25 Unique Acoustic Guitars for You to Rock Out

Since centuries ago, people have used guitars to make the most beautiful tunes. They produced the most beautiful sound that can make you relax and drown in happiness. Even after all the inventions of modern instruments, guitars still stand out as one of the best music instruments out there. Perhaps, you can be the next famous musician after perfecting the arts of playing the axe. All you need is to find unique acoustic guitars first!

There are a lot of unique acoustic guitars for sale. Some of them are so rare that you can buy them solely for collecting purposes. Others also have unique shapes and designs that you will definitely like. There are even replicas of signature guitars that your favorite artists use (you’ll see some of those in our list below). Either way, it is always good to browse for unique acoustic guitars. Let’s take a look at our list ASAP!

Rare Acoustic Guitars

Some of the most acoustic guitars are harder to find than the others. Consequently, they will cost you more money. However, they are highly collectible too. Here are some of the rarest and most unique acoustic guitars that you should consider adding to your collection.  

1. Takamine J15e Archtop

Takamine J15e Archtop

Takamine always produced top-quality acoustic guitars. Take a look at this J15e Archtop as an example. The J15e was introduced as a prototype for Ry Cooder. However, it got cancelled and there’s only a few items left worldwide. If you like this Jazz guitar, you should buy it ASAP. 

2. Martin D-18E Retro

Martin D-18E Retro

This Martin acoustic guitar is a really special one. Besides producing high quality sound, the Martin D-18E line was made famous during Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged show. Kurt Cobain used this guitar during the whole set, playing legendary songs like “Come As You Are” and “The Man Who Sold the World”.

3. 2003 Takamine Black Finish

2003 Takamine Black Finish

This Takamine is used by many legendary artists like Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen, and it’s for a good reason. Besides the elegant body, the Takamine guitar also has a good pre-amp model that ensures a high-quality sound when you plug it into an amp. 

4. Nuno Bettencourt Washburn Signature

Nuno Bettencourt Washburn Signature

Nuno Bettencourt is an amazing guitarist, best known for his stint at the legendary rock band Extreme. If you adore his playing skills, you can start by obtaining this amazing and unique acoustic guitar. Jam out to the tune of “More than Words” with it. 

5. Takamine P5JC Guitar

Takamine P5JC Guitar

There’s going to be a lot of Takamine guitars in our list of unique acoustic guitars. Their products are all awesome and mind-blowing. With this model, you can produce a loud and forceful sound with a convenient Venetian cutaway. Get it now!

6. Bruce Wei Solid Indian Rosewood Gypsy

Bruce Wei Solid Indian Rosewood Gypsy

Ever want a personalized acoustic guitar in your collection? You might just be in luck because this unique acoustic guitar is so awesome and ready to be added to your ever-growing collection. Add your name to the headstock and the Solid Indian Rosewood will be very unique!

7. Sawtooth Rudy Sarzo Acoustic Bass Guitar

Sawtooth Rudy Sarzo Acoustic Bass Guitar

The legendary Rudy Sarzo finally has his own signature acoustic bass guitar! He is known for being the bassist of Ozzy Osbourne and Whitesnake. Purchase this guitar now and jam to the tune of some of the heaviest metal songs known to humans!

8. Martin Eric Clapton Signature Model

Martin Eric Clapton Signature Model

Eric Clapton, the legend himself. If you want to mimic his guitar style and sound, what better way than to own a replica of his signature guitar? It is made using premium East Indian rosewood. Jam out to your favorite tunes by the “Slowhand” himself. 

Vintage Acoustic Guitars

Old guitars don’t necessarily mean that they are junk items. In fact, there are various vintage and unique acoustic guitars that age like fine wine. Most of them have retro and vintage designs that you will definitely like. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best vintage and unique acoustic guitars on our list below.  

9. Vintage Framus Acoustic Guitar

Vintage Framus Acoustic Guitar

The vintage Framus guitar is the perfect choice for those of you who love country music. It was manufactured in 1969, and this particular model is getting hard to find. If you look closely at the model, you will notice an awesome mustache style bridge. 

10. Gretsch Smokestack Black Guitar

Gretsch Smokestack Black Guitar

Although not as famous as Gibson and Fender, Gretsch still stands out as one of the best guitar manufacturers in modern times. This smokestack black guitar is just an example of it, and it really looks darn elegant. The walnut fingerboard also makes it easier for your fingers to glide through the frets. 

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11. Hagstrom J45 Acoustic Guitar

unique acoustic guitars

If you’re looking for a guitar that was made in the 60s, you probably need to pay attention to this beautiful Hagstrom guitar. It has a wider body than modern guitars do, which makes it one of the best unique acoustic guitars in our list. Although this guitar is pre-owned, it is still able to produce a magnificent sound. 

12. Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

unique acoustic guitars

Acoustic guitars with black finishes somehow always give elegant vibes to their users. Just take a look at this Dreadnought guitar. It really is magnificent, right? With its top-quality material, this guitar is able to produce some of the most unique and cleanest guitar sound. 

13. Gretsch G5022C with Falcon Cutaway

Gretsch G5022C with Falcon Cutaway

With a triangular hole and a falcon cutaway, this Gretsch is truly one of the most unique acoustic guitars! Although they are better known as an electric guitar manufacturer, you shouldn’t underestimate this particular G5022C model. The brilliant sound that it produces complements the vintage aura of the model’s design. 

14. Luna Art Vintage Acoustic Guitar

unique acoustic guitars

Most modern acoustic guitars have a pre-amp installed so that they can be plugged to an amplifier. Not with this beauty! With this wonderful and unique guitar, you can truly experience the meaning of “unplugged” sound. Just strum the strings and listen to the clear sounds that this unique acoustic guitar produced. 

15. Haze Acoustic Guitar

unique acoustic guitars

It’s so rare to find unique acoustic guitars that are able to carry out dual functions. With this cool and unique Haze guitar, you can use it as a round-back acoustic guitar with steel strings. However, play some classical tune by changing the strings to a nylon one! So cool, right?

16. Rosen Acoustic Guitar

unique acoustic guitars

Aside from the vintage maple finish of the body, this awesome Rosen acoustic guitar also has a unique cutaway too. This beautiful guitar was made using premium mahogany wood to ensure durability and high-quality performance. 

17. Gibson Sunburst Acoustic Guitar

unique acoustic guitars

Gibson rarely made acoustic guitars. But when they did, it resulted in a unique and brilliant product, just like this acoustic guitar. With this axe, you will feel an experience that can’t be replicated with any other acoustic guitars!

18. Breedlove Exotic Guitar

unique acoustic guitars

Whoever said that guitars are not exotic needs to get their eyes checked immediately. In fact, this beautiful Breedlove guitar is a prime example of a beautiful and exotic acoustic guitar. But wait until you use this bad boy on a gig, because it will catch a lot of people’s attention with the crystal clear sound. 

Awesome and Unique Acoustic Guitars

Hold on, don’t leave us yet! We still have a lot of cool selections of unique acoustic guitars. In our list of awesome and unique acoustic guitars below, you will see a lot of bizarre acoustic guitars that might attract your attention!

19. Folding Travel Guitar

unique acoustic guitars

People love guitars. But sometimes they are too big and impractical to be carried. That problem can be solved if you own this folding travel guitar. It has a unique body shape that is able to be folded so that you can carry it anywhere you want to. There’s a clip-on guitar pick up to enhance the sound of this instrument. 

20. Hand-painted Mushroom Guitar

unique acoustic guitars

Without the painting, this Martin Smith guitar is just an ordinary instrument. However, it really looks cool and unique with the mushroom paintings. You can choose to play songs with it or hang it somewhere as a colorful decoration. 

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21. GrassRoots G-AC-Miku Signature Model

unique acoustic guitars

At first glance, the model of this unique acoustic guitar closely resembles the Gibson Explorer electric guitar. However, this Miku Hatsune signature model has a slightly different curve and a unique coloring finish on the body. It is truly worth your money!

22. Ultra-light Traveler Guitar

Ultra-light Traveler Guitar

Here’s another unique traveling guitar that will impress your audience. You can carry this Ultra-light Traveler guitar around due to its thin shape and ultra-light weight. It can even fit into an overhead bin! If you choose to purchase this unique acoustic guitar, you will get a gig bag too. 

23. Framus Camping Acoustic Guitar

unique acoustic guitars

In the 1960s, Framus “Camping” guitars were hugely famous in Germany. They have a very iconic design because of its floating bridge and tailpiece. Aside from minor scratches located in the bottom part, this guitar is kept in a mint condition for you!

24. Ktone Harp Guitar 

unique acoustic guitars

If you want to play more than just one instrument, perhaps you should take a look at this masterpiece. Strum out some cool chords in the guitar and change course to the harp with this double neck Ktone guitar. It is truly one of the most unique acoustic guitars on our list!

25. Acoustic Double Neck Guitar

unique acoustic guitars

The great Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and Slash from Guns N’ Roses are known for playing the double neck Gibson EDS-1275 electric guitar. But if you want an acoustic version of double neck guitar, this might be the best bet that you can get. Rock out to songs like “Stairway to Heaven” and “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” with the cool acoustic double neck guitar

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What are the Rarest Acoustic Guitars?

Vintage and old acoustic guitars are usually rare and hard to find. Take this beautiful Framus guitar as an example. If you miss it, there’s a chance that you won’t find one again for a very long time. Additionally, signature models of legendary artists can also be hard to find, like the Eric Clapton Martin acoustic guitar.

What are the Most Iconic Acoustic Guitars?

Some of the most iconic acoustic guitars are models that are used by legendary musicians during certain events. For this case, we’re going with this amazing Martin D-18E model. It was used by the late Kurt Cobain during Nirvana’s iconic MTV unplugged concert. If you want one, you still can find some of the replicas in the market. 

What Guitars Will Be Collectible in the Future?

There’s no telling which guitar can rise up in value in the future. But if we’re going to bet, we’re putting this Takamine guitar as our pick. It was used by both Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. When this guitar gets older, there’s no doubt that the value will go up too. 

Why are Old Guitars Better?

Old guitars are better than most of the modern ones because of the woods themselves. They will dry out over time, which causes them to become harder. Harder body will then lead to a better resonance in sound. Some of the older guitars are also made with more precision than the newer ones, which makes them more durable. 

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