Papa Bear T-Shirt

This Papa Bear T-Shirt is just the cutest and is sure to be loved by any man you give it to.

Men are very hard to shop for, especially when you want to buy some gifts. You might decide to go for a t-shirt, but you won’t buy a plain, white one from a supermarket as a gift, right.

Now if this man is your husband, father or grandfather, this t-shirt is for him. The design is rather simple, so he won’t find it too flashy.

The centre point of the t-shirt is a nice bear silhouette created out of letters, which spell “Papa Bear”. 

And isn’t that the truth? Because I will tell you one thing – no matter how manly the men in your life are when it comes to the family, they might just be the cuddliest bears in the forest.

Papa Bear T-Shirt

Papa Bear T-Shirt

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