Foldable Wrapping Shoes

These innovative Foldable Wrapping Shoes create shoes around your feet out of bare soles.

If you saw them unfolded you wouldn’t even guess that they could be turned into shoes that are extremely comfortable to wear.

These shoes tightly hug your feet to ensure maximum comfort and adapt to the surface you’re stepping on, The state-of-the-art design of the sole provides you not only with comfort but also with durability.

Apart from the easy yet genius design of the shoes, their main advantage is their portability. 

You have probably found yourself in this scenario: you’re packing for a trip and the shoes don’t fit into your luggage. 

Foldable Wrapping Shoes

Foldable Wrapping Shoes

Well, these babies will or at least their chances of fitting into your bag are much higher due to the fact that they’re foldable.

Use them while traveling, exercising, going for a walk…

They’re great for everything! Foldable Wrapping Shoes

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