25 Amazing and Awesome Tech Gifts for Lawyers

These days, awesome professions like lawyers also need the help of highly-advanced gadgets and technologies. Not only do they make a lawyer’s job easier and more practical, it also helps their personal lives too. If you have a friend who works as a lawyer, it is a good idea to find tech gifts for lawyers and hand it to them on several occasions like birthdays and Christmas. 

There are a lot of awesome and amazing tech gifts for lawyers. A mini projector and a solar charger can really help them a lot during working hours. If you are really looking for meaningful tech gifts for lawyers, then you’re in the right place. On our list down below, you’re going to find the best tech gifts for lawyers that can be used for both their personal and professional lives. Let’s take a look!

Tech Gifts that Lawyers Can Use for Daily Lives

The internet has offered us a lot of awesome tech gifts for lawyers. Unfortunately, not all of them are usable for your friend. So, we took the liberty of filtering out tech gifts for lawyers that can be used by them!

1. Mini Projector

Mini Projector

To build up their credentials, lawyers need to be able to present excellent materials for their clients. Bringing an LCD projector to different places seems to be impractical. Therefore, this mini projector can serve as a cool alternative. They can even connect it to their smartphones. 

2. Fitbit Inspire 2 Activity Tracker

Fitbit Inspire 2 Activity Tracker

Nowadays, smartwatches are essential too. They can help us in providing simple information that can be beneficial for both personal and professional life. With this amazing gadget, you can also track your heart rate too. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, making it one of the coolest tech gifts for lawyers. 

3. Mini Microphone

Mini Microphone

Lawyers need to write down and record every important information regarding a case. However, writing down information from someone who speaks in haste is challenging. Therefore, you can give them this awesome mini microphone. When connected to a phone, it can record any useful information with clear quality. 

4. Charging Cord Bracelet

Charging Cord Bracelet

Lawyers spend most of their time out talking with clients or in the courtroom for trials. Due to that fact, they’re going to need some handy charging cord for their gadgets, which makes this item one of the coolest tech gifts for lawyers. When they’re finished charging the phones, simply wrap it around the hand like a normal bracelet.  

5. Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display

Buying this dope item feels like a must, as it is one of the most complete tech gifts for lawyers. It is able to control different smart home devices as well as becoming a virtual assistant. Transform a lawyer’s office into a cozy one with this single item. 

6. Video Conference Mute Button

Video Conference Mute Button

Muting our speaker during a conference call is important, especially when it’s not our turn to voice an opinion. However, we do forget to do that from time to time. It’s time to change that ignorant behavior with this simple and awesome item. Simply touch the button and it will mute your speaker.

7. Thermal Vest

Thermal Vest

Some people aren’t strong enough to resist cold weather. Unfortunately, it can affect their productivity at work too. That’s where this cool vest comes to help. With a four-area heated module, your lawyer friend won’t have to complain about bad weather any longer. 

8. Home Automation Hub

Home Automation Hub

Being a lawyer often means that you’re rarely at home. It would be a waste to leave the gadgets on when you’re not home. That’s the reason why you should seriously consider this automation hub. It can help control devices to turn on and off whenever they should. 

Mini-Sized (But Not That Small) Tech Gifts for Lawyers

Some tech gifts for lawyers came in small sizes. Although they aren’t small enough to fit inside your pocket, they’re still smaller than general items. Some of the items that we’re presenting below can even be displayed on a lawyer’s desk. 

1. Echo 2 Smartpen

Echo 2 Smartpen

When it comes to finding tech gifts for lawyers, try to consider a smart pen. After all, writing and taking important information is essential for a lawyer. With this awesome gadget, they can record audio and link it to their notes. They can even share notes and pencasts in the form of PDF files. 

2. PhoneSoap Handphone Sanitizer

PhoneSoap Handphone Sanitizer

Nowadays, hygiene is very important to a lot of people, especially if they are frequently outdoors. Our hands can easily be cleaned using a sanitizer, but what about our gadgets? Worry no more, because this awesome phone sanitizer can be the answer for that problem. Simply store it inside and let the UV lights clean up all the germs.  

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1. Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball

Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball

This is no ordinary stress ball. While it has the same function as other stress balls (to be squeezed to death when a lawyer is stressed up), it also has a unique selling point too. The high-tech stress ball can be connected to a related app that keeps track of your “progress”. You can even play games against an AI or another user.

4. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A lawyer also needs some kind of entertainment to help them freshen up. Bearing that thought in mind, we thought that this cool bluetooth speaker can help the cause. Plus, this awesome speaker is extremely durable due to its waterproof feature. 

5. Clock with Spy Camera

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When you have sensitive information and documents, you really need to increase security measures. Perhaps, this cool spy camera can help you. As a disguise, this item comes in the form of a digital clock too. You can playback the video that is stored in the SD card on any computer!

6. Outdoor Safe Smart Wristband

Outdoor Safe Smart Wristband

This outdoor safe smart wristband is one of the most essential tech gifts for lawyers who love to spend their leisure time by doing outdoor activities. If they wear this awesome wristband, they won’t have to worry about the worst case scenario, as it is able to store important medical information. 

7. Wireless Power Bank

Wireless Power Bank

Having a power bank can be really beneficial for a lawyer. But if they have a power bank that can recharge a smartphone wirelessly, then it’s really amazing! It works just like a wireless charger, producing energy and recharging your phone battery without the need of having a cable.  

Unique Tech Gifts for Lawyers

Hold on for a few more minutes, because we still have a lot of juicy tech gifts for lawyers coming up! Up next in this category of unique tech gifts for lawyers, you can see some more advanced items that you can get for your lovely friend. You won’t want to miss it. 

1. Water Bottle Flask

Water Bottle Flask

This is not your ordinary water bottle. In fact, it can do a lot of things that a normal flask couldn’t do. Aside from storing liquids for you to drink, it has the ability to detect the temperature and remind us to take a drink. It also has a built-in filter for flavored drinks. This cool flask is essential for a lawyer, considering their tight schedule and heavy workload. 

2. Wireless Beanie Hat Headphone

Wireless Beanie Hat Headphone

Being a lawyer doesn’t always mean that your friend is required to dress formally, even in their leisure time. In fact, this beanie hat can make them loosen up a bit. Furthermore, it can also jam out to your lawyer’s favorite tune too when connected to a smartphone. 

3. Folding Book Light

Folding Book Light

Lawyers love to collect books. But we do wonder if they’ll love this particular one, considering that it emanates a bright and beautiful light. When they’re in the mood too, they can turn on this cool book to light the mood. When they fold it, the item will just look like any other ordinary book. 

4. Linen Phone Charger and Docking Station

Linen Phone Charger and Docking Station

Obtaining this item as part of your tech gifts for lawyers is a really good idea. When they get their hands on this item, charging a phone can’t get any better! They won’t need any cables again. Plus, they can also put other things on the tray located on the right side. 

5. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

Having an Amazon Echo Dot in a lawyer’s office can really be useful! With it, they can connect to Alexa and let her do all the jobs for them (playing music, setting timer and alarm, and many more). It really eases the burden that lawyers have, right? 

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6. Portable Meditation Sound Guide

Portable Meditation Sound Guide

Our next item on our list of tech gifts for lawyers can be beneficial for their mental health. In fact, this awesome portable meditation tool can produce peaceful sounds that will help calm them during stressful days. They can even bring this practical gadget to their office too!

7. Smartphone Projector

Smartphone Projector

Normally, a projector can only be connected to a PC or laptop. But if you’re traveling a lot, then this smartphone projector will come in clutch! Simply place the smartphone behind the cardboard box and let the lens enlarge the images. 

8. Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag

Receiving a lot of cool tech gifts for lawyers can be beneficial. But if your lawyer friend can’t organize things well, they can also easily lose them. That’s all the more reason to buy this cool item now. When the AirTag is attached to an item, you can easily track them with the Find My app.

9. Plant-based Milk Maker

Plant-based Milk Maker

There are some lawyers who love to have a healthy diet. Help them achieve a healthy life with this cool milk maker. This awesome machine can eliminate carbon waste and unhealthy preservatives in store-bought milk!

10. Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat

Did you know that temperatures can also affect a person’s productivity? That’s enough reason to buy these tech gifts for lawyers! It also has a flexible programming option for your lawyer friend’s schedule. We can also get personalized tips on reducing energy based on monthly electrical use. 

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How Can Technology Help Lawyers?

Technology helps lawyers because they make their job easier. With a smart pen, they won’t have to write down essays. Instead, they can just record and replay audio files later on. With an amazing docking station, they can also organize all their gadgets on their desk. It is safe to say that technologies are here to help!

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