25 Funny Stock Market Gifts That Would Tickle Their Funny Bone

There are two types of stock market enthusiasts that exist. First, those who really can make a profit and think that the stock market is sophisticated and fun. The other type is those who are yet to earn a single profit but understand the sarcasm of the stock market. Both types must be enjoying stock market jokes and would love to receive funny stock market gifts.

Looking for funny stock market gifts for stock market enthusiasts is not an easy task to do, especially if you’re not familiar with anything about investing. What kind of gift should we get for those who always sit in front of the computer all day, maintaining the ups and downs of stock prices? In fact, what are the best and the funniest stock market gifts that suit them?

For you who have no idea what to buy for stock market enthusiasts, we have a list containing 25 funny stock market gifts that will tickle their funny bone. These gift ideas are perfect for any occasion from Christmas, birthday, or any other special celebration. Let’s see what we’ve got!

1. Stock Market Decision Maker

Stock Market Decision Maker

Sometimes, stock market traders might just want to make a simple decision, gambling rather than doing a deep and thoughtful analysis. This stock market decision-maker will make some kind of funny stock market gifts to decide their fate. The decision-maker has the buy, sell, call, put, long, short, hold, and liquidate as possible outcomes. What a fun way to make such important decisions!

2. Broke as a Joke Sweatshirt

Broke as a Joke Sweatshirt

This ‘Broke as a Joke’ sweatshirt will be another hilarious stock market gifts for stock market enthusiasts who can take a joke. The sweatshirt is available in men’s and women’s styles with several different size options for each style. It’s the hooded type with ‘Broke as a Joke’ written on the front. Perfect for a stock trader or enthusiast who does not always take things too seriously.

3. Nothing Scares Me I’m a Day Trader

Nothing Scares Me I'm a Day Trader

A stock trader will laugh at this joke. Seriously, this “Nothing Scares Me I’m a Day Trader” shirt is a funny statement for those who understand trading! Stock traders and stock market enthusiasts will appreciate the humor. The shirt has a solid color with a lightweight feeling from the cotton. There are seven color options to choose from. Also, it has two fit types for men and women.

4. Drop It Like a Stock Mug

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This one could be a sarcasm-type gag gift for a stock trader. Give one to your trader friend and see how much they’ll laugh at your gift. This funny mug is made of 100% ceramic and has both-sided printing with ‘DROP IT LIKE A STOCK’ writing and a red downward arrow. A stock trader must understand what that means! 

Stock Trader Cufflinks

For your trader friend, give these stock trader cufflinks as funny stock market gifts for them. One set contains 4 pairs of cufflinks with chart patterns, buy-sell writing, and 2 pairs of bull-bear figure cufflinks. They all come in one set with a fancy gift box, perfect to be presented as gifts for friends, family, and relatives.

6. Don’t Swear Bank

Don’t Swear Bank

When the buying or selling decision turns out to be a bad idea, don’t swear. Instead, put your money into this “Don’t Swear” bank. Give this Don’t Swear bank as a funny stock market gift to the stock trader, and you will see funds add up inside this wooden glass case.

On the glass façade, there’s gold-foil art lettering “Don’t swear—it sounds like hell”. The more curses and swears, the more cash saved. It sounds like a great idea to minimize swearing and save cash.

7. “Charty” Party

Charty Party

Charts and candlesticks are stock market traders’ best friends. Elevate the boring price chart with some excitement with this Charty Party, featuring card games with funny designs. In the pack, there are 44 chart cards to be filled with funny statements picked from another card. These funny stock market gifts will make traders see charts in different ways!

8. JOMO Journal

JOMO Journal

The fear of missing out or FOMO in stock trading happens when all people follow a trending investment strategy, making those who didn’t participate compelled to follow the strategy too. Sometimes, this FOMO leads to the feeling of anxiety which is not comfortable to feel. Help them to ease their mind with this JOMO journal!

The joy of missing out on JOMO is enjoying the moment without worrying about what others are doing. Inside the journal, you’ll find delightfully self-indulgent prompts like “Ways to Treat Yourself”, “Books to Read This Year”, and more!

9. Mathematical Glasses

Mathematical Glasses

A stock trader sometimes uses mathematical analysis to determine when to buy or sell. These mathematical glasses can be some funny stock market gifts that remind them of how applicable mathematical equations in real life are.

The glasses come in sets of four with different equations written on the glass. While sipping some ice tea, they might find a formula to determine the peak buying signal. Who knows?

10. Things They Don’t Teach You in School Game

Things They Don’t Teach You in School Game

Stock traders can make a living from trading in the stock market, which is not even taught in school. This “Things They Don’t Teach You in School” Game will make the stock trader realize that there are other fun things the school doesn’t teach, like trading in the stock market. You will find 400 fun facts, random factoids, and tidbits of totally useless knowledge which spark giggles and chatter!

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11. GameStonk Silver Round

GameStonk Silver Round

There was a time when savvy beginner traders became so powerful they turned sinking stock into a big investment. Other stock traders and enthusiasts can bring home that memorable history with this GameStonk silver round.

This will make some funny stock market gifts as this reminds them of the massive short-sellers who’re trying to make a profit from a struggling video game company. Want to know the ending? Ask them for the end of the epic trading story!

12. Gold Dollar Bolo Ties

Gold Dollar Bolo Ties

Turn the classic bolo ties into some kind of funny stock market gifts for stock market enthusiasts. Give them these gold dollar bolo ties for a cool and unique stock market gift. The gold dollar pattern will remind them about how much ‘stonks’ they could buy with the not-so-much remaining balance. It has a soft and durable braided cord with weighted metal tips for a simple and modern design. 

13. Big Money Necktie

Funny Stock Market Gifts

Wearing a money necktie to a formal occasion, why not? Show them the swirling stock market money with this big money necktie. This one will be some funny stock market gifts for stock market enthusiasts because money and the stock market are always related to each other. This necktie features images of money, 50’s, 100’s, and 1000’s dollar bills which come in one adult standard size. 

14. Money Stack Socks

Funny Stock Market Gifts

For those who just make a bunch of profit from the stock market, join them to celebrate with this money stack stock as funny stock market gifts. It has an all-over graphic print that won’t crack or peel. Another funny money gift for the stock market enthusiast. The material features a 100% Polyester fabric that allows for breathability.

15. Stock Market Mouse Pad

Funny Stock Market Gifts

A mouse is an essential thing when monitoring the chart. Give this stock market mouse pad as a company to their busy left-and-right click on the chart. The mouse pad is made of heavy-duty recycled rubber. It has a matte finish that would not crack or peel, the classic problems often found in printed mousepads. 

16. Stock Broker Decal Sticker

Funny Stock Market Gifts

It’s a hilarious sticker to put on the wall. This stock broker decal sticker will surely be some funny stock market gifts for stock market enthusiasts. Featuring funny writing, “Stock Broker Parking Only,” it will tickle your bone whenever you see this sticker.

It’s made of outdoor-durable Vinyl and premium inks suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect to be stuck on the patio, living room, or anywhere else you want to get people laughing along.

17. Bull and Bear Bookend Statue

Funny Stock Market Gifts

There are no stock market enthusiasts that have no clue what the bull and the bear represent. After all, they must know what bull and bear mean in the stock market. For your trader friend, give this bull and bear bookend statue as funny stock market gifts for them. This bookend is made of solid cast iron, individually hand-painted. It makes a perfect décor for contemporary and traditional spaces.

18. I Like Stonks Tumbler

Funny Stock Market Gifts

Looking for a useful gift without losing the fun itself? Give them this ‘I Like Stonks’ tumbler. A tumbler is the best companion for a stock trader while sitting for long hours monitoring the chart. The ‘I Like Stonks’ writing is the punchline only stock enthusiasts can understand and laugh at. This tumbler is scratch and fade-resistant and can keep the coffee hot for 12 hours.

19. Wallsbets Laptop Bag

Funny Stock Market Gifts

It’s not just an ordinary laptop bag. This is a Wallsbets laptop bag that your trader friend will find hilarious. Protect the laptop in style with a cool bull sticker on the front for a Wallsbet vibe. The bag contains an internal padded zipper and is fully lined with faux fur. Available in 13” and 15” size options.

20. Elon Stonks Phone Case

Funny Stock Market Gifts

Elon Musk and stonk are probably two of the hilarious things used in many memes related to the stock market. And so, here is an Elon Stonks phone case will be the funny stock market gift you can give to your trader friend! It is a normal phone case with Elon’s picture, which comes as a meme with stonk writing and an arrow going up. Only stock and coin enthusiasts understand this joke.

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21. WSB Resin Figurine

Funny Stock Market Gifts

The stock trader who joined the famous /r/wallstreetbets Reddit forum must be familiar with the hilarious Wall Street Bets guy. Show you understand their world with this WSB resin figurine of the legendary Wall Street Bets guy as funny stock market gifts for them. The figure is made of high-quality resin and painted by hand, making it a perfectly thoughtful but still funny stock market gift for stock market enthusiasts.

22. Stonks Trader Beanie

Funny Stock Market Gifts

A stock market enthusiast will never get tired of the Stonks meme. The word itself is such a hilarious expression that was made out of fun. The other funny stock market gift with ‘stonk’ you can give is this Stonks trader beanie. The beanie is made of 100% turbo acrylic with a unisex style. The word stonk is highlighted in red and white font color, adding a hilarious vibe to the beanie.

23. To-Do Funny Memo

Funny Stock Market Gifts

This one will be some funny stock market gifts for traders and stock enthusiasts to list the Stonks they should avoid buying. This to-do funny memo includes 4 colorful notepads with a hilarious header saying, “I whisper WTF to myself at least 20 times a day,” “Nope, not today,” “Accurate AF,” and “You gotta let that sh*t go!!!”. Perfect for writing the stock list that has a potential gain or loss.

24. Stock Market Keychain

Funny Stock Market Gifts

Surprise the stock trader with this stock market keychain which is a small but meaningful gift that suits their passion for the stock market. They will appreciate it, especially for a ‘handy’ person. The keychain features two screwdrivers which will be handy for some random moments when a quick fix is needed. It’s available in silver and black coated stainless steel with a custom engraving option.

25. Make It Rain Money Maker

Funny Stock Market Gifts

Of course, the stock market and money are close to each other. This makes it rain money maker will also be the funny stock market gift for stock enthusiasts to play with or take to the party. It fires dollar bills, real or fake, depending on what you’ve inserted it into, at high speed when the trigger is pulled. This will be a hilarious way to celebrate their multi-bagger profit on the stock market.

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