O’Tom Tick Twister Tick Removal Tool

This O’Tom Tick Twister Tick Removal Tool allows you to properly and safely remove a nasty tick from both humans and pets. There’s nothing worse for someone who fears insects than getting a tick. Just no.

Big nope to the Nopeland. But it is a common threat and a dangerous one at that. There’s plenty of tickborne diseases, most infamous of them being lyme disease, so it’s important to find and remove ticks as soon as possible. Here steps in Tick Twister.

You might think that carving or pulling out a tick is much easier without spending money, but no, you absolutely shouldn’t do that. Tick Twister, due to its rotating movement, removes the embedded tick wholly. Meaning that it doesn’t squeeze the parasite or breaks its body. 

Trust us, you wouldn’t want a part of this nasty insect stuck in your skin ready to be inflated. Tick Twister allows you to avoid that unfortunate turn of events. It can remove ticks of any sizes, it;d durable, and can be used multiple times.

O’Tom Tick Twister Tick Removal Tool

Even if you’re not concerned with your health that much and think you’d rather just go to the doctor, then fine. But think of your beautiful beloved pets.

O’Tom Tick Twister Tick Removal Tool

Dogs, cats, horses and other outdoor animals can fall an easy prey to ticks. Moreover, it often takes too long to discover the tick due to the animal’s fur.

Better have your Tick Twister on the ready and check your pet’s fur regularly. 

O’Tom Tick Twister Tick Removal Tool

So if you’re leading an outdoorsy lifestyle, are planning a camping trip or frequently let your pets roam the grass, you know what you have to do. Get a Tick Twister. Or lock yourself away in the Nopeland forever.

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