25 Most Unique Cremation Jewelry Ideas for The Last Keepsake

When people lose someone they love, usually they want to keep some memorable things that remind them of that person. In the case of cremation, usually after the cremation the family or the closest one to that person also wishes to treat the cremains. One of the most popular ways to treat the cremains is to keep the ashes in the unique cremation jewelry. 

Cremation jewelry like lockets for ashes might bring back the trend to ancient times. Previously, cremation jewelry was known as the mourning jewelry to honor the people who contributed to our life positively. Today, cremation jewelry can be created in a nearly infinite choice of designs and styles which surely will be a meaningful keepsake to treasure. Suppose you need one, here are 25 most unique cremation jewelry ideas that will inspire you a lot!

1. Silver Hair Locket Necklace

Silver Hair Locket Necklace

If you don’t want to keep the ash, then strands of hair as the DNA keepsake before cremation should be a great idea. You can customize this locket necklace with the initials made from the hair strands inside the pendant. This unique cremation jewelry will definitely make you closer to that person.

2. Arrowhead Cremation Ash Pendant

Arrowhead Cremation Ash Pendant

Inspired from original bodkin, this unique arrowhead urn necklace is ready to keep the last piece of your loved one. Once filled, the ashes inside this Viking’s arrow inspired pendant definitely will last forever. Moreover, the urn can be permanently sealed by applying lock-tite or clear nail polish to the threads.

3. Miss You Engraved Custom Bar

Miss You Engraved Custom Bar

Personalize the last keepsake of your beloved one with your own meaningful message. Moreover, you can customize the pendant with an engraved personal message, making your loved one close to your heart. Therefore, this personal and timeless pendant is made to keep your sentiments close.

4. Buddhist Cremation Jewelry

Buddhist Cremation Jewelry

Did you know that Buddhist cremation jewelry is used by many as a memory and comfort during the struggle? And for that reason, it makes this silver cremation jewelry for Buddhist a wonderful way to preserve the ashes of your beloved person who passed away. Moreover, it comes in two variants with a prayer scroll on wax paper material.

5. Teardrop Locket Necklace

Teardrop Locket Necklace

You definitely will love to carry around your loved one inside this gorgeous necklace. Made from 925 silver, this openwork teardrop locket necklace is fillable with an orb securely inside. The orb is safe and secure once the chain is on. Moreover, the chain keeps the locket closed.

6. Eternity Circle of Life Bracelet

Eternity Circle of Life Bracelet

This unique bracelet is a lovely way to remember the special ones and keep them close to your heart at all times. Made from medical grade stainless steel, the pendant and chain will never rust, corrode, rust, or stain. Moreover, the screw and rubber gasket secures a tight seal to keep your pet or human ashes. 

7. Flower Forget Me Not Cremation Necklace

Flower Forget Me Not Cremation Necklace

Show your honor and respect to your loved one’s ash with flowers built inside the pendant. Moreover, the real dried flower is encased in glass and held together with rustic metal. After that, the metal is hand painted and oxidized, giving the once bright silver finish, rustic, and aged appearance. 

8. Memorial Glass Cremation Pendant

Memorial Glass Cremation Pendant

Look at how stunning this cremation jewelry is! As this beautiful jewelry is handmade, it makes the pendant unique and one of a kind. Moreover, made from borosilicate pyrex glass, the pendant comes with an adjustable cord of black, perfect to bring your loved one’s ashes wherever you go.

9. Colorful Lollipop Jewelry

Colorful Lollipop Jewelry

Keep the sweet memories of your loved one who passes away in this sweet and colorful lollipop pendant. Moreover, the cremation urn necklace holds a small amount of dried flowers, special messages, hair, perfume, and ashes. Not to mention, it has various colors which also will be a lovely ornament.

10. Bullet Urn Necklace

Bullet Urn Necklace

This is a wonderful keepsake and memorial which will help keep memories of your loved ones near to your heart. Made from high quality stainless steel, this unique piece of jewelry is non-deformable, non-rust and hypoallergenic. Moreover, you can add dried flowers, dirt and special messages along with the ashes.

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11. Religious Cross Ashes Pendant

Religious Cross Ashes Pendant

Handcrafted jewelry for keeping the ashes will never go wrong. As it has a sentimental touch, this beautiful yet simple black stainless steel cross necklace can be used as a remarkable way to memorialize your loved one. Moreover, this pendant can open on top, allowing you to store what is valuable for you.

12. Wrench Hammer Urn Pendant

Wrench Hammer Urn Pendant

Wearing a precious cremation necklace that represents that person will bring back those cherished memories. Especially if you are looking for a pendant for men or mechanics, then a wrench hammer symbolizing a tool’s guy will be perfect. Made from stainless steel, this pendant is waterproof, no rust, firm, and durable. 

13. Baseball Cap Necklace

Baseball Cap Necklace

If you just lost someone who loves to wear a baseball cap, then this pendant could resemble him/her. Moreover, you can customize the necklace with engraved his/her name which can be a remarkable way to memorialize a loved one. To keep the ashes safely, screw and rubber gasket will secure a tight seal.

14. Soldier Ashes Pendant

Soldier Ashes Pendant

In order to show honor and respect to someone who has taken care of you all this time, you can keep that person’s ashes inside this soldier shaped pendant. As a soldier represents a tough guy and protector image, it is a suitable place for your father or son’s ashes. 

15. Window of Glass Cremation 

Window of Glass Cremation 

For some people who love to show what is inside the pendant, a transparent cremation glass is a perfect idea. Made from glass with a unique transparent and clear appearance, you also can put anything valuable you like such as the birthstone, hairs, love notes, and even dried flowers.

16. Unique Heart Cremation Ring

unique cremation jewelry

In case you prefer smaller cremation jewelry, then this lovely heart ring can be a good one. Moreover, the elegant heart shape symbolizes infinite love to the person who passed away. This beautiful ring is also made from high quality titanium steel with resistance to strong acid and alkali.

17. Urn Angel Wings Necklace

unique cremation jewelry

After cremation, some people believe that cremains will turn into angels. Since you want to keep a piece of angel in jewelry, then this lovely urn angel wings necklace is the perfect place. Made from high quality stainless steel, it will keep the shine and last for many years to come.

18. New Flower of Life Necklace

unique cremation jewelry

As your loved one begins to start a new life after cremation, then you can put the ashes in this beautiful new flower of life necklace. Beside its wonderful flower design, it’s openable to keep things inside. Although maybe that person is living a new life, the memories of him/her will always be stored in this stunning necklace.

19. Peace Sign Pendant

unique cremation jewelry

Send your prayers to your loved one through cremation jewelry with a peace sign pendant. Therefore, you can place the ashes inside the peace sign pendant to wish him/her a peaceful afterlife. Made from 316L stainless steel which is used in many fine watches, you can guarantee its quality.

20. Fishhook Urn Necklace

unique cremation jewelry

In memory of that special person who happens to like fishing, you can choose this cremation necklace. This is a fishhook urn necklace which symbolizes his hobby wherever you go. Moreover, it can be screwed open to keep some of your loved ones’ ashes near to you at all times.

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21. Fish Purple Stone Cremation Pendant

unique cremation jewelry

In many cultures, purple is the color of death and mourning. If you just lost one of your closest people, then his/her ashes deserves this beautiful fish purple stone pendant. Moreover, the fish shape has the meaning of the energy of water which symbolizes the freedom of movement.

22. Dad Flask Cremation Pendant

unique cremation jewelry

If your father was just cremated, then the right place to store his ashes is this necklace. This is a classic flask pendant with engraved “Dad” where you can put everything related to your dad inside. Due to the high-quality metal used to make this pendant, it will last a lifetime.

23. Rhinestone Heart Necklace

unique cremation jewelry

This is an elegant and timeless pendant you can treasure forever. Just like your long lasting cherished memories, this high quality heart necklace stands the test of time. Moreover, unlike many cremation lockets, the heart shape allows you to fill the chamber more completely so you can carry more of your loved one wherever you go.

24. Motorbike Ashes Necklace

unique cremation jewelry

To remember your loved one who happens to be an automotive enthusiast, this motorbike shape pendant is a great idea. As it contains a part of your loved one, this cremation jewelry is guaranteed to not fade or tarnish throughout time and also is hypoallergenic, making it safe for people with allergies.

25. Silver Boxing Gloves Cremation Jewelry

unique cremation jewelry

Embrace the loss of your loved one with this silver boxing gloves pendant. As boxing gloves represent a fighter, we are sure that your loved one must be a strong person both in this life and the afterlife. Therefore, you can bring the memories of him/her with you no matter where you go.

Latest Post:

What is cremation jewelry called?

Cremation jewelry which brings a piece of your loved one is also called memorial jewelry, funeral jewelry, or remembrance jewelry. Although it has several names, it has the same purpose to keep things that represent the cremains such as ashes, hairs, and many more. Today, we can have various unique cremation jewelry in memory of them.

What are the best and unique cremation jewelry?

Well, the best and unique cremation jewelry will vary, depending on the story behind and message you want to express. For example, if you want to keep someone’s ashes who used to be a fighter, then the Boxing Gloves necklace or the Soldier Ashes Pendant will be a great choice. Should you need more inspiration for unique cremation jewelry, you can check our selected items above.

Do people wear cremation jewelry?

Since the 14th century, mourning rings have been popular. Moreover, people also wore jewelry made from the hair of their loved ones as a way to mourn in the Victorian era. Today, people wear various unique cremation jewelry inspired by their predecessors. Some people might think that wearing cremation jewelry is creepy. However, some of them believe that cremation jewelry brings comfort and peace. 

Is it weird to have ashes in a necklace?

Well, it actually depends on the person. For some people, carrying ashes around in a necklace may look inappropriate and weird. Meanwhile, some people who have certain beliefs or religions will be fine. Moreover, now there are many unique cremation jewelry which look attractive, so people will pay more attention to the pendant instead of the ashes. 

Can you shower with cremation jewelry?

Although many unique cremation jewelry provide permanent sealing, there is a possibility of contamination during showers. Therefore, you shouldn’t bring your cremation jewelry while showering. Moreover, the chemicals from shampoo and soaps can also damage the seal that protects ashes inside.

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