36 Cool Bookends For Book Lovers

As any book lover would no doubt agree, cool bookends are the perfect blend of utilitarian and decorative. On one hand, A cool bookend allows you to turn literally every surface in your home into a makeshift bookshelf.

Whether this happens to be the kitchen counter, mantelpiece or desktop, they will keep your book collection tidy and upright.

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On the other, creative bookend concepts can add meaning to your collection and bring it in line with your interior décor. They might in fact be a fabulous way to showcase your unique style.

The Coolest Bookends You Can Buy

Given their remarkable combination of function and flair, unique bookends could make the perfect housewarming gift for a book lover. No matter what your precise needs are, we have curated the ultimate collection of amazing bookends that will have you drooling. Check them out!

#1 Mountain Peak Book Ends

Mountain Peak Book Ends

If you have a soft spot for woodland décor, these mountain peak bookends are your best bet.

They bring a delicate touch of the outdoors in and transform your space in a simple yet matchless way. Premium pine is the material of choice, sure to add a touch of elegance to any space.

#2 Thors Hammer Book Ends

Thors Hammer Book Ends

For the geek in your life, this cool bookend will find a special spot in their heart. Nothing could beat the Mjolnir in protecting your book collection against unwanted intruders.

If your collection happens to consist of Marvel Comics publications, then it’s only logical to get this piece.

#3 Golden Gate Bridge Bookends

Golden Gate Bridge Bookends

Create your own little forest indoors with one of these fun and creative pairs. These wooden bookends consist of an almost lifelike forest.

The craftsmanship that goes into carving out every detail of the trees is simply impeccable. What a way to add some visual interest around your collection of books!

#4 Batman Vs Superman Metal Bookends

Batman Vs Superman Metal Bookends

Reenact the Dawn of Justice in your home office or library with the Batman vs. Superman bookends.

Have the two superheroes fight it out and settle the duel once for all time. As they will find out sooner or later, they can actually achieve the most good by working together.

#5 Giraffe Bookends

Giraffe Bookends

Take your love of art to the next level with long-necked creativity on one of the coolest bookends of all time.

Nothing is as cool as a mother’s love, especially when she reaches through your book collection to nuzzle her young one. This whimsical set of bookends will have everyone oohing and aahing.

#6 Death Star Bookends

Death Star Bookends

Is there a book-loving Star Wars enthusiast in your life? Get them a gift they will never forget in the form of Death Star bookends.

When it comes to blending style and function, this is as close as you can ever get. With the potential to double up as a collectible, this wooden piece will become an instant favorite.

#7 Contemporary Wooden Bookends

Vintage Mid Century Modern Hand Carved Wood Bookends. - a Pair

Keep things simple yet cool with these contemporary wooden bookends. What could be cooler than a pair of bookends that almost spell out BOOK?

The material, solid oak or ash, offers a matchless combination of quality and appeal. And you can be sure that every piece will be unique, with distinctive color and grain variations.

#8 Gun & Blood Splatter Bookends

Gun & Blood Splatter Bookends

Quench your thirst for all things morbid with these queer yet creative bookends. Ideal for a man cave, this pair features a gun on one side and blood spatter on the other.

Who would imagine that anyone could get blood splatter so right, and realistic? This is an amazing statement piece to capture and sustain visual interest.

#9 Kraken Octopus & Pirate Ship Book Ends

Kraken Octopus & Pirate Ship Book Ends

Someone seems to have released the Kraken and the pirate ship is in trouble! These cool bookends make a great choice for a “Clash of the Titans” fan.

They could also be the perfect piece to complete your nautical décor. Great attention to detail brings every aspect of the artwork alive.

#10 Arrow BookEnds

Arrow BookEnds

Add some personality to your bookshelf with these pieces. They take the shape of an arrow, seemingly piercing through your books to hold them securely in place.

A cast iron construction with distressed antique bronze finish takes you on a trip back into time. What a fun and interesting piece for any space!

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#11 Hylian Shield & Master Sword Book Ends

Hylian Shield & Master Sword Book Ends

Are you a gaming enthusiast or do you know someone who is? Get the best shield in the game, Hylian Shield from Zelda, alongside the Master Sword.

Nothing will ever stand in your way as long as you hold on to them. With these wooden bookends, you will be the envy of all your gaming friends.

#12 Coastal & Beach Decor Metal Bookends

Coastal & Beach Decor Metal Bookends

There is nothing more relaxing than a beach scene in your interior space. It brings the taste of summer even during the bleakest winter.

Enjoy that visual feast and a ton of functional appeal with one of these whimsical bookend sets. If your house sports a nautical theme, this is your missing piece to complete the décor.

#13 Dinosaur Bookends

Dinosaur Bookends

Do you sometimes wish you could take a trip back to the Jurassic period? Well, the next time you get that overwhelming feeling, this cool bookend will take you there.

It is an awesome set for all dinosaur lovers, young and old. As a bonus, you get a pterodactyl and T-Rex to watch over your book collection. Cool, huh?

#14 Personalized Antiqued Globe Bookends

Personalized Antiqued Globe Bookends

Is there someone in your life who suffers from incurable wanderlust? Nothing captures their condition better than these antique globe bookends.

Featuring a realistic representation of the earth in orbit, it has what it takes to warm an adventurer’s heart. Thanks to its portability, they can take it with them on trips abroad.

#15 Bicycle Bookends

Bicycle Bookends

The best thing about books is their ability to take you places you might never go in real life. Celebrate that potential in your book collection with a set of bicycle bookends.

They might not get you there as fast as you wish, but you will get there eventually. This has to be one of the most charming sets yet.

#16 Personalized Game of Thrones Handmade Bookends

Personalized Game of Thrones Handmade Bookends

Our bookends collection would be far from complete without this Game of Thrones pair. These words of Tyrion Lannister ring true for every book lover, old and young.

You might want to use this for a baby’s nursery to nurture a love for books in their heart. And hopefully, a love for Game of Thrones too!

#17 The Walking Dead Handmade Bookends

The Walking Dead Handmade Bookends

Whether you love reading about the Zombie Apocalypse or are getting ready for it, you need these cool bookends.

They show so much attention to detail, with actual zombies that might almost freak you out in the dark. For any lover of The Walking Dead, this could make a delightful surprise.

#18 Supernatural Bookends

Supernatural Bookends

Take your Supernatural home décor to the next level with this unique set of bookends. Once again, meticulous attention to detail brings the characters to life. And you can pick out your favorites without much hassle.

The wooden pieces can match any décor adding a touch of elegance and creativity.

#19 Star Wars Princess Leia and Han Solo Metal Bookends

Star Wars Princess Leia and Han Solo Metal Bookends

You can never go wrong with one of these sets of bookends for Star Wars fans. Featuring princess Leia and Han Solo, they will find a way into the heart of your recipient.

They are made of steel and can handle anything life throws their way, including gunshots.

#20 Industrial Gear Sculptural Iron Book End

Industrial Gear Sculptural Iron Book End

Complete your industrial home décor with these gear bookends. The authenticity of the design and unique flair make them the ultimate choice for creating a special visual effect.

Get this – you can turn the crank and the gears will actually move! Imagine how exciting it would be for an industrial décor lover to get this as a gift!

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#21 Spiderman Decorative Metal Bookend

Spider-Man Bookends

Enjoy having the web-slinging, wall-crawler guard your book collection and give it some extra flair.

This cool bookend brings out the best in him, though you can never be too sure of what he is up to. If you are looking to add meaning to your shelf, this is a great place to start.

#22 Engraved Scales of Justice Jade Glass Bookends

Engraved Scales of Justice Jade Glass Bookends

For the lawyer or law school graduate in your life, these personalized bookends make an awesome gift choice. You can almost certainly count on the fact that no one else would think of such a gift.

And you get to add some style as well as function to their lives. Isn’t that everything you need in a gift choice?

#23 Hammerhead Shark Bookends

Hammerhead Shark Bookends

You would probably agree with us that the Hammerhead Shark is one of nature’s strangest creatures. Well, here is an opportunity to observe one up close, probably the closest you will ever get to one.

Try not to make a fuss of the fact that he is swimming through your books though. You do not want to piss him off.

#24 Lord of the Rings Bookends

Lord of the Rings Bookends

Here is the one set of bookends to rule them all! For all the Ringers in the house, these Lord of the Rings bookends are everything you need and much more. They breathe life into the heart and soul of the show.

If you have personal copies of all the books on your shelf, the bookends will add meaning to the collection and make it stand out.

#25 Majestic Forest Bookends

Majestic Forest Bookends - cool bookends

There is nothing quite as refreshing as having a little of the outdoors in your indoor space. Forest bookends offer a welcome sight for sore eyes at the end of a long day.

They could in fact be the motivation you need to keep going. This charming woodland scene sports amazing attention to detail, so close to the real thing that you want a closer look.

#26 Owl & Woodpecker Bookends

Don’t you just love the way different creatures co-exist out in the wild? With this unusual bookend set, you get to enjoy a constant reminder of that indoors.

On one side, an owl sits idly on a tree branch while a woodpecker pecks away on the other side. For the bird watchers in the house, these are the missing pieces to your collection.

#27 Cat Lady or Kids Bookends

Cat Lady or Kids Bookends

We all have a crazy cat lady in our lives and this set is the perfect gift for them. It sports a cat and its kitten on either side, and is perfect for all manner of cat lovers.

Heavy steel ensures that these little kitties will keep your books upright and your shelf tidy. Just remind the kitten not to scratch too hard.

#28 Baseball Bookends

Baseball Bookends - cool bookends

These baseball fans forgot that their job here is to hold the books in place. But their game looks like so much fun; you almost want to join them.

For the talented baseball player in your life, this set would be a thoughtful gift choice. Give their décor a major facelift and earn some worthwhile gift-whispering points while you’re at it.

#29 Elephant Family Bookends

Elephant Family Bookends

When your book collection gets to a certain point, then only a family of elephants can keep things in check. Featuring mama and baby elephant, this contemporary set is a beauty to behold.

They would be as great for a retro room as it would be for a modern one. Carbon steel makes them heavy enough to handle whatever comes their way.

#30 Shot Out of a Cannon Cool Bookends

Shot Out of a Cannon Bookends - cool bookends

One cannot help but smile at the sight of this funny bookend, which seems to tell a story. Was a cannon the only way he could get to her?

And will she just keep standing there or help him get a soft landing? Fortunately, you can create a different ending to the story every passing day.

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#31 Nautical Bookends

Nautical Bookends

Picture the amazing effect these creative bookends would have on your nautical décor. Their positioning makes them look like independent collectibles, creating tons of aesthetic appeal.

But they also play a crucial functional role behind the scenes, thanks to the heavy steel material.

#32 Solid Oak Personalised Bookends

Solid Oak Personalised Bookends

Give your bookworm friend a gift they will never forget in form of a creative bookend. The wooden piece can almost act as an independent shelf.

It sports a steel base on which books sit and a wooden stand to support them. As a bonus, the wooden part features a built-in glass vase to add a floral touch. To cap it all up, you can personalize the gift!

#33 Personalized Text Bookends

Personalized Text Bookends

A little creativity goes a long way in making a gift truly special. All personalized text to this set of bookends to make it an unforgettable gift.

You have a limit of four letters on the two ends to get your message across, so make it short and sweet! It’s one of those gifts your recipient will always hold dear.

#34 Yoda Metal Bookend

Yoda Metal Bookend

A cool bookend for every Star Wars fan. A pose of Yoda that looks like holding the book to avoid the book’s fall is an excellent design. You can put your books collection there or probably Star Wars classic magazines there for a complete look of Star Wars in your home. The material is sturdy enough to hold the books. Is there any reason to not buy this item?

#35 Chess Bookend

Chess Bookend

If your hobby is playing chess, then you can add a chess inspired look to your room with this bookend. A rook and a knight will give a different ambience above the drawer. A simple item to encourage people about your hobby without telling them. Save the medium size book on this bookend and let the room neat every day.

#36 Decorative Two Mens Bookend

Decorative Two Mens Bookend

Get the minimalist and modern look in your room by adding this decorative two mens bookend. This bookend is made from shiny zinc alloy. It is sturdy enough to hold your book collections. It is not only perfect for your room in your house but also for the desk at the office. Let your books be organized and tidy everyday with this one help.

Having a bookend can be a solution for you who have a small collection of books. You do not have to buy a big bookshelf to organize your books. Buying the bookend can be your choice. 

There you have it! Whether you are looking to add style, personality or functionality to your book collection, these cool bookends have got you covered. Make the choice that most defines you and covers all bases, and enjoy their matchless potential to transform your space.

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