24 Unusual Outdoor Toys That are Interesting to Play With

Many people nowadays have forgotten the joy of playing outdoor. They prefer to look at their screens, ignoring the beautiful nature. If you would like to encourage your friends or family to go out, you can do this by giving them unusual outdoor toys.

Some outdoor toys are meant to be played in a group. For instance, you can have a fun game outside with your kids or friends and increase your bond simultaneously. They are not just exciting but also provide people with an opportunity to exercise.

Unusual outdoor toys come in many forms or functions. But still, the primary purpose is to make you and your family happy and relieve the stress from weekdays. The toy is available for toddlers, kids, and adults. So, let’s check the following items!

Unusual Outdoor Toys for Kids

Do your kids spend too many hours in front of their computer screens? Sitting for too long inside the house may not be healthy for their development. So, get them the following unusual outdoor toys to entice them to enjoy the outdoors!

1. Bonfire and S’mores Outdoor Toy Set

Children's Felt Bonfire and S'mores Set

Camping is one of the best outdoor activities for children’s development. So it is necessary to introduce them to the joy of camping as early as possible. This unusual toy set will help younger children learn about camping. It includes wood, marshmallows, wood, and fire replicas, all made of soft felt. Your kids can play pretend using the set in the backyard!

2. Stomp Rockets Launcher Outdoor Toy

Stomp Rockets- 6 Colorful Amazing Planes with Rocket Launcher

As a responsible parent, you need to encourage your kids to play outside for their development. This super fun rocket toy set is one way to attract your kids to go out! It includes 6 foam rockets and one stomp pad launcher. Let your son or daughter stomp on the pad, and the rocket will blast off up to 100 feet! It’s very safe and does not require power.

3. Silicone Gardening Tools Outdoor Toy

Silicone Watering Can and Rake Set

This unusual outdoor toy set will teach your kids how to garden! The set includes a colorful rake and watering tools. They are made of flexible silicone, so even toddlers can play with them safely. This toy is especially great for children because it may stimulate their imagination. It might even inspire them to become an expert botanist in the future.

4. Silicone Outdoor Toy Set for Beach

Silicone Beach Set

Taking your kids to the beach is one way to let them appreciate nature! If your kids love to play with the sand, this unusual outdoor toy set will be excellent! It consists of a bucket, shovel, starfish-shaped mold, and other items made from soft silicone. Your kids can use it to build a sandcastle and let their imagination run wild.

5. Rainbow Hand Kites Outdoor Toy

Rainbow hand kites

Would you like to encourage your kids to get more exercise? Get them this super colorful hand kite! It is an excellent outdoor toy that will attract your kids to run around. They can simply hold on to the kite ring, and the rainbow-colored ribbons will flutter beautifully. It is not just fun but also promotes a healthier body!

6. Kids Punching Bag Outdoor Toy Set

Kids Punching Bag Toy Set

Who says you can only find a punching bag in the gym? This unusual outdoor toy will serve as your training partner for your kids. They can punch and kick the punching bag to their heart’s content and train in some martial arts. So, get one and set it up outside in the backyard for outdoor fun!

7. Bouncy Trampoline

Bounce Pro 7-Foot My First Trampoline Hexagona

Set this super fun trampoline in your garden, and your kids will go crazy! Instead of bouncing around inside, which can be annoying and noisy, you can let them bounce around outside on this trampoline! It has a safety net and sturdy base, so the trampoline is very safe. However, if your kids are still very young, it is better to watch them.

8. Kids’ T-Ball Set with Bat and 2 Balls

Little Tikes TotSports Kids T-Ball Set with Bat and 2 Balls

Baseball is one of the favorite sports among children and adults in the United States. However, younger kids or toddlers should start with the tee-ball first as a practice! It is a safer alternative because it does not involve ball pitching. You can set a tee-ball set outdoor for your kids to practice with this toy set! It’ll encourage them to have healthy physical activity.

9. Bouncy Body Bumpers

Banzai Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers

This unusual outdoor toy comes in the shape of a bouncy body bumper! Kids can wear this inflatable toy around their bodies and bump against each other without getting hurt! The toy will absorb the impact. However, please keep an eye on them just in case! Unusual toys like this one are an excellent way to create a new creative game for kids. 

10. Toy Bow and Arrow Set for Kids

Toyvelt Bow and Arrow Set for Kids

Archery is one of the best sports to play outdoors. Since the real one is too dangerous for kids, this archery toy set will help solve the problem. It contains blunt-tipped arrows, a toy bow, and a target. Let your kids practice aiming, concentrating, and have a fun outdoor experience! But, don’t forget to also teach them about safety.

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11. Sandbox Digger Toy Excavator

The Big Dig Sandbox Digger Toy Excavator

Your kids might have seen construction workers working on many construction projects. They will ask about excavators and want to be the driver of that thing. Fortunately, this unusual outdoor toy will help them achieve what they want. It is a full-size excavator toy! Put this item next to a sandbox or bring it to the beach. You can let your kid operate the mini stationery excavator.

12. Children Hand Throw Parachute Toy

Children Hand Throw Parachute Toy

Parachute is a thing of wonder in children’s eyes. Seeing people jumping out from a plane will definitely excite your kids. Hence, you should get this unique parachute miniature toy for your son and daughter! The child’s hand throw parachute mimics the true landing principle, and it will slowly descend just like the real one. So, it is an excellent toy to play with within the backyard!

13. Toy Handgun with Low Velocity Dart

Kids Toy Boya Soft Dart Glock 18

Owning a gun is part of America’s culture! With this unique realistic-looking toy handgun, you can introduce your children to be responsible gun owners. Furthermore, you kids can use it as a prop to play police and robber games! It shoots harmless soft bullets at a low velocity that can travel up to 10 meters. The toy pistol also comes with a silencer!

14. Children Butterfly Kites

Children Butterfly Kites

This is no ordinary kite. After all, it is shaped like a beautiful butterfly that is ready to fly in the gorgeous sky. Your kids can fly freely in open spaces. It will encourage them to play outdoors in the yard or park. Don’t forget to bring this with your kids when traveling to the beach or grass area.

15. Multi Voice Changer

Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer

Do you want to surprise your kids with unusual outdoor toys? Try the voice changer! It might surprise both their friends and the animals in the garden. You can also teach your kids that their voices might change in the future because of puberty using this toy as a prop. It is fun, creative, and educational!

16. Unique Timer Toy for Hide and Seek

Indoor/Outdoor Hide and Seek Toy for Kids 5-12

Everyone has played hide and seek! It is an essential part of childhood. Unfortunately, kids nowadays prefer to play computer or console games. However, you can spark their interest to play the good old hide and seek games through this toy! It comes in the shape of a digital countdown timer which looks like a futuristic device. Hide it and let your kids go find it and stop the timer!

Unusual Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

The following unusual outdoor toys are specifically designed for toddlers! It will stimulate their interests in the outside world. Furthermore, the toddler’s toy usually has a safer aspect than the ones for older kids.

17. Wooden Bowling Set Toddler

Wooden Bowling Set Toddler

You need to let your toddlers move around! It will help them develop agility and stronger muscles. You can encourage them to have physical activity through this wooden bowling set. The pins and the ball are all solid wood, so they are super safe.

18. Lawnmower Toddler Push Toy

Little Tikes Gas N Go Mower Toddler Push Toy

Toddlers are curious, especially those who have just learned to walk! With this mini lawnmower outdoor toy set, you can let your little kids develop their walking ability. It may look unusual because of the design. However, you son and daughter who love it! After all, children love to imitate adults, including mowing the lawn. While you are gardening, your kids can enjoy playing with the toy.

19. Water Gun with Cute Water Backpack

Boy Girl Pressure Backpack Baby Water Gun

There is nothing more exciting than water guns! However, this one is not your average toy! After all, it is an unusual water gun that comes with a water backpack for a quick refill! Your children will want to go outside and play with these items immediately. Furthermore, the pack comes in a super cute design of ladybugs, bees, and other colorful insects.

Unusual Outdoor Toys for Adults

The following unusual outdoor toys for adults are different from kids and toddlers because of the technology, risks, and materials. Also, some toys are good to express romantic feelings, so it is more suitable for adults.

20. Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

You might fold origami paper to make a paper airplane back when you were still a kid. Now you can relive your childhood memory in style with this high-tech apps-controlled paper airplane! It is one of the most unique outdoor toys that will excite any adult. Get your colleague one of these toys and spend some time in the park to catch some healthy sunlight.

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21. Mechanical Paper Plane Launcher

Mechanical Paper Plane Launcher

This plane is vastly different from the previously mentioned apps-controlled paper plane! This one is more on the retro and mechanical side. You will need to assemble it before you can launch it! It features a winding-up mechanism launcher that allows the plane to take off. Adults will especially enjoy the assembly process of this mechanical airplane!

22. Couple’s Personalized Heart Swing

Couple's Personalized Heart Swing

Run out of ideas about what to give on your wedding anniversary day? You can check these unusual outdoor toys that come in a unique heart-shaped swing! Your spouse will gladly use the swing and have a romantic time together! Hang one outdoors underneath a tree in your backyard.

23. Titanium Alloy Outdoor Dice

EDC Solid Titanium Alloy Outdoor Dice

Do you want to play monopoly or any board games out in the park? If so, you should get this super cool titanium alloy dice set! They are incredibly well-made and excellent for an outdoor party or while camping.

24. Magic Flying Ball Toy

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Do you want to hold a fun outdoor party at night? Get a bunch of these flying disco balls! It features propellers and colorful LEDs light. This toy is enjoyable to play outside when it is dark.

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