20 Thoughtful Ideas on How to Celebrate Labor Day at Work

Labor days are one of the most important days that every employer needs to mark on their calendar. The way you celebrate labor day determines whether you pay enough attention to your workers or not. This is why it is very important to think about how to celebrate labor day at work.

Keep in mind that the labor day is all about appreciating your employees and giving back as a way to say thank you for their hard work and dedication. So here’s the best ideas on how to celebrate labor day at work that you can do, whether you are a big corporate or a small business owners.

1. Personalized Thank You Notes

Sometimes a simple gesture can say a lot. Therefore, a simple thank you note will definitely make any worker day, especially if you are sincere in what you write to them. To make the notes ultra special, make sure you handwrite the note and make it personal for each worker. By doing so, they will know that you really pay attention to every single one of them, and that you are aware of what they have been doing for the best of the company.

2. Employee Awarding Day

Labor day is a great opportunity for you to recognize personal achievements of each team member. You can set up a little awarding event in the office, where you announce everyone’s great contribution to the office. As a gift of appreciation, you can prepare little gifts or plaque for outstanding employees, and might as well distribute small bonuses that will motivate them to be better in the future.

3. Team Achievements Publications

Prepare and print a team achievements zine or paper can be a great way to celebrate labor day at work. It can be a great employee appreciation idea. It doesn’t have to be ultra neat or anything, as long as you mention everyone’s achievement in the paper. You can make edits of their photos and even make them look funny. Make sure everyone grabs one when they get into the office first thing in the morning.

4. Special Lunch Cooked by the Bosses

You can take the opportunity to switch roles for a day. Instead of having people do things for you, you can do something for them as a way to celebrate Labor Day at work. A special office lunch can be a great option, which can even be more special if you prepare it together for them. Make sure you take notes on everyone’s dietary preferences, allergies, and food intolerances so you can have everyone’s participation.

5. Little Celebrations with Treats

No one can resist cookies, candies, chocolates, and cupcakes. Installing a DIY food station can be the least you can do to celebrate Labor Day at work. It will not take up too much of your energy, but will be just as sweet as memorable for the workers. You might as well hold a coffee time for everyone to enjoy the treats and just chat.

6. Office Outing

It is good to strengthen the team bonds every once in a while. What can be a better day for holding a team bonding activities other than the labor day? You can take the entire team to go out and get to know each other better. It doesn’t have to be something ultra organized. It can be as simple as a picnic in the park, or a fun day at the amusement park.

7. Join the Labor Day Parade

If the community around the office holds a labor day parade, the you can give your workers a break from work and let them join the parade. It will be a great way to celebrate Labor Day, and you can participate in the parade as well and walk together with them. Moreover, you can even encourage them to make some props to make the parade even more festive.

8. Private Team Dinner

If you are feeling fancy and want to make a little fancy celebration, then you can definitely hold a Labor day dinner at the office. Invite some professional chefs to prepare the meals. If you intend to set a specific dress code for the dinner, white is the appropriate color to choose for labor day. Even better? Allow the employees to invite their family to join, too.

9. Hand Out Customized Gifts

Take up the thank you note to a whole different level by switching it up into gifts Nowadays, it is easy for you to find a vendor that will make cool and personalized gifts with personalized messages for each worker. In our opinion, the best employee mugs or tumblers are thoughtful and also useful at the same time.

10. Ask for Feedbacks

If you want to know how the workers really feel about working in your company, you can always ask for their feedback. And Labor Day is the best opportunity to do so. Ask them to express their feelings regarding the work condition, and ask them about what you can do to improve it. They can do it directly or you can set a feedback box so they can express their aspirations more freely without hesitation.

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11. Hold a Potluck

Another way to celebrate a labor day is by holding a potluck. This is an event where everyone can bring some food, drinks, or treats and share them with others. Do your part and prepare some food and treat yourself. It can bring people together and make them get even closer. What a great way to celebrate Labor Day, right?

12. Backyard Barbecue

And of course you can always go back to the classic backyard barbecue party. Instead of doing the daily work, invite them to come to your house, and let everyone enjoy some grilled meals and cold beers. You may as well set up some music and let everyone mingle and just loosen up a bit without thinking about work.

13. Held a Sporting Event

Looking for a way to celebrate labor day that includes challenges as well? why don’t you hold a sporting event? It can be football, mini soccer, baseball, tennis, or you can also ask your employee of their preferences, so you can get an idea that includes everyone. It can also be some kind of race where every team competes with each other and the best team wins a special prize.

14. Having Garden Cocktail Party

Another labor day activity at the workplace is holding a garden cocktail party. Office is a place where everyone usually experiences some kind of stress due to work. But you can make it a place to have fun at least once a year on Labor day. Be mindful of the cocktails you serve since everyone still needs to go home safely after that.

15. Hold a Game Day

Held a Game Day

You can also look up for some labor day games and activities and hold your very own game day. It can include classic board games such as Jenga, Word Search, and Bingo. Spice it up a little and create your own puzzles with things that are work-related. Lastly, don’t forget to prepare small prizes for everyone who win the games.

16. Have In-Office Movie Time

Have a In-Office Movie Time

After the long and tiring working hours the whole year, everyone can make use of entertainment. Movie time can be one of the most unique ways to celebrate labor day. You can ask for their genre preferences or even make a challenge and whoever wins, gets to decide on what movie to watch.

17. Take a Team Trip

Take a Team Trip

Employees celebrate labor day in so many ways. And when you decide to celebrate labor day at work, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep everyone in the office. Instead, you can take them on a short trip to some tourism destination nearby. It can be a fun getaway for everyone but you still get to make the team bond together.

18. Hand Out Practical Goodie Bags

Hand Out Practical Goodie Bags

Labor day celebrations in the office don’t have to be in the form of parties or games. It can also be as simple as you put together little gifts into goodie bags. It may include some treats, a thank you card, and practical stuff such as pens and notebooks. It is very humble but thoughtful and they can make it into a good use.

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19. Cut the Working Hours

Cut The Working Hours

Surprise the employee by announcing that they may leave the office early. They will be happy to have some extra time to spend with their family or to join their own community celebration. Even better? hand them some gift cards when they are leaving the office and say thank you for their contributions.

20. A Paid Day Off

A Paid Day Off

And finally, there is no other thing that will make the employees happy other than a paid day off. Labor day is a day to appreciate the workers. And one of the ways you can show some appreciation is by giving them a day off. You can announce it the day before so everyone can go home feeling happy knowing they don’t have to show up in the office the next morning.

Final Thoughts

The best way to celebrate Labor Day at work is by arranging activities that involve everyone at the office. It can be fun games, themed party, or some free time for all employees to enjoy one day off to celebrate the day that is being celebrated by all workers all around the world. Do remember that Labor Day can also be a great moment for leaders and business owners to appreciate their employees’ hard work for the last year.

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What is the traditional way to celebrate Labor Day?

There are some activities that can be considered as the traditional way to celebrate labor day such as parades, picnics, and parties. They usually celebrate it with their community, but you can also hold these celebrations at the workplace. Don’t forget that you are allowed to make little adjustments and spice things up a little.

What are some activities that are associated with Labor Day?

Parades are the activities that are associated with labor day the most. People go on walks and celebrate the day both to appreciate the workers and to remind the rulers and entrepreneurs to respect the worker’s rights. There is a lot of inequality in the workplace so labor day can be the moment to reflect and take better attention ensuring everyone’s rights are protected and everyone’s included.

What is a unique way to celebrate Labor Day at work?

Throwing a movie time is a unique way to celebrate labor day. Other than that, having game day and holding sporting events can also be a unique way to celebrate labor day at work. The key is to let the workers have fun for a day instead of stressing them out about work.

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