Star Wars Sun Shade

This Star Wars Sun Shade not only protects the interior of your car from overheating. It also tries to protect the Galaxy from the evil Darth Vader and the Emperor.

No, I’m not talking fever gibberish, I’m just a Star Wars enthusiast/ If you are too a Star Wars enthusiast, then there’s no way in the whole Galaxy that you haven’t thought of how would it be like to ride in the Millennium Falcon.

Well, now you can get a little bit closer to that dream by turning laying out this sun shade inside your car on a sunny shade. It will not only give you goosebumps as you’ll look into Chewbacca’s eyes and wipe a small nostalgic tear from your eye.

It will protect the car from overheating and will definitely scare a couple of passersby. It’s a win in every corner. And may the shade be with you…r car. 

Star Wars Sun Shade

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