty Valentines gifts for boyfriend to funny dirty Valentines gifts for husband, you will find great gifts on this special day. For instance, sexy valentines gifts for him can be either sexy lingerie or other sensual items like scented candles or massage oils. So, let’s reveal those sexy Valentines gifts for him below one by one!

1. Blow Job Token


Since your boyfriend has been a good partner, then you can surprise him with a naughty Valentine’s gift for adults like this blow job token. Made from stainless steel with funny hearts design, this is one of the best sexy Valentines gifts for him. He can use this token and redeem his prize to you, which will be a hilarious moment to remember.

2. Favorite Butts Funny Mug


Show compliments to your husband with this funny dirty Valentine’s gift. The funny text printed on the mug gives a statement that his butt is yours favorite all the time. Its arrow pierced heart design is appealing, resembling your love for him. Drinking from this mug will surely bring smiles for husband, perfect sexy Valentines gifts for him. 

3. Thanks For The Orgasm Funny Keychain


Show your love and gratitude to your boyfriend with a funny dirty Valentine’s gift he will remember forever. This funny keychain will be a hilarious keepsake that will strengthen your love on Valentines day. It features a funny thank you pendant and a heart shaped pendant which shows how grateful you are to be his girlfriend. You can give it to him while celebrating Valentine’s day together, making one of the most hilarious and sexy Valentine’s gifts for him to treasure. 

4. Naughty Coupon Book


Let your boyfriend do whatever he wants on Valentine’s day! This naughty coupon book is an ideal naughty Valentine’s gift for a boyfriend. A total of 40 coupons are included in this book. It has 8 blank coupons to spice up the bedroom and 36 pre-filled coupons for random acts of passion and dirty play he can try, which will be one of the best and sexy Valentine’s gifts for him.

5. Funny Valentine Scratch Off Cards


Create an unforgettable moment together with sexy Valentines gifts for him such as these funny scratch off cards! Let your boyfriend decide for the date night position by scratching off some hearts on these cards. These cards are made from high quality cardstocks, making them look premium and elegant. WIth this gift, you can make an intimate Valentines in a fun way. 

6. Sexy Men Underwear


Here is the best “outfit” to make your husband the sexiest man on earth! Surprise your husband with a naughty Valentine’s gift he will cherish forever. This premium underwear is one of the most stunning and sexy Valentines gifts for him to spice up your bedroom. With an elastic waistband and bow tie design, it will enhance his appearance. It  features a seamless construction and is made entirely of cotton to keep him feeling and looking hot all day.

7. Naughty Eggplant Pop Up 


Make a gag on Valentines day for husband or boyfriend with this funny dirty Valentines pop up card. Your significant other will surely be surprised when the three-dimensional purple veggie member emerges when the package is opened. Not to mention, the funny message on the card also brings smiles and laughter, making it one of the ideal and sexy Valentines gifts for him.

8. Love Battleship Game for Couple

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

Strengthen your relationship with a perfect game to play with your boyfriend. This game card is one of the best sexy Valentine’s gifts for him to understand each other more in bed. With 25 foreplay actions and 25 private sex acts included, it is a romantic game based on the popular battleship game. It includes seductive watercolor pictures to arouse his fantasies and set the mood.

9. Sexy Couple Air Freshener

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

Bring sexy and romantic vibes on your husband’s car with this air freshener. Especially if he loves to get different experiences in the car, then it can be a seductive and naughty Valentines gift for the husband.  Customize the air freshener with your sexy photo with him, making it one of the most charming and sexy Valentines gifts for him.

10. Personalized Sexy Photo Metal Card

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

For those whipped boyfriends, this is a great gift you can give during Valentine’s day. Simply put your sexy photo wearing underwear on this metal card, making it one of the most wonderful sexy Valentines gifts for him. He can put this metal card on his wallet as a charm. So, every time he misses you, he only has to open his wallet, admiring your curvy body.

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11. Sexy Game with Erotic Painting Box

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

Love is all about games! Get your boyfriend the perfect naughty gift which allows him to play everything he wants. It is arguably the most extensive sex game for adults ever created. The game contains two blindfolds as a bonus gift in addition to 170 private questions, 100 foreplay and sex activities, 36 erotic scenarios, and 100 sex activities. This is definitely one of the most exciting sexy Valentine’s gifts for him. 

12. Sexy Temporary Tattoos

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

Mark the special Valentine’s day with the special temporary tattoo together. This funny dirty Valentines tattoo is one of the best sexy Valentines gifts for him you should try. Each sheet has seductive sexy word art tattoos that will enhance the mood in bed. The A6 sheet of tattoos is available for all of his sensual and kinky nights out, perfect gift for husband or boyfriend.

13. Date After Dark Box

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

Pamper your husband with an intimate Valentine’s day date after dark with this charming gift box. It features a fabulous massage oil to create sexy and romantic moments together. His skin is intensely moisturized by this grapeseed and avocado oils, becoming supple and velvety. Allowing your husband to be blindfolded will heighten all of his senses, including touch and scent.

14. Love Matching Sex Card Game

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

This is definitely a perfect naughty Valentine’s gift for husband. If you and your lover have been dating for a while and are seeking for novel ways to surprise one another, this sex card game with erotic images is a great gift you should try. Additionally, playing this game is an excellent technique to resurrect or learn new sex behaviors, making ideal sexy Valentines gifts to undertand each other.

15. Sexy Truth or Dare

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

Inspired by the truth or dare’s childhood game, this gift brings the game to another level for adults. It comes with 50 double-sided pick-up sticks with 100 explicit seductions printed on them. Simply pink one of them and try to complete the challenge to make your couple blush. This is definitely one of the best sexy Valentines gifts for him after dinner.

16. Love Is Art Kit

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

In case you both are art lovers, painting each other’s body is a terrific idea to create a sexy and romantic Valentines day. Give your boyfriend this kit and let his creativity and passion make a masterpiece on your body and canvas. The abstract painting on the canvas will be one of the most memorable sexy Valentines gifts for him as it will remind him of you.

17. Sexy Red Body Bow

Sexy Red Body Bow

Let yourself be the great gift for husband or boyfriend on Valentines day with this unique red body bow. This naughty lingerie is made from satin, giving a luxurious feel for the gift. Your boyfriend will surely be excited to unwrap you as this sexy bow enhances the mood in the bed very well. This is definitely one of the most unique sexy Valentines gift you should try. 

18. Summer Babydoll Lingerie

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

Get the perfect costume to turn on your husband or boyfriend on Valentines day. The summer babydoll lingerie may be one of the best sexy Valentine gifts for him to fantasize in his imagination. Its hot and sexy design will definitely delight and indulge your partner, making a perfect way to have a wonderful night together. Your significant other will surely be happy to take out this costume from you.

19. Kama Sutra Dice

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

Having some dice games to decide the best position to play is a fun Valentine’s experience you can try with your boyfriend. Use this wooden kama sutra dice to spice up your night together. This has a laser-etched six-sided basic kama sutra dice, including 3 male-dominant and 3 female-dominant popular positions. This sexy Valentines gift is ideal for boyfriend who loves to try new positions.

20. Edible Massage Oil Candle

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

Indulge your boyfriend with this edible massage oil candle during Valentine’s day. His skin will become silky smooth as the massage candle melts into a soft and warm oil. You may get crazy and nibble, kiss, lick, and explore every area of your lover because the oil tastes like wild strawberries. After all, this is one of the best sexy Valentine gifts for him which is beneficial for both.

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21. Romantic Linen Map With Push Pins

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

Keep the unforgettable memories with your boyfriend in this romantic map linen. Your boyfriend can mark the location where you do the first kiss or first date with the push pins. Especially if you and your boyfriend love to travel together, it will be one of the best sexy Valentines gifts for him. This present will be so much fun and interactive as you develop and go on adventures in life.

22. Vulva Rainbow Shimmer Bathbomb

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

If you look this shimmering bath bomb closer, you may realize that the shape resembles all boys’ favorite. Give your boyfriend this unique bath bomb to have a wonderful bathing experience. Its unique shape will surely excite him and bring the romantic mood around, making perfect sexy Valentines gifts for him who loves to do it in the bathroom.

23. Fantasy Sex Board Game

Sexy Valentines Gifts For Him

Enjoy a long romantic and sexy night with your boyfriend by playing this sex board game. He only has to roll the dice and complete the task required on the board game. Both foreplay actions and sex motions are present in the game, which will be perfect sexy Valentines gifts for him who loves challenges. Your boyfriend will surely be happy playing this board game.

24. Talk, First, Dare Conversation Starter


Suppose you need a romantic conversation starter with your husband, you can try this fun game. All he has to do is simply choose a card, then respond to the query or carry out the sexy and flirty challenge on it. This game will strengthen your marriage and understand each other deeper than ever, making a great gift for couples to start romantic conversation on Valentine’s day.

25. Funny Sexy Scented Candle


Turn your bedroom into a seductive atmosphere with the perfect scented candle. With this gift, you may create a funny dirty Valentine’s night for husband or boyfriend to remember. Beside its calming and relaxing scents that will unwind his body, the hilarious label design gives another appeal. Reading the caption of the jar may turn on your partner and spice up the mood.

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What are some good ideas for sexy Valentines Day?

Since sex games never go wrong to be sexy Valentines activities, you can let him play some boar game or card game before doing the real game. Or, you can dress in the sexy costume to excite your partner on Valentines day. If you are looking for more sexy Valentines gifts for him, please check in the article above.

What can I do for my boyfriend to make him feel special?

A man loves to hear compliments from his special person since he has a high pride. Complimenting him on any aspect will be one of the most simple but meaningful things to make him feel special. Moreover, you can indulge him in bed with sexy gifts to make him feel more loved. Especially during Valentines day, it will create an unforgettable moment for him.  

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