French Fry Cone Dipper

For every french fries with sauce enthusiast, this French Fry Cone Dipper is a must-have. French fries are delicious.

They are one of those guilty pleasure foods that can easily remind you that life is not so bad after all. But eating fries can be a bit troublesome.

They can easily slip down the plate, the dip can be spilled, and frankly, the disaster can ensue. But if you buy this french fry cone dipper you can rest assured that both fries and the dip will stay in one easy-to-handle dish.

This cone dipper consists out of two parts. The main one holds the fries in place, while the other one is meant to be filled with dipping sauce. 

The dip slot can be easily ejected for quick and trouble-free cleaning after you’re done eating. This french fry cone dipper stands 6.75” tall and 3.75” wide. It is also made out of BPA-free plastic. Not dishwasher safe.

French Fry Cone Dipper

Even though we keep talking about this cone dipper in the context of french fries, you can actually try it out with other finger foods. Chicken fingers, sliced veggies, breadsticks, anything you can come up with.

French Fry Cone Dipper

It can be a great serving dish at any party or an easy-to-use dish for kids who love their fries with ketchup.

You can even eat fries from out of it during your movie night as an alternative to popcorn. Buy it for your whole family and enjoy munching on those fries to your heart’s content.

French Fry Cone Dipper

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