Tearribles: Indestructible Dog Toy

Dogs might be cuddly eternally happy rays of sunshine, but there is a dark side to them. They love destroying things.  Depending on their size and temper you might have already said goodbye to a roll of toilet paper or your couch. Maybe even both.

But if you are one of those lucky dog owners who have a relatively disciplined dog, you still know the pain of buying infinite amounts of dog toys.

They get destroyed sometimes in seconds and sometimes in seconds, but it also ends with the same thing – getting a new one. Well, now you won’t have to buy new dog toys since Tearribles indestructible dog toy is in town. 

Tearribles: Indestructible Dog Toy

Tearribles is indeed an indestructible dog toy. It is made out of high-quality durable materials. More specifically, it is made out of a sturdy mesh covered in strong plush.

But the main advantage is this: your dog can tear it apart multiple times but you can instantly put it together back again. All the arms, legs, and tails of these toys attach to the main body.

You can tuck the limbs into the patented “pockets” and they will stay in place thanks to the industrial-strength velcro.

Tearribles: Indestructible Dog Toy

If you’re wondering how strong the toys actually are, apparently it’s a lot. The creator’s three dogs, and that includes an 80lbs pit bull, have “tortured” the toys for 60 days. It sounds like the toys couldn’t have possibly made it out intact, but they did. In fact, they didn’t get a single hole.

Tearribles: Indestructible Dog Toy

The Tearribles come in three sizes. The yellow monster toy is the smallest one counting 5 inches. The green one is 9 inches tall, and the purple one is 14 inches tall.

They all have detachable limbs and promise a lot of fun for your dogs and more serenity for you. 

Tearribles: Indestructible Dog Toy

If you want to treat your good boy there’s no better way to do that than getting your pooch Tearribles indestructible dog toy.

Successfully remove your couch and pillows from your dog’s “to destroy” list because Tearribles will satisfy all of your dog’s prey instincts.

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