Star Trek Frisbee Disc

This Star Trek Frisbee Disc will make throwing frisbee outside so much more spectacular and geekier than anything before. This U.S.S. Enterprise frisbee is the Mother Of All Frisbees, pardon our mix of fandoms.

When you think of frisbees in a geeky context there’s not a lot of variety out there. It’s usually a logo of your beloved movie, game, or series plastered on top of it and that would be all.

Well, yes, you could get yourself a Captain America shield frisbee, since it was actually acknowledged as such in the movies. 

Still, the pool of flying disks to choose from is a bit repetitive. At least it was until this Star Trek awesomeness came along.

Star Trek Frisbee Disc

The saucer of this frisbee is made out of plastic while the rest of the ship is made out of good old EVA foam. To throw it, just hold the saucer part, aim, and throw it. That’s it.

Star Trek Frisbee Disc

The secondary hull part of the frisbee actually keeps the whole flying disc more grounded and stabilized. The saucer, on the other hand, spins in place and propels the whole frisbee forward. 

Any Star Trek fan needs to have this awesome U.S.S. Enterprise frisbee in their summer gadgets arsenal. Throw far and prosper.

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