POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane: A Plane That You Control with Your Finger

If you are a fan of paper planes, then I have to say that the POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane needs to be on your list of the must-have paper planes. It brings out some cool DIY paper plane elements in a modern and simple way, making it a super fun toy that anyone can play, including my son.

In order to play, all you have to do is just clip the small gadget or motor, which is basically the plane engine, onto a piece of paper plane. Install the toy’s free app to your smartphone, and in a couple of minutes you can fly it using the phone app. In short, a smartphone is all you need to fly the plane.

In this article I want to share with you a complete review of this product. The review was based on my son’s experience, and I can really say that it is probably one of the most fun remote-controlled paper planes to have and play with your kid.

POWERUP 4.0 RC Features

The POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane comes in a complete pack that I think has everything you need inside. In the box, there is of course the twin motor Bluetooth module, 4 paper plane templates, a micro USB charging cable, a crossbar, a spare propeller set, a trim card and last but not least, a user guide. Since I bought this for my son, I have to say that he was pretty excited to have it, especially since it is pretty easy to put together, and pretty easy, too.

POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane
POWERUP 4.0 RC Features

However, I do need to use a separate tape to stick the module to the paper plane as the tape is not included in the box. One of the best things about the pack is that it includes four paper plane templates and you can replace it whenever you need it to be replaced. Since it is made of paper, do not expect the paper plane to last forever. It can be broken if it crashes on a hard surface like a tree or a wall. Plus, it can get wet as well.

But what happens when you are running out of paper plane templates? Don’t worry. You can use other materials like plain paper, light balsa wood, or even a foam hobby plane. However, do remember to make sure that the material is weighted under 20 grams to ensure it has the perfect weight to perform a powered flight.

My First Impression

I have always been a fan of RC planes. So, I’m always excited to try some new models of RC planes. I bumped into the POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane accidentally when I was looking for a gift for my son online.

Well, long story short, after some quick research on the web I finally bought it as a gift for my son. After all, just like his old man, he is also a fan of RC planes.

POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane
POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane Spec

I bought it on Amazon, and when my son finally got the package delivered, I was as excited as him when unboxing the box. I must say that he loved it! It is a pretty small paper airplane kit, but man it was an exciting toy that anyone can play.

How Is My Son Tried It?

It was pretty fun to see how my son tried to ensemble the paper plane himself. As he was trying to figure it out, he was fond to find out that each plane design includes a QR code that he can scan to a video on how to do it. As he showed me the video, in my opinion the video was pretty clear in giving directions, making it perfect for children.

This paper plane is perfect for beginners who are just starting their aviation hobbies, including kids of course. Plus, it is also perfect for senior hobbies who want to enjoy a relaxing time flying a paper plane that comes with a modern touch. I really think that I can say that it is one of those next-level aviation hobbyist kits.

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How It Works?

The POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane comes in two main parts which are the twin motor and the paper plane itself. You can start by sticking the motor onto the paper plane using tape. It does have a clip to hold to the paper plane, but still I do think a tape is necessary for extra hold. However, I would suggest using as much as three pieces of tapes, as you don’t want to have too much weight. It might affect the performance of the plane while flying.

What's In The Box
What’s In The Box

The front side of the motor is like an airplane cockpit with a puffy surface on the front end to protect it when it falls or lands on a hard surface. It contains the electronic parts, the “On” and “Off” switch, an antenna, and also a charging port. On the back end of it there is a cross that connects the motor to the two propellers. The cross is made of plastic, but it is pretty solid to ensure stability during flight.

The App

Before you start flying, download the free app (on iOS and Android) and as for me, I advised my son to charge the motor for around 30 minutes until it is fully charged, before we go outside and fly the plane. Then, the most important part to remember is that since it needs Bluetooth connection to fly, and your phone is basically the remote control, it has a range of 240 feet.

If you go beyond that range, then you will lose the Bluetooth connection and your plane will land automatically.

Download The Free App on iOS and Android
Download The Free App on iOS and Android

Once all set, go outside and get ready to fly it. I would suggest that you try to fly the plane on an open area with soft ground. I decided to take my son to the park since it will have the least possibility for the plane to crash or break since it will most likely hit the grass.

Aside from the park, just in case you don’t have any park nearby, you might want to go to a soccer or football field. However, just like other RC planes, the bigger the place the better it will be, when it comes to the best place to fly this plane.

Based on my son’s review after he successfully put the plane to its potential, he loves it! It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and in terms of its maneuverability, it was shockingly easy to maneuver.

Does It Go Far or High or Fast?

Based on my personal experience, and also my son, it goes both high and fast. The POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane has a motor that can go very high. Thanks to its lightweight feature, the plane can also go pretty fast. But still, it also depends on the wind and the weather. But overall, in terms of its ability to go high and fast, we are very happy with it.

POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane
Does It Go Far or High or Fast?

However, my son and I had to walk a lot to retrieve the plane around the park, and it was a pretty huge park. But we had no problem with that, because it was an exciting toy to play with, and I had the chance to take my son outdoors and move a lot. So, it’s a plus for me for sure.

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Does It Break EASILY?

Surprisingly, it doesn’t! Let me share with you the reasons why I think it doesn’t break easily. In terms of the motor, cross and propellers, they are all very durable and I personally think they will last for months if not years.

Our plane was stuck in a tree several times. So, aside from walking to retrieve our plane, my son and I also need to climb some trees to retrieve the plane from those trees. And guess what? The plane survived!

POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane
POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane Isn’t Break EASILY

In terms of the paper plane. Well, since it’s made of paper, it would be wise for you to understand that paper can break pretty easily, depending on the condition of the environment.

But I personally think it’s not an issue. First, the pack comes with 4 paper plane templates. Second, once you’re running out of templates you can use other materials such as paper or cupboard, as long as it weighs under 20 grams.

Do I Think It’s Fun?

Yes, I think it’s fun, and my son as well. In my opinion, choosing the POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane as a gift for my son was a perfect idea. The plane has more than just a cool look and the ability to fly with a durable motor and not mention durability. It also offers modern technology which is Bluetooth that allows me to use my smartphone as a remote control. In short, I think Bluetooth is one of the most sophisticated features of this product.

POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane
The Ability to Fly with A Durable Motor

If you are looking for a fun outdoor activity with your friends and family, I have no doubt that this paper plane would be a great thing to pick. As for me, playing with this toy is truly a great way to spend some quality time with my son.

Should You Buy The POWERUP 4.0 RC Plane?

Yes, I highly recommend you to buy this product. Plus, you can also purchase an expansion pack that includes additional accessories, such as wheels. The original POWERUP 4.0 RC Power Plane is available on POWERUP official website and Amazon.

1. Price and Availability

I purchased the product on Amazon and in my opinion, the product is totally worth the price. It is fairly affordable and with $69.99, I got a complete pack of an RC paper plane that has power, brain, and last but not least, the element of fun. Compared to other similar products in the market, I think it’s very competitive and I can assure you that you won’t regret having this product.

Compare with Another Model
Compare with Another Model

However, aside from Amazon, I do recommend you to make a purchase from its official website or a trusted marketplace. After all, based on my own research, the product is only available on its own official website and in well-known marketplaces.

Since I bought it on Amazon, I got the default POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane for $69.99. But it also offers a bundle that includes the standard default POWERUP pack, the F22 Raptor Airplane Model, and accessory kit, and you can have all three for the price of $109.99.

2. What I Like POWERUP 4.0 (Pros)

  • Easy and quick set up.
  • Affordable.
  • Great performance.

3. What I Don’t Like POWERUP 4.0 (Cons)

  • Needs large outdoor space to play.
  • Requires extra tape for extra hold between the motor and paper plane.

Final Thoughts

Based on my honest review, in overall the POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane has everything you need from an RC Paper Plane. It comes in a pack full of features, very easy to set up that allows you to fly it in less than 15 minutes, and it’s exciting, too! All in all, this product is totally worth buying.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How easy is it to control the POWERUP 4.0?

It’s very easy. Once you install the app on your phone, you can control the plane by tilting your phone left or right based on which way you turn. You can also use the tuning setting in the app to be able to control your flight.

What materials can I use to build airplanes with POWERUP 4.0?

In terms of materials, you can actually choose the best one based on your preferences. However, bear in mind that the wing has to be weighted below 0.71oz/20 grams for maximum performance. The POWERUP quick connect accessory system allows you to connect the module to thin and lightweight materials such as papers to cardboard, foam or balsa wood.

Is the POWERUP 4.0 durable?

There are two ways to understand the durability of this paper plane. As for the material, it is highly durable because the module is made of durable carbon fiber rods and polypropylene plastic, while the bumper is made of rubber. So, I can say that it will be able to withstand most crashes.

However, when it comes to the machine, it may be damaged if you run the paper plane to a hard surface repeatedly. One piece of advice, it is recommended to play with the plane in the park so you can make sure it lands on a soft surface like grass.

What is your return policy?

Based on my experience, usually you can return the product within 30 days of purchase, as long as the product is unused during the 30 days period.

What is your warranty policy?

Like other similar products, this product has a 1 year warranty.

Will the POWERUP 4.0 App work on my phone?

The POWERUP 4.0 will work on any device with iOS and Android OS and has Bluetooth 4.0 feature.

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