28 Cool Tech Furniture for Your Modern New Home

Innovative furniture has become a way to live in the modern world. Not only for the looks, but also for the ability to accommodate the need for a fast-paced modern environment and modern living. Nowadays, we can easily find some cool tech furniture that can be connected to the Internet through WiFi or Bluetooth. Connected devices and furniture offer so much more than they actually are. A chair is not a usual chair because it’s connected, and a piece of bed is more than a mattress for you to lay down.

In other words, cool tech furniture is all about increasing productivity.  It would be a nice addition to your home or office, and it can also be wonderful housewarming present, too. Such furniture can also convey a feeling of how much you value the recipient’s time. Plus, it can support their life as well. For this reason, here we have created a list full of some cool tech furniture.

Check out our top selections of 28 cool tech furniture pieces to help you choose the right one!

What Technology is Used In The Furniture?

Intelligent furniture often integrates remote-controlled technology that is compatible with your smartphone, and the settings can easily be adjusted using mobile apps.

In addition, high-tech furniture uses Artificial Intelligent and predictive algorithms to help you with menial tasks. You can use your time more efficiently thanks to those types of technologies.

Can Tech Furniture Help You Stay Organized?

Absolutely! Many tech furniture pieces are designed with organization in mind. You’ll find options with built-in storage, cable management systems, and modular designs that allow you to customize your space to suit your needs. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more organized, efficient living or working environment.

BEST Tech Furnitures – Our 4 Best Picks

Tech Furniture for PetTech Furniture for Energy SavingTech Furniture for BabyTech Furniture for Kitchen
Automatic Pet DoorIntelligent Ceiling FanElectric BassinetIntelligent RC Oven
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Cool Tech Furnitures for Smart Home Design

1. Compact Sleek Work Desk

cool tech furniture

Come in a slim and compact design, Sekretär Flatmate is a true friend for those with minimal workspace area. It comes in the form of a folding desk, and when folded, it only uses up around 0.09 m² of floor space.

As for the the upper part, you will see how it reveals a table, a charging plug, and also 3 attached shelves that can even work as a tablet device stand.

2. Intelligent Standing Desk

Intelligent Standing Desk That Memorize Users’ Height

Next up we have another option of working desk for you. Here we have FEZIBO equips, which is a working desk with an electric adjustable height. With a simple touch, you can choose whether to work sitting or standing.

We can assure you, you will comfortable either way. Moreover, it can also memorize the user’s height preference that suits your best posture, both while sitting or standing!

3. Highly Customizable Bookshelf of Today 

cool tech furniture

PinPres Playful Shelving embraces flexibility to its core. This cool high-tech furniture consists of a board with little wooden pins that are modifiable to shelf any books you like.

It comes in 2 board sizes and 4 selections of color, so the possibility is just endless. Plus, it also made of natural wood, so you will have both flexibility and natural look at the same time. Get it now and don’t wait ’til it’s sold out to order!

4. The Hidden Surprise Hanging Shelf

cool tech furniture

At a glance, LimaCharlieWD’s hanging shelf might look plain simple. The Stealth Shelf, however, reveals a secret drop-down compartment inside. Therefore, we think this piece is a perfect hidden accessible shelf.

If you need something to keep your small yet essential items and make sure they are hidden, this item is the perfect for you. In addition, this Stealth Shelf is also safe to keep anything above children’s reach since it’s a hanging shelf.

5. Hygienic Sensor Trash Can

Hygienic Sensor Trash Can

Next up we have this super cool FEBHBRQ Touchless trash can. Among the rest of furniture pieces on your list, we think this one will be the perfect post-covid trash can. With 0.25 seconds, the lid can open smoothly and quickly, and you only need to open it with a simple wave of your hand, to touch at all.

Moreover, it also features 2 modes of sensory and manual one make the shift between everyday use and trash-emptying chores easier.

6. Ergonomic Home Office Chair

Ergonomic Home Office Chair with Futuristic Design

A good home office chair is definitely an investment, especially if you are one of those ‘work from home’ workers. When it comes to working chair, we have to say that you do not want to buy the cheap one, because you know what? A bad chair might cause bad sitting posture.

For that purpose, we highly recommend you to pick this HOMEFUN Ergonomic Office Chair as it will provide you with a comfortable working session at home. The backrest is ultra comfortable and it comes in futuristic design! 

7. Intelligent Safe Box Integrated

Intelligent Safe Box Integrated With Smart Phone

At home, it is crucial to always pay attention to the safety of sensitive documents or valuable belongings. Crime has been on the rise due to the uncertain global situation. And so, purchasing a safe box is a prudent step to ensure that everything is in place.

Unlike the usual safe box you usually see out there, here we have the RST-104 Digit Storage Smart Lock Box, which offers you easy access using a mobile app. Moreover, we also think it would make a nice gift for your friends to protect their property!

8. Intelligent Remote Controlled Oven

cool tech furniture

LG Kitchen Ranges and Ovens under the ThinQ series is a revolutionary innovation for kitchens everywhere, including your home, perhaps?

Integrated with Alexa or Google Assistant, you don’t need to stay home to keep checking on your oven while it’s cooking. You can just set the timer remotely with your smartphone while you are on the way home, and before you know it, a warm dinner is waiting for you at home.

9. Transforming Kitchen Shelf

Folding Smart Kitchen Table With Shelves

Personally, we love foldable furniture as it can also save our space. Therefore, for those of you with small space, we recommend you to pick this next item on our list.

Space-saving is really a must-have feature, and this ingenious manufacturer delivers its folding high-tech kitchen table. It provides great storage with 6 boards consisting of 2 fixed and 4 mobile ones. So, ready to transform the mobile shelves into a dining table?

10. Modern Accordion Stool

cool tech furniture

Moving on to the next item on our list, we think this will make a perfect gift for the buzzing bees who sometimes need to get things done, even while having their breakfast in the kitchen.

More than just a chair with cool design, it’s actually named Ergonomic Active Sitting Stool with its accordion-like design. It’s ready to keep your friends on their toes while keeping their posture in shape. Moreover, this cool high-tech furniture isn’t just adaptable to the desk height, but it ALSO keeps the body’s core awake.

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11. Intelligent Ceiling Fan

cool tech furniture

Hunter’s Aerodyne 5 is ready to embrace the future. It is a hanging fan that includes integrated Alexa and Google Assistant, which allows you to have control at your fingertips or your voice whenever you want it to.

In addition, this cool ceiling fan also includes an energy-saving LED light kit that equips this multifunctional fan, making it more than just a ceiling fan.

12. Automatic Pet Door

cool tech furniture

Power Pet Electronic Automatic Pet Door is a smart piece that will only let your lovely furry friend in. In our opinion, this cool high-tech furniture is a perfect piece to avoid uninvited firry friends to come inside your house.

Being a smart piece, it works with a sensory guard lock connected to the pet’s collar. From now on, there is no need to worry about wild raccoons straying into the kitchen anymore.

13. Smart Planter for Indoor Garden Interior

cool tech furniture

Designed to provide the freshest natural ingredients or to grow your favorite indoor plants, the Smart Self-Watering Planter by Burrows and Behr will be the perfect item for those of you who love planting. As for this one, it comes as an app-integrated hydroponic planter.

A little advice for you who want to use this for kitchen ingredients, pair this intelligent item with kitchen herb seeds like basil or cilantro, and it will be an excellent addition to the new kitchen.

14. The Comfy Couch

cool tech furniture

Just by looking at it, we immediately know that this comfy rotating daybed is super soft to sit on. It’s comes with a reclining back seat and you can adjust the height to sit up comfortably or be laid back and relaxed instead.

In our opinion, this recliner will be perfect for an indoor Sunday time! Use it for reading or binge-watching Netflix series.

15. Electric Bassinet

cool tech furniture

Rock-a-bye your little one from afar with this smart extra comfy bassinet. Being a wonderful and functional item for new moms, we think this TruBliss Evi Smart Bassinet will help moms take care of their new baby with ease.

It offers some cool features like the auto-glide, the ambient night light, and the active sensory lights plus sounds. In short, this cool high-tech furniture will be a great help for every new parent.

16. Smart Side Table

cool tech furniture

If you want to have a smart bedside table to greet you when you wake up in the morning, we think this Koble’s Ralph Smart Side Table is for you. It is not only height-adjustable, but it also equipped with a sophisticated charging plate compatible with all QI-approved products.

If that’s not enough for you, we think you will be happy to know that it also comes with a significant bonus. It also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker for anyone who enjoys dancing alone in their rooms.

17. Ultra Comfortable Modern Bed

cool tech furniture

Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed is truly an all-in-one item. It’s a bed, it’s a chaise lounge, it’s a storage drawer, and it’s a nightstand. We can assure you that this piece of smart furniture will make you wanna stay in bed all day long.

Most importantly, it’s a steal because if you want more additional features, yes, you can order them directly! So let’s wait no more and complete that new studio apartment with this ultimate item!

18. The Canopy Bed

cool tech furniture

HiAm looks like a humble four-poster bed until you see what it can do. With this cool tech furniture inside your bedroom, you will have a bed that ensures you a good night’s sleep with environmental control and a built-in alarm, just a control away.

Even better, this cool high-tech furniture can even memorize your preferred position for sleeping, reading, or relaxing. Well, how cool is that?

19. Wellness Bath Mat

cool tech furniture

Balance is the world’s first floor mat and bath scale hybrid. Therefore, we recommend you to get this mat since it be something to get you ready to start the day. In terms of care and maintenance, it is washable like any other mat.

However, this one can also monitor your well-being by analyzing balance and posture. Of course, the reports and the personalized plan are provided within the accompanying phone app.

20. Sophisticated High-tech Medicine Cabinet

Sophisticated High-tech Medicine Cabine

Calling fashionable women out there! We have this cool Prosfalt’s Medicine Cabinet that will help to boost your confidence in the morning. It offers roomy storage and intelligent LEDs with customizable light preference at a touch of a button.

Moreover, the screen cover also includes a digital clock display and a handy temperature report. In our opinion, the auto-defog option is undoubtedly the star feature of this cool high-tech furniture.

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21. Sanitary Hi-tech Soap Dispensing

Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser USB Charging Smart Foam

This touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser is another post-pandemic must-have. Just like the touchless hand sanitizer we see out there, this touchless soap dispenser will also protect you from germs while washing your hand under the faucet.

The buttonless design reduces the risk of catching germs during handwashing. Moreover, it also has a quick response of 0.25 seconds to track the hand motion and release the foam.

22. No Blur Vanity Mirror

No Blur Vanity Mirror

Keonjinn’s Bathroom LED mirror comes in customizable brightness and 3 different options of color temperature. Being a smart mirror, we think this is the perfect item for those who love to make sure they are set and ready to welcome the day.

Moreover, we have to admit that we love this mirror so much since we think it’s an intelligent device can remember your preference. Plus, your after-shower selfies are better with the anti-fog feature.

23. Hype-inducing Round Table

cool tech furniture

The hype is real with iHip’s Modern End Table. In our opinion, the design of this cool tech table is super cute with a round table, since we think it can easily matches any interior decoration. Comes with storage, it can also hides a wireless tabletop charging pad and the USB port if you prefer.

One more thing, since we know that you love to hear some music with your family at home, you can spice the corner of your living room with a 10 W Bluetooth speaker and dance away.

24. Relaxing Recliner Sofa

Relaxing Recliner Sofa

We have to tell you that this Giuseppe Taupe’s 2 seater recliner sofa is smooth because it was made with 100% genuine leather. Cold soda or beer for the whole movie marathon made possible with its pair of cooling cup holders.

In our opinion, you can have your movie marathon with your loved one while enjoying your favorite beverages together. Plus, the design looks sleek with its hidden wireless charger pad.

25. Touchscreen Coffee Table

Touchscreen Coffee Table

This living table is perfect camouflage for a central control unit. Sunset Digital’s Smart Living Table allows you to experience a small cloud computing system. It means that any other innovative furniture in the house is controllable from this very table.

Moreover, the screen is so sensitive that even water droplets won’t affect its performance. For all your geeks out there, this smart table is for you.

26. Modern Entertainment Counter

Modern Entertainment Counter

LVSOMT Modern Entertainment Center not only helps organize multimedia devices, but it can also see you. When we say it can see you, it means that it can also see everyone who enter your premises, too.

In terms of technology, this cool high-tech furniture uses the induction mode. It can detect presence and automatically light up when it senses people nearby.

27. Tensegrity Table 

Tensegrity Table

Tensegrity makes use of compression to create a cool-looking floating effect. It draws inspiration from the strength of human biological structures composed of unified tension and compressed parts. As a result, even though the VIVO Tensegrity Speaker Stand looks too slim and floaty, it is sturdy enough.

If you are an owner of a home with modern and minimalist design, we recommend you to make sure you have this table inside your living room.

28. Contemporary Couch for Gamers

Contemporary Couch for Gamers

We are now living in an age where the living room has transformed into a community gaming room. If you happen to have one and wanting to turn your gaming room into a cool place to hang out with friends, we would suggest that you get a Signature Design Gaming Couch by Ashley for you and your friends!

Gaming night with your buddy will be classier from now on! It is comfy and offers a modern compartment suitable for gamer.

Final Thoughts

We are now welcoming the digital era and one of the things we need to embrace is the availability of new cool tech furniture pieces in the market. So, make sure sure you are up-to-date and have some of the coolest pieces to improve your digital lifestyle. We hope our list can give you some inspirations and ideas on what would be the best items to pick.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best smart furniture technology?

The best smart furniture is the one that provides full functionality. It has to include modern features that can accommodate multiple needs. Furthermore, the furniture’s size and shape should not be too bulky and fit the house interior seamlessly. The durability of the item should also become a deciding factor!

Is tech furniture difficult to set up and use?

Not at all! Tech furniture is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Most pieces come with clear instructions and are easy to assemble. Once set up, using the integrated technology is usually as simple as plugging in your devices or connecting via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

How do you maintain and care for your tech furniture?

Caring for tech furniture is generally straightforward. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and mild cleaning solution will keep your furniture looking great. For the integrated technology, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and updates to ensure optimal performance.

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