Sombra Beach Sun Shade Tent

Even Mars rovers need a break from the sun. Let me explain. This summer for a short period of time, two NASA’s Mars rovers are taking “a small vacation” This is due to the position of the sun between Earth and Mars and interruptions in communication it might cause.

See, even multi-billion Mars machines need to be cautious of the sun. We, mere mortals, also need to follow suit.

Maybe your destination lies a bit closer than the Red Planet but safety is still key. Even if you can’t resist going to the beach, you should consider taking this Sombra Beach Sun Shade Tent with you. 

Sombra Beach Sun Shade Tent

The Sombra Beach Sun Shade Tent is an ultralight portable beach tent that is extremely easy to set up. Getting an umbrella up on the beach can cause you all sorts of troubles.

It might be tough to secure in the sand, topple over at the slightest wind, and it’s frustrating and heavy to carry around.

Sombra Beach Sun Shade Tent

This beach sun shade tent consists out of only one piece of Lycra fabric. On each corner, it has a pouch you can fill up with sand or pebbles to ground it.

Then you can put it up with four collapsible light poles and you’re done. Setting up a sun shade tent has never been this easy and fun. 

Sombra Beach Sun Shade Tent

The beach tent offers you protection from 50+ UPF sun radiation. It is also resistant to strong winds and rain.

Sombra Shade comes in various bright juicy colors, so you’ll be easy to spot even among the sea of people. After you’re done with your beach trip, the sun shade can be easily stored in a compact (29”x9”) bag.

Sombra Beach Sun Shade Tent

Although we keep talking about beach trips and sea, this sun shade can come in handy wherever you go this summer.

Camping trips, lake trips, sports games and practice sessions, this beach sun shade tent will be needed. Just do as rovers do and take a break. 

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