25 Awesome Gifts for Teenage Tomboys

Some people are just born and grow up differently. While some girls are naturally girly and love girly stuff such as princess shoes and glitters, others might prefer to cosplay as a dinosaur and dreaming about being a warrior in a fantastical kingdom far far away. Both ways are totally fine, especially since society is getting more and more aware of gender neutrality and girl loving sports are not considered as weird anymore.

You can support the tomboys you know so they can embrace their true identity happily. This is very important especially when they’re in their teenage phase when they still try to figure out their identity. The following is a guide of the best gift for teenage tomboys so you can get the perfect gift idea without pissing them off. 

1. Glass Slippers Football Boots Hoodie

Glass Slippers Football Boots Hoodie

From their very young age, they might already show some sign of avoiding girly things such as princess shoes and opt for casual sneakers or boots. Tomboys often have these traits, and that is why this hoodie can be a perfect gift for teenage tomboys. Maybe it is the next best thing after the football boots, but still, they can wear the hoodie on a daily basis comfortably. 

2. Tomboy Princess Retro Hoodie

Tomboy Princess Retro Hoodie

A unisex heavy blend hooded sweatshirt that will make any tomboy comfortable. The thick blend of cotton and polyester material gives this hoodie a soft feel alongside warmth. This hoodie would be perfect as gifts for tomboys and will make anyone in line on their back smile for the positive message it has. The retro design and color give it a great retro look that matches today’s aesthetic.

3. Tomboy T-Shirt

Tomboy T-Shirt

It is what it is. A straightforward t-shirt that is very comfortable for casual occasions that says “TOMBOY” on it. Maybe people can spot a tomboy directly, but it is still okay to wear something that speaks the truth. This t-shirt comes in pink as well as any other color you can think of. You can get a more neutral color, but a tomboy can wear pink too. 

4. Tomboy Tassels

Tomboy Tassels

This adjustable bangle bracelet with tassels celebrates our sisters who prefer to play with soldiers rather than dolls. This bracelet is the perfect gift for teenage tomboys who prefer tennis shoes to heels and backpacks to purses. This piece is for the stunning tomboys among us that need to feel as beautiful as everyone else.

5. Unladylike Crewneck Sweatshirt

Unladylike Crewneck Sweatshirt

Tomboys are often recognized by their unladylike behaviors. This is why this crewneck sweatshirt is a great gift for teenage tomboys you know. It allows them to just be themselves and embrace their tomboiness. It is a available in unisex sizing making it perfect for those who doesn’t care about gender roles, especially on clothing. 

4. Decorate Your Own Water Bottle Craft Kit

Decorate Your Own Water Bottle Craft Kit

A DIY water bottle kit will make a great gift for everyone including teenage tomboys. The bottle comes in blank and they can decorate it however they please to match their own style and personality. It is very easy to do and can be their DIY project that is actually functional. With the letters stickers, they can put on their names, nicknames, or even the word “tomboy” if they feel like it. 

5. Dart Board Set

Dart Board Set

Don’t tomboys love playing games? Especially when it comes to a game that requires precision and challenges. This dart board will be a great gift for teenage tomboys that will keep them busy and entertained for hours. They can hang it on their bedroom wall and have fun playing it all by themselves or with their best friends. 

8. Bow and Arrow for Kids with LED Lights

Bow and Arrow for Kids with LED Lights

Some girls just want to play archery and train their skill at aiming arrows at the target. This bow and arrow kit will be the perfect gift for teenage tomboys if they are interested in archery and need some kind of introduction before starting to train with the real stuff. Equipped with LED lights, this bow and arrow kit is more suitable for younger tomboys in their early teenage years. 

9. Hover Ball with 2 LED Light

Hover Ball with 2 LED Light

A hover ball that looks like a soccer ball? What can be a better gift for teenage tomboys other than this amazing LED lit hover ball? This hover ball will keep them active during the rainy or snowy days without driving their parents crazy since it has a soft foam air cushion that protects the ball when it hits the wall. 

10. Rechargeable RC Robots

Rechargeable RC Robots

Why play with dolls when you can play with robots? That is probably some thought that goes over some tomboys’ brain every now and then. except, now they can actually play with their very own remote controlled robot. This robot is small and it can keep them company when they study since they can put it on their desk easily. It also makes a great decorative piece when turned off. 

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11. Tomboy Print Phone Case

Tomboy Print Phone Case

No teenager can survive a day without their phone in this era. How should they access TikTok when they don’t have their phone with them? Jokes aside, a phone case is a necessity these days. They work not only to keep the phone safe and protected, but also to keep them looking cooler and more stylish. This phone case also has another purpose which is to make a statement. It is a way to say that yes, this girl is a tomboy. 

12. Tomboy Decorative Throw Pillow Cover

Tomboy Decorative Throw Pillow Cover

Even though the society already developed towards a more progressive view, some people still have their long going sexist mind and doubt if girls can have what so called boyish traits such as liking sports and being actually good at them. This pillow cover can be a great gift for teenage tomboys to encourage them and help them stop caring about what others say. Yes, in fact, girls can wrestle and probably do it better. 

13. Tomboy Wall Art Decor

Tomboy Wall Art Decor

Wall arts are a great way to spice up any room and give the room its character and personality. This wall art will make a great gift for teenage tomboys especially if they love to wear boots on their daily activities. The wall art is made out of metal tin making it versatile and durable. It can stay for a very long time for both indoor and outdoor decoration. 

14. Tomboy : A Graphic Memoir

Tomboy A Graphic Memoir

This book is a memoir of its author, Liz Prince, who didn’t consider herself as a girly girl back when she was growing up. but she wasn’t part of the guys either. She was something in between, and she told her experience in this book. This is why this book will make a great gift for teenage tomboys since it can help them navigate the struggles of teenage tomboys life and what it means to be a girl.

15. Tomboy Survival Guide

Tomboy Survival Guide

Sometimes we need to learn from other’s experiences to better understand what’s going on. This book is another memoir of a young tomboys that is told in a funny and moving way. This book is a great gift for teenage tomboys as it warmly recounts the author’s journey through treacherous gender landscapes and a maze of labels that don’t quite stick, to a place of self-acceptance and an authentic strength. 

16. Color Changing Cinema Lightbox

Color Changing Cinema Lightbox

The best part about this cinema light is that anyone can create their own wording that speaks the most. It’s like a way we want to show our very own movie in a way that we love. You can get this light as a gift for teenage tomboys and let them decide what words they want to showcase, or not at all since this light is already cool even without words. The color changing LED can be controlled to sit their mood and set the whole vibe in their room. 

17. Murder Mystery Puzzle Book

Murder Mystery Puzzle Book

This witty plot of a classic whodunit mystery puzzle will keep any teenage tomboy entertained for hours. They can play an assistant to a detective solving mysteries on this puzzle using their puzzle solving skill. It is both entertaining and great to train their brain. A great gift option for teenage tomboys who love murder and mmistery cases and opt to be a future detective. 

18. Make Your Own Guitar Pick Punch

Make Your Own Guitar Pick Punch

Used plastic stuff such as old credit cards certainly should not go into waste. This pick punch will be a great gift for teenage tomboys who love to play guitars, make their own stuff, or simply love to repurpose old stuff and give them a new life. With this pick punch, they can make personalized picks for themselves or as a gift. 

19. Personalized Amp Doormat

Personalized Amp Doormat

This doormat looks so cool in front of any teenage tomboys room whether they love listening to music or play music themselves. It can be personalized so they can have an amplifier doormat with their name on it. Now they can welcome any guest to their personal space with style. Ask any teenage tomboys and they will be thrilled to get this doormat as a gift. 

20. Baseball Bingo Set

Baseball Bingo Set

If you know any teenage tomboy who are obsessed with baseball, this bingo set will be a fantastic gift for them.These wooden bingo boards display 24 interchangeable tokens that describe gameplay events. It will make any game night a lot more fun and entertaining. Get to know who plays the game better, The baseball team or the bingo player?

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21. Cool Digital Watch

Cool Digital Watch

A digital watch is something neutral and genderless so you can get them as a gift for teenage tomboys. This cool digital watch is affordable but looks just as cool as the more expensive ones from flagship brands. Comes in black with a variety of accent colors making this watch a nice to have and actually functional in daily life

22. Stroppy Teenager mug

Stroppy Teenager mug

Tomboy or not tomboy, teenagers are facing such difficult times that can be different from each other. The teenage years are probably one of the hardest life phases everyone has to go through and hence, this mug makes such a great point. This mug is funny and eye-catching making it a great gift for teenage tomboys who are currrently dealing with teenager’s problems. 

23. Small Skull Stud Earrings

Small Skull Stud Earrings

In case you wonder, yes, tomboys also love to wear accessories. The accessories style of their choice might be different but getting them a pair of cool ear studs can be one of the best decisions you make. These ear studs have a cool skull design making it suitable for any teenager regardless of their gender. 

24. Eco Friendly Red Splatter Ball Gun

Eco Friendly Red Splatter Ball Gun

Girls also want to pick up their guns and fight. Of course getting them a real gun is irresponsible by any means, but getting them a gun toy with water gel bullets will not harm anyone. It can be a great weapon when they play war with their friends in the neighborhood. 

25. Space Astronaut Wall Stickers

Space Astronaut Wall Stickers

Some girls love Disney princesses, but some other girls opt for space life instead. These astronaut wall stickers are a great gift for teenage tomboys who dream of going to outer space someday. The design is cool and will spice up their room with a more fun and futuristic personality. They can arrange the astronaut stickers however they please. 

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