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25 Best Christmas Gifts for Tomboy Girlfriend To Impress Her

Finding perfect Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend is quite challenging. Probably you want to express your love in a romantic way to her. On the other hand, she may be tired of feminine and cute gifts. In fact, your tomboy girlfriend will be attracted to unisex and masculine items or gifts that embrace her tomboy personality. Otherwise, she will find that those Christmas gifts are cheesy. However, it might be a blessing in disguise since you can use those gifts as well. 

Furthermore, Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend don’t have to be luxurious and costly. Since a tomboy girlfriend loves neutral and basic colors, those gifts are usually quite simple but useful. In case you need more inspiration for amazing presents to your tomboy girlfriend, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! We have picked the best and unique gifts which will make your tomboy girlfriend fall in  love. Let’s dive in! 

1. Throw Pillow Case

Throw Pillow Case

Who doesn’t like something soft to snuggle up with on Christmas night? Well, this is one of the best Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend which embraces her personality well. The powerful caption on this throw pillow case gives a strong statement about your tomboy girlfriend. Made from durable cotton linen in neutral beige color, this gift will fit in any room.

2. Yin Yang Couple Bracelet

Yin Yang Couple Bracelet

Having a tomboy girlfriend means you can have a “cool but not cute and cheesy” couple bracelet on Christmas. Well, these Yin Yang bracelets are the best choice. They are made up of two bracelets that never come apart. In addition, these bracelets are sturdy and easy to wear, constructed of metal with a handcrafted braided design.

3. Vintage Wood Music Box

Vintage Wood Music Box

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend who loves listening to music, this gift will be a perfect idea. The engraved wooden box reflects the vintage atmosphere. What makes it more interesting, there is no battery needed to listen to the music. Your tomboy girlfriend only has to keep rotating the handle, so that the calming music will play.

4. Luxury Whiskey Glass Set

Luxury Whiskey Glass Set

Warm up the cold weather on Christmas night with your tomboy girlfriend and a set of whiskey glasses. This is a perfect gift for your tomboy girlfriend who wants to have a fancy drinking experience at home. It consists of whiskey glasses, granite premium stones, stone coasters, and stainless steel tongs. 

5. Outdoor Tomboy Girl Sweatshirt

Outdoor Tomboy Girl Sweatshirt

Make your tomboy girlfriend have a cool and casual look on Christmas with this fantastic sweatshirt. The unique caption on the front reflects the calm and easygoing personality of your tomboy girlfriend. Made from medium weight winter fleece in the dark gray color, this is one of the warmest Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend ever.

6. Wall Sign

Wall Sign

Embrace your tomboy girlfriend’s preference who feels more comfortable wearing boots than high heels at a Christmas party with this gift. The creative caption in this vintage style wall sign will surely be the reason for her smile. Your tomboy girlfriend can hang it in her room to make a joke with her guests.

7. Engraved Personalized Star Lighter 

Engraved Personalized Star Lighter

Get your tomboy girlfriend some cool stuff which she can bring anywhere as a Christmas gift. Especially if your tomboy girlfriend loves smoking, this awesome lighter will be something she will cherish forever. Besides, you can personalize this lighter with an engraved message on the front side. This will be a precious Christmas gift for tomboy girlfriend who is also a smoker.

8. Leather Stainless Steel Engraved Bracelet 

Leather Stainless Steel Engraved Bracelet

Who says a tomboy girlfriend doesn’t like accessories? Well, you still can get her accessories as Christmas gifts too. However, she is interested in masculine accessories such as this leather bracelet. The sturdy and strong appearance will match her personality well. Not to mention, you can customize the pendant with meaningful messages.

9. Wooden Keepsake Box

Wooden Keepsake Box

Suppose you are looking for Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend who loves aesthetic and vintage style, try to get her this keepsake box. Beautifully handcrafted from wood, your tomboy girlfriend will appreciate this art. Furthermore, she can keep her precious belongings inside since there is her engraved name on this box which is dedicated to her.

10. World’s Okayest Girlfriend Shirt

World's Okayest Girlfriend Shirt

This funny shirt is specifically designed for your tomboy girlfriend who is sick of compliments. Instead, you can praise her as the “World’s Okayest Girlfriend” if she doesn’t want to be pretty or skinny. Made from 100% cotton, this shirt is super soft and comfortable as well. This gift surely will crack her laugh on Christmas.

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11. Wood Surfboard Necklace

Wood Surfboard Necklace

Surprise your tomboy girlfriend who loves sports at the beach with this beautiful necklace. Inspired by boho and hippie style, this will be one of the best Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend who is also a surfer. The walnut wood and green resin surfboard pendant is just stunning, making her look more charming as well.

12. Retro Tomboy Wristwatch

Retro Tomboy Wristwatch

In case your tomboy girlfriend often forgets about time, this wristwatch will surely be her lifesaver. The retro design radiates the vintage and elegant style, perfect for your cool tomboy girlfriend. Besides, the analog mechanical watch system tells the long history of this watch which will be a rare Christmas gift to treasure.

13. Lightning Flash Earrings

Lightning Flash Earrings

Show the badass side of your tomboy girlfriend with these stunning earrings. Made from silver with fantastic lightning design, these earrings will look charming on your tomboy girlfriend. They will be ideal Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend which will make her the center of attraction. 

14. SweatyRocks Short Sleeve Crop Top

SweatyRocks Short Sleeve Crop Top

Make your tomboy girlfriend look hot in the rocker vibes with this gift. Especially if your tomboy girlfriend is also a rock lover, this rocker crop top tee will never fail to make her jump into joy and excitement. Made from comfortable and stretchable material, your girlfriend will kill the Christmas party with this fabulous gift. 

15. Inspirational Tomboy Tumblr

Inspirational Tomboy Tumblr

Show your support and love to your tomboy girlfriend through this beautiful and inspirational reminder in this gift. This charming tumblr will be one of the encouraging Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend who often gets hate from other people just because she is different. Moreover, it comes with a regular size which is easy to carry everywhere she goes.

16. Cool Sneakers Ankle Socks

Cool Sneakers Ankle Socks

Make your tomboy girlfriend feel warm on Christmas night with these unique socks. Unlike the cute and fluffy socks which she doesn’t like, these sneaker ankle socks will make her look cool instead. The sneaker pattern makes your girlfriend appear to already be wearing her sneakers. Not to mention, the vibrant colors will surely brighten up Christmas day.

17. Scented Candles Gift Set

Scented Candles Gift Set

Treat your tomboy girlfriend with a set of scented candles to make her calm and relax. In case she has many problems at work, these will be Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend to ease her mind and body. It comes with natural essential oil that will fill up her room, giving a peaceful atmosphere. Gorgeously packed in the boho box style, your tomboy girlfriend will be happy with this gift.

18. Tactical Pen Gifts

Tactical Pen Gifts

Keep your tomboy girlfriend safe while walking alone outside with this Christmas gift. Especially if your tomboy girlfriend knows self defense basics, this gift will be very beneficial for her. It comes with ultimate secret weapons inside the pen which can protect your tomboy girlfriend since she loves to explore and travel on her own.

19. Lightning Shocking Game

Lightning Shocking Game

If your tomboy girlfriend thinks that playing board games on Christmas is boring, why don’t you try to give her this lightning shocking game? This will be one of the creative Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend who loves party games. All she needs to do is just grab the handle, press the button, and wait for the electric shock to come. With this gift, your tomboy girlfriend can play it with up to 4 people.

20. Winning Fingers Flashing Cube

Winning Fingers Flashing Cube

Get your tomboy girlfriend who easily gets bored with this flashing cube as a Christmas gift. We guarantee that this cube will never bore her, instead making her addicted more and more. It comes with 4 different games in one cube, which challenges her speed and memory skills. It is a perfect game while waiting for someone or traveling. 

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21. Birthstone Wishing Balls

Birthstone Wishing Balls

Wish your tomboy girlfriend good things on Christmas with this gift. These charming wishing balls are ideal Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend who is allergic to sweet talk. You can fill these colorful balls with your wishes for her. Later, your tomboy girlfriend can read them which will definitely make her smile.

22. Fun Toilet Bombs

Fun Toilet Bombs

Help your tomboy girlfriend clean her toilet in a fun way with this Christmas gift. Especially if your tomboy girlfriend has an OCD in cleaning, this gift will be something she will cherish forever. This unique toilet bomb will indeed surprise her with colorful foam once reacted with water. It makes cleaning toilets fun and easy.

23. Eternal LED Flower

Eternal LED Flower

At first you may think that flowers are too girly for your tomboy girlfriend. However, this eternal LED flower will surely make her fall in love as it portrays beautiful nature in an elegant way as a Christmas gift. In fact, a tomboy girlfriend still loves flowers as a part of nature, but she hates the fresh flowers gifts becoming a waste. Therefore, this eternal flower is suitable for her.

24. Key Finder

Key Finder

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend who often forgets to put her keys, then this gift is destined for her. This key finder comes with a bright red color which is noticeable easily.In addition, it has a loud sound and light features that will alert the key owner to the location of her keys.

25. Whiskey Lover Gift Set

Whiskey Lover Gift Set

Create an unforgettable Christmas night with your tomboy girlfriend with this gift. This is one of the unique Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend who loves to try new ways to enjoy whiskey. This gift set has the old fashioned mixes which make her favorite whiskey more tasty. Not to mention, your tomboy girlfriend can try the whiskey bath experience with the honey whiskey soap as well.

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What do you get an adult tomboy for Christmas?

You can get her masculine or unisex gifts such as the Grass Stains Ain’t No Thang Outdoor Tomboy Girl Sweatshirt to make her warm on Christmas. Or, try to surprise her with the secret weapon in the Tactical Pen Gifts in case she loves to play with extreme tools. After all, those Christmas gifts you get for tomboy girls should reflect her personality well. To help you choose the best Christmas gift for tomboy girlfriend, we have collected the best lists in the article above.

What should I get my tomboy girlfriend for Valentines Day?

Try to get her the Yin Yang Couple Bracelet if you want to express your romantic side in a cool way. Or, if you want to get her flowers, please don’t give her fresh flowers. Instead, you can get her the Eternal LED Flower for Valentine’s Day. Overall, there are many great gifts to express your love and care to your tomboy girlfriend. For more inspiration, please check our lists of Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriends in the article above.

Are tomboys good girlfriends?

Yes, they are! A tomboy girlfriend is easy going since she will be fine to hang out everywhere. Therefore, she will easily blend in with your friends or communities. Moreover, since they don’t really care about makeup, she will not make you wait for a long time to dress up. However, once she adds a little makeup or accessories, she will look extremely hot and gorgeous. Suppose you want to impress and praise her with a Christmas gift for tomboy girlfriend, you have to carefully choose the right gift. Hence, we will help you to find more insight with our article above.

What makes a girl a tomboy?

It is caused by internal and external factors. The internal factor such as the percentage of testosterone hormones is scientifically proven that can affect a girl becoming a tomboy or not. Furthermore, external factors such as the parenting style, societies, and friends also impact the tomboy girl. However, she is indeed a good girlfriend. If you are going to surprise her with a Christmas gift for tomboy girlfriend, find the perfect present in our selected items above.

What are tomboys attracted to?

Tomboy girls are attracted to masculine hobbies and men’s activities. Therefore, they also fall in love with neutral colors and boys’ style items. If you have a tomboy girlfriend, you can give her the Retro Tomboy Wristwatch or the Engraved Personalized Star Lighter which match her tomboy character well. In case you are looking for Christmas gifts for tomboy girlfriend ideas, you can read our article above.

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