25 Cool and Fun Rugby Gifts For Rugby Lovers

Rugby is a type of team football game played by two teams. Each team tries to score by kicking, throwing or carrying the ball so they can kick to free the opponent’s goal or touch behind the opponent’s line. The team that scores the most points is declared as the winner. Some people think these sports are similar to American Football, but Rugby and football are actually two different sports. Rugby sounds like a challenging yet fun game, which is the reason why many people, especially boys, love to play the game. If your family or close friends happen to love Rugby, bringing some Rugby-related gifts for their birthday or Christmas would be a great idea. There are tons of Rugby gifts you can buy for them, from a cheap item that cost a few bucks to the cool but expensive one. Plus, you can also pick the best gift based on your budget.

For those of you who don’t know where to start searching for the best gift, we have curated 25 lists of Rugby gift ideas you can buy for your friends on their birthday, or even as a Christmas gift. These gifts are listed from the familiar online store, thus you can buy all things without worrying too much about the quality of the item. Let’s start and check the list below! 

1. Fancy Rugby Shirt

Rugby Gifts

A rugby shirt is a gift that you can buy for your friends or family who love this game. Surely, they will not use this in any Rugby matches, but this shirt will definitely become the perfect item that express their interest in Rugby whenever they are out in public space. This shirt comes as a personalized item with unisex model, which suits both men and women. 

2. Incredible Rugby Bracelet

Rugby Gifts

If you’re looking for Rugby gifts in the form of jewelry, you can give this Rugby bracelet to your female friends, cousin, sister, or even a girlfriend who loves Rugby. She might like this Rugby bracelet. With 24cm of width, this bracelet is a unique gift made in Sweden, and also an ideal gift for Christmas, birthday, or any special celebration for her. Plus, you can also customize and create two of them as a couple’s bracelet. 

3. Rare Rugby Coach Tumblr

Rugby Gifts

Many people may have their own tumbler. But an ordinary person might not have a Rugby coach tumbler because only Rugby lovers would love this tumblr. If your Rugby coach is still using mugs every day and you think he would love to enjoy a hot tea during break time, then maybe this coach Tumblr would be an ideal gift for your coach. A gift for his dedication to your team on his birthday might be a special item for him to remember. 

4. Graceful Necklace

Rugby Gifts

Give a cute necklace to your female friends, cousin, or even your niece if they love Rugby. A custom necklace with a personalized pendants would be a special gift for a female fan of this sport. You can give it as a special gift on her wedding day, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or the other special celebrations, too. 

5. Uncommon Rugby Bag

Rugby Gifts

A bag is definitely one of the most important items for women. They use bags for grocery shopping, to go to the market, and as daily item to carry their essentials. But sometimes, they need to use canvas bag, too. It will be a simple bag for her to use everywhere, especially for a casual occasion. This ‘Proud Mom’ Rugby bag would be the perfect gift for your mom, which will make her feel proud of your love for Rugby. It’s a funny gift for your mom, and a classy one, too!

6. Appealing Baby Outfit

Rugby Gifts

The baby outfit is a love language from a wife for her baby, who supports his husband’s Rugby game. The baby can wear it when daddy watches a Rugby match on TV or live. This outfit is also a cute outwear to support daddy from the bench when husband is playing a game. But if you are lucky to find the same pair, you could also buy it as a funny Rugby gift for dad, which will look super cute wearing the same shirt with his little baby boy! It could definitely become be a great personalized gift idea for both of them.

7. Absurd Rugby Mug

Rugby Gifts

A Rugby mug is a good companion for a boyfriend who loves Rugby and also coffee. If you can’t be there for him everyday, then this mug might be gift that acts on behalf of you. What a perfect gift for Wales fans to drink a cup of coffee or warm chocolate! The graphic on the mug says, “I may live in England but on game day my heart & soul belong to Wales,” which is pretty much telling a story of his love for Rugby.

8. Rude Anniversary Gift

Rugby Gifts

A rude anniversary gift is another language of love for boyfriend or girlfriend who loves Rugby who can take a joke as something fun. Ruck in a Rugby game is a moment when players have to catch the ball on the ground and opposing players compete for it. “Ruck Me Like a Hooker” is a unique phrase to describe love language to your friends to hug, joke, and laugh together. Catch me as you fight over a ball on green grass. These could be funny gifts for him, but also sweet at the same time. 

9. The Odd Tobacco Tin

Rugby Gifts

Can you imagine giving your friends or Rugby coach this tobacco tin? This Rugby league tobacco tin is a good gift idea for an adult who smokes and also loves Rugby. It looks like a lunch box but it’s actually more functional than using paper to cover up your snack. Giving it as a gift would be cool yet not too common, making it a great gift for your family, friends, or even your Rugby coach. 

10. Classy Whisky Drinking Glass

Rugby Gifts

Whiskey is made of fermented wheat, which is considered as the most magical drink in Scotland that successfully absorbed by the whole world. That’s why this Rugby-themed whiskey glass is a good gift idea for a person who loves Rugby. They might have a bunch of Rugby merchandise, but if you give them a whisky drinking glass with a unique ball ornament, it would feel more special since they will know that you pay attention to their interests in Rugby. 

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11. Inckastic Rugby Player Baby

Rugby Gifts

If you come from a family who loves Rugby, then we can understand if you want your little baby to love the game, too. Therefore, we recommend this inktastic Rugby player for your newest addition to the family. Let your big family know that your little baby has officially become part of the Rugby lover family. This item would be a great yet fun gift to celebrate and welcome the new born. Plus. it will also become a fun and useful item to accompany your baby during meal time!

12. Splendid Necklace

Rugby Gifts

For those who love Rugby, you can give this necklace as a gift on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day to show your love and support for her hobby. You can show how much you’re being supportive when it comes to their passion for Rugby. This YOZUMD Necklace is a beautiful necklace with Rugby pendant and unisex design. The high-quality alloy material also makes it durable and long lasting, too.

13. Holographic Reflective Rugby

Holographic Reflective Rugby

This one can be a great and recommended gift for friends or family who love to play Rugby. Holographic reflective Rugby is an ideal way to play Rugby in the dark. Some people don’t have time to play in the afternoon and might prefer to play at night. However, since most Rugby pitches don’t have a proper lighting, which can be confusing for players to find them in the dark, this item would come useful. The holographic reflective feature can help players to have a better vision in the dark while playing Rugby.

14. Classy Hoodie Tops Black Rugby Football

Classy Hoodie Tops Black Rugby Football

Giving your friends a hoodie Tops black Rugby football as a gift also means that you are protecting his head from raindrops, blocking light exposure, and keeping the palm warm without taking up too much space on his bag. Plus, it has a Rugby print on the front, which also matches with the Rugby theme. You can give this as a personalized gift to your boyfriend or as a cool and useful gift for dad.

15. Malham Ireland Long Sleeve Striped Rugby Shirt

Malham Ireland Long Sleeve Striped Rugby Shirt

Malham Ireland long sleeve striped Rugby shirt is a top item on the list of Rugby gifts, which will express your interest in a Rugby. If your loved one loves to use a Rugby jersey to watch a match, then it is the time to give him a new jersey. As a comfortable Rugby jersey made from polyester and cotton, he can use it to watch a live Rugby match. He can also use the jersey to start his first training session. You can pack this shirt as a gift for dad, boyfriend, or friends as a personalized gift for them.

16. Rugby 3D Illusion Birthday Gift Lamp

Rugby 3D Illusion Birthday Gift Lamp

Rugby 3D illusion birthday gift lamp is a beautiful gift for those who love Rugby. It would create a magical vibe in the bedroom as a great bed lamp. A bed lamp that does not have too high intention light will help the eyes and brain to relax before bed time. Therefore, by using a night light, your room is only shrouded in dim light, which can make your body and mind more relaxed.

17. Playful desktop Rugby Paperback

Playful desktop Rugby Paperback

Desktop Rugby paperback is a mini game of Rugby. If your friends love to watch Rugby, you can share your happiness during break time at work. Give the RP Minis desktop as a gift and let him play in the pantry room just to have a little distraction in between work. This small game could relieve stress after a long hour working on the deadline.

18. Stainless Steel Sports Whistlee

Stainless Steel Sports Whistlee

When you see your Rugby coach, pay attention to his whistle. Does it look rusty and dull? If so, maybe this is the right time to give him a new one. It’s a little thing that is super useful for your coach. Consider this new stainless steel sports whistle as a gift for him, which is durable and permanent, way better than the plastic ones.

19. Rugby Mom Makeup Bag

Rugby Mom Makeup Bag

Rugby mom makeup bag is a good gift for your mom or friends who love the sport. It has a fun writing that defines a Rugby Girl in a fun way. She may not play Rugby, but you can give her a cute pouch to make her happy. They could quickly lose makeup or skin care if they didn’t put it on correctly. If you buy a Rugby makeup bag for your mom, it can be a useful traveling companion for her, which also shows her interest in Rugby. 

20. Exclusive Rugby Decanter Whiskey & Wine Glasses

Exclusive Rugby Decanter Whiskey & Wine Glasses

These whiskey & wine glasses are fantastic Rugby gifts for the champion and all Rugby players. This glass could be the best gift for male players. Give this to your husband or friend, or even to your important person when he wins the match. A limited edition decanter set made of glass, an elite design for pride and glory tradition. It could be a valuable thing to celebrate winning in a competition. 

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21. World’s Greatest Rugby Player Parking

World's Greatest Rugby Player Parking

Getting a world’s greatest Rugby player parking sign will be such an entertaining gift for your friends. If you love gathering at home with your team and planning to create a special spot at home to hang out with them, just give this sign to make your space become an exclusive area. You can also put this sign at your friend’s home as a solidarity symbol. 

22. Marvelous and Classic Royall Rugby

Marvelous and Classic Royall Rugby

This Classic Royall Rugby looks like a beer or old drink bottle, but this is actually a cologne product from Royal Fragrance. A masculine fragrance to refresh the mood, with exotic dry wood aromatic. A recommended gift for a birthday or valentine for a male as a special gift. Everyone who uses this fragrance would feel a classic touch. Believe it or not, this brand has already existed since 1957. 

23. Rugby Men Players In Watercolor by Paul Rommer

Rugby Men Players In Watercolor by Paul Rommer

Rugby men players in watercolor by Paul Rommer will give a different perspective to transform the rooms and buildings, to become more unique and meaningful for a Rugby player or lover. The painting tells us a story about two rugby players who collide in the middle of a match. A painting on the wall can enhance the room without getting too many decorations. The size of the painting can also be adjusted to the area of the wall so it will become more proportional. 

24. Cute Rugby socks

Cute Rugby socks

Socks protect feet from bacteria and fungi. In addition to protecting your feet from dust and pollution, socks can help protect your feet from bacteria and fungi. Socks can also provide a sense of warmth and comfort. And, it could be a bonus if you buy socks as a Rugby gift. A Rugby fan will go crazy over your present with a rugby ball pattern print covering almost the entire socks.

25. Rugby Throw Pillow

Rugby Throw Pillow

A rugby throw pillow would make a comfortable and cute gift for kids who love rugby from an early age. It is also a good way to introduce kids to Rugby if they are showing some interest in the sport. Use this as a gift and introduce your kids to play in a backyard; you can teach them to love Rugby from a young age. This throw pillow also helps parents to overcome the fear of their children being hit, which usually happens for young athletes. 

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How do you enjoy Rugby?

You can enjoy Rugby if you know how to play the game, because this sport looks pretty wild. The official Rugby rules emerged in the second half of the nineteenth century. But for the game to be more dynamic and entertaining, very often and today, make different changes.

Rugby is a popular sport worldwide, which can be played by male and females. It began in 1749 when the Gentlemen’s Young School in the Midlands, England, opened a new school building in the Rugby suburb of Warwickshire. Nowadays, more than 6 million people play Rugby while only 2.36 million of them are registered players.

What do you do in Rugby?

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