25 Coolest Gifts for Polar Bear Lovers

Polar bear lovers must be someone who carries feminine energy and has a soft personality as it matches with the impression that this animal carries. If you want to give someone who loves polar bears, it is very easy as we can find lots of stuffs and creations that also take and inspired by this wild animals.

If you are thinking about giving a gift for polar bear lovers, you can choose based on their gender or their age. Below we’ve categorized into three groups that you can choose.

Polar Bear Gifts for Woman

Choosing gifts for polar bear lovers that are women, is quite easy. Usually women like something that has sentimental values, cute, and personalized things. You can give them things like dolls, pouches, tumbler, or kit. 

1. Polar Bear Doll

Gifts for Polar Bears Lovers

This polar bear doll Soft plush Toys pillow is the perfect gift for any woman who love polar bear. Made by elastic spandex and cotton which make it very soft and fluffy. It comes with 2 different colors which are brown and white also with 3 different sizes: 55 cm, 76 cm, and 35 cm.

2. DIY Polar Bear kit

Gifts for Polar Bears Lovers

It consists of a birth certificate, cotton for the outer skin, polyester fiber for the filling inside, and also a wishing heart. The receivers only just need to fill the plush with the polyester fiber that is provided. This cute animal will delight your girl, or daughter as the bear doesn’t only appear very cute. But the idea of having a birth certificate and making it on your own is already quite a rare gift for polar bear lovers!

3. Polar Bear Tumbler

gifts for polar bear lovers

This polar bear tumbler is quite sturdy and made of stainless steel. It comes with the lid on top of it so it can avoid any spill from your drinks.It got timeless design, and engraved with high quality laser print of “Mama Bears” written on it.

4. Makeup pouch

Gifts for Polar Bears Lovers

Clearly this light blue waterproof travel makeup bag is meant for women who love polar bears. It has a quite simple yet stylish design and is quite spacious. It can store various makeup items for your girls or daughters. Plus it is quite affordable and you don’t need a special occasion to give this.

5. Polar Bear Pink Cup

Pink Cup

This versatile and cute pink mug is a perfect gift for any woman who loves polar bears. It has glossy colors with high quality print on it. And for sure the message of “Keep calm and love polar bears!” , will keep her intrigued and she can’t agree more. 

Polar Bear Gifts for kids

Kids love toys! That’s the clearest thing that you can give to them. Or you can give something that they can wear, like a t-shirt or maybe decoration for their room! Just make them happy with their polar bear stuff!

6. Polar Bear Glass Night Light

Glass Night Light

The creators, Kristi made this Polar bear glass nightlight because she was inspired by the lights of Aurora Borealis that shine in the Arctic – location of the polar bear. It can shine throughout the night with it’s not too bright yet not too dim lights, just at the right amount. It’s perfect to put in your kids’ room. They will like it as it can accompany them at night.

7. Polar Bear Socks

Gifts for Polar Bears Lovers

These cute small polar bear socks will steal your kids’ heart instantly. I mean who doesn’t? Made by nylon, wool and spandex. A perfect combination to warm your kid’s feet during winter. These socks are perfect for kids and toddlers. They will love it !

8. Polar Bear Children Book

Gifts for Polar Bears Lovers

This children’s book is made of 100% recycled paper, non toxic ink and it tells stories about polar bears. You have no reason to not buy it. It tells stories about a polar bear named Snowflakes who lost his family and is on a mission to find his family back. This Polarbear children book also brings some moral values that you can convey to your kids. Don’t miss it!

9. Polar Bear T-Shirt

Gifts for Polar Bears Lovers

This cute white Polar Bear T-shirt is a perfect gift for your children especially, for Christmas. It is made of 100% cotton to ensure its comfort, and written by high quality vinyl. It also offers personalization names that can be printed at the top of the T-shirt, your children will surely like it!

10. Polar Bear Plush Toys

Gifts for Polar Bears Lovers

Children usually love to sleep accompanied by dolls. If they are huge fans of polar bears, giving them polar bear dolls will delighted them. It comes in 45 cm height and 20 inch in size. It is made of a really soft and smooth fur that your kids will definitely want to hug it and won’t let it go missing!

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11. Polar Bear 3D Activity Card

Gifts for Polar Bears Lovers

This polar bear 3D activity card can be used to catch your kids attention, and stimulate their creativity. You use this time to get along with your kids while putting the puzzles into 3D polar bears. It also contains word games such as crossword puzzles, scramble words that can make them think while also engaging with the polar bears. 

12. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

If you have children that are toddlers plus they love polar bears giving them or buying them this will make them like it. Puzzle is proven as a game that stimulates the growth of the brain and memories. You can play while also learning with them if you give them this. 

Polar Bear Gifts for Man 

For men, you can either give something practical that they can wear and use on a daily basis. It can be something wearable like a t-shirt, mug, or anything.

13. Polar Bear T-shirt

Polar Bear T-shirt

This versatile polar bear T-shirt is made of cotton, and is classic fit and lightweight. It has a Christmas polar bear printed on it, which makes it look cute but not too cute so even your man will definitely still want to wear it!

14. Polar Bear Socks

Polar Bear Socks

This man’s socks are made of 80% combed cotton, which is commonly known to be high quality and will last long. Ensures that the color will last long and the material will not fall apart after being washed for so many times. It is a perfect gift for your men or even dad as it is a good match for their pantofel shoes. 

15. Polar Bear Mug

Polar Bear Mug

Guys usually prefer something that is versatile and not too flashy with calm colors. This black and white mug is made of ceramic and has a sleek matte black finish. It can accompany your guy as they sip their coffee, tea, juice, or even water.

16. Insulated Mugs

Gifts for Polar Bears Lovers

This insulated tumbler is made of stainless steel that ensures its durability. The materials also will maintain the stability of the temperature of its liquid. Printed with high quality ink, and the lid itself is dishwasher safe and shatter resistant.

17. Alarm Clocks

Polar Bear Alarm Clocks

This alarm clock is actually acceptable either for men or women. Made of plastic, LED screen and crystal stickers. It can display time, day, date and temperature. It has many functions- alarm, temperature, calendar, snooze, or even night lights.

18. Polar Bear Hoodie

Polar Bear Hoodie

This polar bear hoodie is very manly and versatile. Again, you can never go wrong with a hoodie! It is made of 100% cotton and can warm up his body throughout the day. It’s a perfect gift for polar bear lovers during winter or windy days. It has a colorful print of polar bears, classic fit and comes with 4 different colors that you can choose. 

19. Polar Bear Mask

Gifts for Polar Bears Lovers

This polar bear handmade face mask is made of 100% of cotton. Plus the neutral gray colors and the white polar bears make this mask look simple and any guy will want to wear it. 

20. Polar Bear Canvas Picture

Gifts for Polar Bears Lovers

This polar bear picture made of canvas, and it can add extra decorations to your guy’s room. Really a perfect choice if your stored this picture in the bathroom or bedroom. It comes with various types of sizes.

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21. Polar Bear Miniature

bear Miniature

Men usually love to keep action figures in their bedroom. Those who love polar bears will appreciate the miniature polar bears inside their room. They must have these collections, and you give this as their additional collection will be much help for them.

22. Polar Bear Beanies

Bear Beanie

This unisex polar bears beanie is made of acrylic and actually can be used by women too. It’s quite stylish and can match with their winter’s outfit. It adds a touch of elegance and man will like it.

23. Polar Bear Coloring Book for Adult

Polarbear Adult Coloring Book

This polar bear adult coloring is made to release stress, enhance creativity, and provide relaxation. If your guy is stressed after work, they can use this as their stress-reliever. It consist 40 illustrated polar bears that are ready to be colored.

24. Polar Bear Postcard

Polarbear Postcard

If it happens that you live far away from your loved one especially, it’s a woman. They will like to receive words from you not to forget giving this polar bear postcard will make them appreciate it. 

25. Polar Bear Mouse Pad

Polar Bear Mouse Pad

Men are more related with tech. Giving something that is related to their daily friend, which is a computer, will make them remember you. This polar bear mouse-pad could be a perfect gift for polar bear lovers. Plus its cute polar bear pictures are worth the stare.

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