26 Awesome Phone Case Painting Ideas to Make Your Friends Jealous

Are you fans of arts and paintings? If so, consider putting some great paintings on your everyday accessory: phone case! Moreover, phone case painting is a great way to customize your phone. You can choose from any of the designs or add your own personal touch with your favorite things painted. Especially if you want to express yourself and make your phone stand out from the crowd, consider painting a custom case. The process is easy and inexpensive, and it can be a great way to add some individuality and personality to your phone—or even make it more functional.

If you’re looking for phone case painting ideas, we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a list of our favorite phone case paintings that are sure to make your friends jealous. So if you’re ready to start creating some awesome custom cases, read on!

Is It OK to Paint Your Phone Case?

Yes, it is! Phone case painting ideas are an affordable and enjoyable method to adorn your smartphone. Compared to buying a pre-made phone case, it is far less expensive. Besides, painting is a joyful and imaginative activity. You will use your own hands to create a brand-new, distinctive phone case to treasure.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on a Silicone Phone Case?

We recommend using oil paint for silicon phone cases. Apply oil paint to the silicone phone cover that has been prepped. Paint the outside edges first, then the back. To make the long last result, apply at least two coats of paint.

Anime Phone Case Painting

Anime characters on your phone case are always interesting to have. And, it will be more special if you decorate your phone cases with acrylic paint. Let us give you some inspiration for anime DIY phone case painting that anime lovers will love!

1. Nezuko Demon Slayer Case Painting

Source: Pinterest (@L u c y)

Sometimes, painting iPhone cases with anime characters can resemble the owner’s personality. If you are a friendly and caring girl, then you deserve a Nezuko painting from Demon Slayer on your phone case. You can picture Nezuko wearing a pink kimono and holding a bamboo mussel over her mouth. Show Nezuko’s powerful side by creating a dynamic battle scene with exploding blood around.

2. Sesshomaru and Rin Phone Case Painting

Source: Pinterest (@Raven_Menagerie)

For those who love Inuyasha, this lovely couple definitely has its own charm, making it one of the most charming phone case painting ideas. If you love this anime as well, consider painting the caring but innocent Rin while pointing a flashlight to Sesshomaru. You will have a cute and funny scene between Rin and Sessomaru on your phone case.  Make sure Sesshomaru’s shock face is painted well to add the funny elements.

3. Your Name Case Painting

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

A sad anime always left a remarkable impression for many people. And, Your Name is one of the best sad anime that deserves to be in your phone case. Especially if you want to have a couple phone cases with your partner, you can get Taki and Mitsuha face painted on each phone. Although this is a sad movie, don’t worry, they finally end up finding each other and got married.

4. Nene and Hanako Case Painting

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

If you watch Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun, you may wish Nene and Hanako to be together. In case they can’t be together in the anime, you can get them both painted in your phone case then. You can have Nene’s cheerful and naive charm with the nervous Hanako holding the umbrella. They will be a cute couple eating sweet lollipops together in your phone case!

5. Sukuna and Itadori Matching Case

Source: Pinterest (@Jessiica_14_)

Since you have two phones, you can have a matching anime case painting with this idea. Just pick a unique character who has 2 different sides, such as Sukuna and Itadori from Jujitsu Kaisen. You can paint half the face of Sukuna on one phone case, while painting the other one with half of Itadori’s face. Make sure your paintings are the same size so they look like one face after you place the phone case side by side.

6. No Face Case Painting

Source: Pinterest (@mercari.com)

Some people may have their dark and mysterious side that they want to express but don’t know the way. Well, if you also feel the same, No Face is a perfect anime character to show your dark side in a cute way. Besides, this character will look cool and artistic if you use watercolor painting in your cell phone case. Don’t forget to add Boh mouse and the Soot Sprites for extra cuteness.

7. Skate The Infinity Friendship Case Painting

Source: Pinterest (@linktr.ee)

The idea of “bromance” between Reki and Langa in the Skate The Infinity anime is definitely fun and exciting. Besides, Reki and Langa have completely different personalities that makes their friendship unique. Their image will definitely become one of the best phone case painting ideas. Therefore, painting these adorable characters in your phone will be nice to have. You can have the cheerful Reki being excited with the cool Langa around. What a cute bromance!

Easy Phone Case Painting

Hand painted mobile cases shouldn’t be complicated to look stunning. In fact, there are many easy but aesthetic phone case paintings that are created by independent artists you can try at home, just like our list of simple phone case painting ideas below. Simply use your sense of art and creativity skills to make your own DIY phone case painting in your life!

8. Mint Green Pink Tulip Phone Case

Source: Pinterest (@lucy)

When it comes to an easy flower design, consider applying a rough painting technique to your phone case. You can paint the base with mint color first. Then, paint a white square in the center of the phone case, resembling a white canvas to draw the pink tulip. Use red paints and blend them smoothly to get the artistic results. Moreover, you can also add green leaves below the flowers.

9. Smiley Doodle Phone Case

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Relax, you don’t need a good painting skill to make a unique phone case. With this idea, all you need is just a phone case as well as black and white paint. The idea is to create a black and white smile doodle in your phone case. If you want to have white base phone case, use black paint to make a smiley doodle. Or, you can paint the whole phone case in black, then draw the smiley doodle with white paint. Truly one of the simplest yet cutest phone case painting ideas.

10. Among Us Painted Case

This adorable character will never fail to amaze us in the game. In fact, the Among Us character is also one of the easiest to paint. You only need one paint color for the Among Us outfit. You can also use a darker color to create a depth in your painting. SInce Among Us live in space, you just need to paint the background in black with some white dots of stars.

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11. Clouds and Sky Painted Case

Source: Pinterest (@꧁𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊꧂)

Clouds and sky are just like a soulmate for a simple original artwork. In this idea, all you need is just white and blue paints. Simply paint the base with blue paint. Make a rough brush while painting the white clouds. This is an artistic technique to make a genuine masterpiece. To add the dreamy vibe, you can also paint a small paper plane flying in the sky.

12. Drip Phone Case

Source: Pinterest (@Lex Customs)

Make your phone look tasty and appealing with the drip style phone case. In fact, painting this pattern is quite easy! You can paint the base in red first. Then, draw the dripping part from above your phone case. Use blue or purple to create a color contrast with the base color. Whether it’s ice cream or honey drip, the design resembles something tasty and attractive!

13. Mushroom Phone Case

Source: Pinterest (@☻𝚐𝚎𝚘𝚛𝚐𝚒𝚊☻)

If you like cute but easy patterns, consider painting the red mushroom in your phone case. You can use puffy paint to make some texture in your adorable mushrooms. We recommend you paint the base in dark green to make the red mushrooms stand out. You can also add some drops of the puffy paints, making an additional cute pattern in your phone case.

14. Checkerboard Flame Painted Case

Checkerboard Flame Painted Case
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Make your phone case look attractive with a checkerboard pattern and flame on it! You don’t have to make precise designs by yourself, since you can use stencil design to make straight lines easily. Simply follow the stencil design by painting the checkerboard in black and white. Moreover, you can paint the flame part with yellow as well as slightly orange and red on the edge of the flame.

Colorful Phone Case Painting

Painting phone cases in different colors will also make life more vibrant. Of course, colorful acrylic paint on a phone case is hard to resist! Here are some colorful phone case painting ideas that will light up your cell phone and your day!

15. Bright Horizons Case Painting

Bright Horizons Case Painting
Source: Pinterest (@casetify.com)

The combination of purple, pink, red, yellow, orange, and blue is beautifully displayed on this colorful phone case. You can put some paints on the phone case and naturally blend them all to create a gradient. To create a beautiful horizon, simply paint them in the same directions multiple times. Don’t over blend them, so you still can see each color between the horizons.

16. UP! Flying House Case Painting

UP! Flying House Case Painting
Source: Pinterest (@Sarah Hennessy)

Inspired by the flying house scene from the “UP!” movie, you can make a unique and colorful case painting. You don’t need to make a detailed picture, just be confident with your 5th grade student’s painting style. To make colorful balloons in your acrylic painting, you can use red, pink, blue, and yellow paints. Moreover, connect the wooden house and balloons with white ropes.

17. Flower Petals Case Painting

Flower Petals Case Painting
Source: Pinterest (@Reynilde)

A colorful painting doesn’t have to be messy. With this idea, you can create colorful flower petals in your phone case. Before painting, you can place a flower stencil design on your phone. After that, you can paint those flower petals comfortably. Don’t worry about painting out of the border, since you will get the best version once the stencil design is removed.

18. Tribal Doodle Case Painting

Tribal Doodle Case Painting
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

It takes a lot of hard work and attention to create this colorful masterpiece. If you love doodling, then you may be tempted to recreate the pattern. First, you need to draw the tribal pattern using stencil design. After that, you can use oil or fabric paint to color each image on this painting. Make sure you use bright and vibrancy colors to spice up your phone case.

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19. Van Gogh Abstract Case Painting

Van Gogh Abstract Case Painting
Source: Pinterest (@cosmiquestudio.com)

Beware, the picture above is not Van Gogh’s painting. It’s just adopting Van Gogh’s painting techniques to your phone case. Inspired by “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh, make sure you use brushstrokes of thickly laid-on paint. Moreover, you can add a special texture to the painting using a thick, undiluted flat color with a brush or a palette knife.

20. Galaxy Case Painting

Galaxy Case Painting
Source: Pinterest (@tiffy.tingz)

Galaxy theme is never a failure for any painting design, including your phone case! This colorful theme is just perfect for any gender. You can use black paint for the base color. After that, you can spray pink, blue, and purple paints to create a beautiful galaxy in space. Don’t forget to splash white paints on your painting to give the starry space atmosphere.

21. Rainbow Pastel Case Painting

Rainbow Pastel Case Painting
Source: Pinterest (@touchy-style.com)

In case you don’t like too many vibrant colors in your phone case, why don’t you use pastel paints to create a colorful rainbow? Look for pastel pink, blue and yellow paints to create this wonderful rainbow. You can go with simple vertical lines or just abstract painting. Make sure you blend these colors properly so you can get natural texture on your phone case.

22. Rainbow Paint Drip on Black Case

Source: Pinterest (@inspiredsilver.com)

This case painting idea doesn’t need special skills to create but still looks super cool, especially for those of you who use a plain black phone case for your smartphone. You need to prepare the paint in several colors and just drop each paint from the top of the case, and just leave it to drop naturally to create a natural pattern that features a mix of bright colors.

23. Personalized Phone Case Paintings

Source: Pinterest (@Abigail Hernández Cruz)

This one is also one easy option for those of you who want to make your phone case look more cheerful. This one features a gradation of pink lines with a touch of gold paints to make it a perfect design for young girls. Lastly, make it more personal by painting your name on the case using a blank paint or permanent marker. This case undoubtedly will become a one-of-a-kind case that no other person has in the world. 

24. Cactus Case Painting

Cactus Case Painting
Source: Pinterest (@Nails Art)

Look at how adorable these cactuses are! If you feel like your phone case is starting to look boring with just a plain clear case, then you can paint these cactuses on the case. They will make your phone look so colorful with green, tosca, and even pink cactuses, which we hope can make your life become even more colorful as well. 

25. Puppy Case Painting

Puppy Case Painting
Source: Pinterest (@Abigail Hernández Cruz)

If you have a cute and adorable puppy, then maybe it deserves a spot on your phone case. Paint a picture of your lovely puppy on your phone case and decorate the image with some patterns that can make your puppy look cuter on your phone case. Having a case with your puppy face on it will make your days feel a lot better and just can’t wait to come home to your lovely puppy.

26. Puffy Paint DIY Phone Case

Puffy Paint DIY Phone Case
Source: Pinterest (@tulipcolor.com)

This last idea on our list comes as one of the most unique case painting ideas for your phone case. Instead of having a plain phone case, you can paint your case with puffy paints. You can play around with the paints and make small dots in different colors to create a color gradation on your case. Trust us, you will make your friends envy your case. 

Final Thought

A phone case is another great medium to express yourself through painting. Just like a blank canvas, you can put everything you want on this precious item that will protect your phone.

Since your phone cases have given full protection to your phone, painting them is also a symbol of love and care. By looking at some phone case painting ideas above, we hope that you will get more inspiration to paint your precious phone case.

Latest Post:

Can you put acrylic paint on a phone case?

Yes, you can color the inner side of the phone case. The paint will be shielded and less likely to chip or scratch if you paint the inside of the phone case. In light of this, you can embellish your phone case with acrylic paint or even paint pens.

How do you seal acrylic paint on your phone case?

To seal your acrylic paint, you can use polyurethane in aerosol cans which you can find at the hardware or craft store. It will effectively coat and safeguard your acrylic paint. Moreover, you can use any acrylic varnish. In comparison to matte ones, glossy ones are more robust.

How to paint a silicone phone case?

First, paint the backside of the silicone phone cover with an oil-based primer. Then, simply apply a thin layer of paintable silicone to the phone cover’s outside and let it dry. Let the cover be painted in any color you like. You can also create beautiful designs on the back of the cell phone case with stencils.

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