15 The Most Awaited Facts about Hoverbikes That Satisfies Tech Enthusiasts

The Most Awaited Facts about Hoverbikes That Satisfies Tech Enthusiasts

Are you a tech enthusiast? Are you a fan of Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) movies or games? If so, then you must know about Hoverbikes, right? If you think that a Hoverbikes is similar to a motorcycle, then you’re not wrong. However, motorcycles generally operate on land. So far, flying motorcycles are just a great imagination. Usually, we can see futuristic motorcycles that can fly only in Sci-Fi action films. In your opinion, is this even possible? Yes, this is definitely possible, thanks to the advances in technology and automotive. Nowadays, we know the term “Hoverbike” as a vehicle that resembles a motorcycle that can fly. So, to know more about Hoverbikes, we have collected 15 cool facts about Hoverbikes that will amaze you!

Hoverbike is a prototype vehicle that features future design and most advanced technology. This crazy idea was initiated back in 2014 in the United States by Malloy Aeronautics. The Hoverbike’s design was inspired by various movies and games that feature futuristic vehicle animations. In science, this is something that can becomes a reality. Therefore, as a tech enthusiast or automotive enthusiast, you must check the following most-awaited facts about Hoverbikes.

1. Powered by Quadcopter

Powered by Quadcopter

Let’s start the list of 15 facts about Hoverbikes with the following questions; First, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear a flying motorbike? Secondly, how can motorcycles fly? And lastly, what kind of technology that can make them fly?

The Hoverbike is powered by a lift engine that resembles the shape of a quadcopter. This lifting machine looks like a drone, which usually used to fly small items such as action cameras. Quadcopter drone technology is applied to this cool futuristic vehicle to create a sporty and extreme driving experience. Can this technology develop like conventional drones? Let’s just wait and see!

2. Amazing Flying Acceleration!

Amazing Flying Acceleration!

Top speed and acceleration are the most essential factors in a vehicle. A vehicle is reliable and cool when it produces high speeds. The Hoverbike can reach a speed up to 100 km/h, way above the average speed of futuristic vehicle technology that scientists are developing. One of the demo events in Japan showed that the Hoverbike can go very fast on the circuit. Practically, this futuristic motorcycle can go faster with further research and development processes. Is your favorite motorcycle ready for a quick race with the Hoverbike? Leave your comments below!

3. Impressive Carry Ability!

Impressive Carry Ability!

The heavier an object is, the harder it is to fly. However, the thing that strikes the Hoverbike is its incredible payload. A Hoverbike features comfortable seating for two Plus, this futuristic vehicle also supports a payload of up to 140 kg! This fact allows two adults on a Hoverbike to fly in circles. Without a doubt, no one ever thought that a flying motorcycle could carry a heavy rider’s body weight.

4. It’s Worth US$700,000!

Future technology is clearly not cheap, and the research and development process is the reason behind this fact. This process takes a lot of time and money. Therefore, a futuristic vehicle is definitely one of things that you can own at a fantastic price. Certain type of Hoverbike that you can buy in the market can reach a price tag of US$ 700,000! The XTurismo Limited Edition is a Hoverbike that has an exorbitant price tag. In terms of target market, this Hoverbike is targeting supercar riders who have fantastic incomes. A.L.I. Technologies is the manufacturer of this expensive Hoverbike.

The XTurismo Limited Edition features a conventional engine and four battery-powered motors. This futuristic motorcycle can fly at speeds of up to 62 mph for 40 minutes. So, are you a tech enthusiast with a fantastic income? Immediately buy this future motorcycle and get ready to look super cool riding this bike on the streets.

5. Steering Control Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Steering Control Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an advanced technology that has been applied to hi-tech vehicles. Tesla is the most reliable example of the implementation of AI in vehicles. Hoverbikes are developed by A.L.I Technologies , which delivers the most advanced features today.

The Xturismo is a hybrid-electric type of Hoverbikes. The Xturismo features a three-dimensional and AI control system that will allow Hoverbikes to fly safely in urban areas at a stable altitude. Equipped with motion sensors, these Hoverbikes will be very easy to control.

6. Crazy Flying Ability!

Crazy Flying Ability!

Hoverbikes are one of the hottest futuristic vehicle that engineers can develop further. It is a common thing for planes to fly high. However, if we talk about flying motor, it is madness! Recently, an Australian Hoverbikes developer, Chris Malloy, managed to construct Hoverbikes that can fly up to 10,000 feet! And only Hoverbikes with speed up to 173 mph can reach this height. However, because the altitude is low in oxygen content, passengers must use oxygen cylinders to help them breathe.

7. Finally Available for Purchase

Finally Available for Purchase

Are you a gamer who loves GTA V? Then you must have dreamed of owning and driving Hoverbikes like the ones in GTA V. Now you can make that crazy dream come true. The Hoversurf Hoverbike has been successfully purchased by Dubai Police for US$150,000. This Hoverbike features a Lithium and Nickel hybrid battery, which can provide a ride duration of up to 25 minutes. Would you like to own Hoverbikes, too? You can order Hoverbikes today by depositing US$10,000 and waiting for delivery for up to 6 months.

8. Don’t Doubt Its Safety!

Don't Doubt Its Safety!

Maybe you often ask about whether Hoverbikes are safe? You can relax now, because Hoverbikes are vehicles that offer great safety. The Hoverbike features an emergency parachute attached to its body. The Hoverbike is also equipped with as many safety components as possible with three times the redundancy than a helicopter. You will experience a serious mid-air flight failure when at least more than 2 components are faulty. The multi-layered security backup system ensures the safety of you riding Hoverbikes in the air.

9. Prepare to Be a Reliable Combat Vehicle

Prepare to Be a Reliable Combat Vehicle

Hoverbikes feature a special design to support military operations. This strategic idea was further developed through research conducted in Harford County, Maryland. The United States Department of Defense is interested in the technology and features offered by Hoverbikes.

Hoverbikes are suitable for combat troops in very difficult terrain. This futuristic vehicle is also perfect for transporting weapons supplies, logistics, and other war assets, too! A much smaller and slimmer form factor than helicopters makes Hoverbikes the ultimate solution for conducting military operations. What a cool fact about Hoverbikes, right?

10. Can’t Fly at Night

Can’t Fly at Night

Your excitement should not be too high in welcoming the latest transportation technology. While Hoverbike comes with a ton of amazing features, there are a few things you should pay attention to. Every new technology must be regulated through regulation to create order. What is it? You cannot ride and fly Hoverbikes at night and in densely populated areas of the United States. Air visibility, which is drastically reduced at night is the reason. Hoverbikes cannot pass residential areas, too. The main reason is because they are not proven to be 100% safe in crowded areas.

11. Unrivaled Futuristic Design

Unrivaled Futuristic Design

This is probably one of the most unquestionable facts about Hoverbikes in this list. The futuristic design is one of the main attractions of Hoverbikes besides the sophistication of its features. For a true automotive collector, design plays an important role in the buying decision. When the vehicle comes with a stunning design then collectors will not hesitate to buy it. Hoverbikes come with a dashing, masculine, and elegant design. Dominated by a matte black color, Hoverbikes will attract the attention of everyone who sees it. Stunning aerodynamic construction supports the Hoverbikes’ flying capabilities.

12. Japan is the Leader of Hoverbikes Technology

Japan is the Leader of Hoverbikes Technology

Several technology startups from Japan are conducting research and development on Hoverbikes on a massive scale. They want to be the market leader of this futuristic automotive technology. Becoming a proficient technology adopter will increase future profits. For instance, Tokyo-based drone startup A.L.I. Technologies have succeeded in constructing state-of-the-art Hoverbikes at a very high price tag. The most advanced technologies in aviation are applied to their Hoverbikes.

13. Stunning Carbon Fiber Body

Stunning Carbon Fiber Body

The lucky number 13! Moving on to the 13th fact about Hoverboards, the construction and materials become very crucial for Hoverbikes. The material used must have the characteristics of being light but strong and tough. For example, the Hoverbike S3 developed by California Hoversurf features a stunning design with carbon fiber material on the Hoverbike body. Carbon fiber is one of the most reliable materials, which is lightweight, too. Therefore, this Hoverbike can fly without any significant obstacles.

14. No Pilot License Required

No Pilot License Required

If you want to drive or fly planes and helicopters then you need a pilot’s license, which is very hard to come by. Do you need a license to fly Hoverbikes? The astonishing fact is that you don’t need to have a pilot’s license to ride Hoverbikes. The US Federal Aviation Administration has stated that Hoverbikes do not require a pilot’s license. The reason is that Hoverbikes are classified as mini airplanes with low weight and speed. Therefore, they are not regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

15. Advanced Control Helmet

Advanced Control Helmet

We have come to the last fact in this list of the coolest facts about Hoverbikes. A helmet is a self-protection system for everyone who ride a motorcycle. Did you know that helmets are more than just safety equipment for Hoverbikes? Sophisticated vehicles require sophisticated helmets, too.

Hoverbike riders can wear smart helmets that feature GPS and multi-angle sensors. This helmet will provide distance and track imaging with a stunning look. In detail, this sophisticated helmet will provide a 3D visualization of the path traversed by Hoverbikes riders. This cool item will give you a notification if you have to turn. This is similar to the features of Google Maps. The technology of the future is right in front of your eyes!

We have presented the most awaited facts about hoverbikes. As a tech enthusiast, which fact is your favorite? Don’t forget to give your best feedback in the comment column below!

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