15 Fascinating Facts About RC Cars That Will Surprise You

Many people are unaware of how much fun it is to play with remote control cars. In reality, many people consider RC cars to be a children’s toy. On the other hand, remote control cars are also adored both as hobbies or sports. Like video games, it will improve hand-eye coordination, but in a more effective method than video games, owing to the fact that they involve real-world navigation. Furthermore, because the crashing and car damage are realistic, playing with RC cars can help you improve your reaction time when driving real cars. 

Remote control cars have come a long way over the years, and today’s selection is so diverse that it may meet the wants of any consumer on the planet. If you are a part of RC car lovers, then you should know more facts about RC cars, instead of only focusing on playing with the car. The more you know insightful facts about them, playing with RC cars will be a double great deal of pleasure. Therefore, get ready to be impressed because we provide some interesting facts about RC cars just for you. 

1. Genius Inventor of The First of RC Engine

Genius Inventor of The First of RC Engine

You may be an RC cars lover who knows every model ever made, but do you know the history of the hobby? The nitro-powered Ferrari 250 LM was the first remote control car ever produced by Elettronica Giocattoli (El-Gi), an Italian electronics company, developed in 1966. A year later, Mardave, a Leicester-based British company, began commercially producing RC automobiles.

Although Elettronica Giocattoli is commonly credited with inventing the first RC car model, Nikola Tesla, the father of alternating current and inventor of the Tesla Coil, was the first to think of and demonstrate an RC car engine model. In 1898, he released his RC model engine. So, Tesla as the electronic genius and inventor did invent the RC cars, but it was mass produced by El-Gi. As a result, El-Gi is often attributed with the invention of this hobby toy.

2. The First Tamiya RC Kit

The First Tamiya RC Kit

Many people find themselves drawn to the hobby of operating radio-controlled automobiles, especially if Tamiya RC cars were a favorite childhood pastime. Tamiya was the first business to produce radio-controlled models that were simple to put together but far from simple. It created an international cult following and ignited an enduring passion for vehicles and machines in countless thousands of people.

However, do you know when the first Tamiya RC kit was invented? Tamiya began modeling in 1948 with the release of a scale wooden ship model kit. In 1976, Tamiya joined the Radio Controlled market in 1976 with the Porsche 934, a racing version of the Porsche 911. Tamiya bought an original 911 and immediately destroyed it so that its engineers could better understand the vehicle’s inner workings. Hence, Tamiya has grown since then, making models that have been dubbed “First in Quality Around the World.”

3. The Most Expensive RC Cars

The Most Expensive RC Cars

Though it may appear to be a child’s hobby, buying an RC car may be rather costly. Given the ability to modify and tamper with nearly every component of these vehicles, it should come as no surprise that the costs can quickly escalate. However, do you know the most expensive RC cars in the world?

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is attributed as the world’s longest and most expensive remote control car, measuring 6 meters in length. Drake paid almost $2 million to add this jewel to his fleet, according to radio station 1LIVE.

The special Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, a fantastic luxury-class coupé, will be unveiled at this amazing meeting of exquisite historic vehicles. The 2+2 seater also pays respect to the golden age of aero coupés while also consciously carrying on the legacy into the future.

4. First Monster Truck Models

First Monster Truck Models

As RC owners became more adventurous in terms of all-terrain or off-road racing, the thirst for speed became insatiable. As a result, remote control trucks were developed, and the Marui Big Bear was born.

In 1984, the first The Big Bear was released with a plastic tub-styled chassis, Mabuchi M480-RS motor, mechanical speed control, and live axle rear suspension rather than an independent systemc as a mail-order kit without batteries, radio, or charger. This sort of truck includes bigger tires, 2WD, and an injection molded body that can go through uneven terrains and other roads that regular RC car models couldn’t handle.

5. Unique Nitro RC Car with Reverse

Unique Nitro RC Car with Reverse

It’s unusual to come across a nitro RC car with reverse. One of the most noticeable things lacking from most nitro RC cars is reverse. Because of the durability concerns that reverse can cause, you rarely see a nitro RC with reverse. On-road nitro RC cars aren’t usually built with a reverse feature, but off-road trucks like the Traxxas Revo have it as an option.

The T-Maxx was a one-of-a-kind vehicle. It sounded fantastic, absorbed the harshest terrain, and plowed over or through whatever you pointed it at. It even had a reverse function. After the T-Maxx, the nitro-power surge exploded, and nitro monsters became the decade’s most popular category.

6. Electronic Speed Control Technology

Electronic Speed Control Technology

The speed control of electric motors may now be seen all over modern life, including RC cars. However, did you know how this technology was invented for RC cars? Novak designed the NESC-1 as a fully electronic device with a built-in BEC circuit. In the 1980s, this technology was so effective and dependable that it was offered in the RC market. 

Novak has been a member of the remote-controlled hobby business since 1978, inventing and manufacturing significant and creative goods for the market. Unfortunately, Novak chose to close its doors after 40 years in 2018. Novak has long been a part of the radio control hobby, and the company is responsible for many of the industry’s electronic milestones. 

7. The Toughest and Most Powerful RC Cars In The World

The Toughest and Most Powerful RC Cars In The World

When buying an RC car, one of the most crucial factors to consider is its strength and speed. Therefore, you might be curious on how fast and strong RC cars can be as you don’t want to get a car that will readily break in the event of a collision.

In fact, The Traxxas X-Maxx Model 77086-4 is the toughest and most powerful RC car on the market. This RC car has a wheelbase of 18.92 inches and weighs 19.1 pounds. Its tires are 8 inches long. This monster truck’s enormous ground clearance makes it nearly unstoppable, as it can surmount any obstacle.

8. The Best RC Cars Racer In The History

The Best RC Cars Racer In The History

Masami Hirosaka is a Japanese RC cars racer who is called a legend in history. Masami Hirosaka has won more world championships than any other RC driver, with 14 IFMAR crowns to his name.

He has also won countless titles in both on- and off-road racing. Masami has won both on- and off-road races, and he is something of a celebrity in his native Japan. He’s known for his pinpoint accuracy, hard-charging driving, and the ability to drive better with his feet than other drivers.

9. Operator Injured By RC Car Accident

Operator Injured By RC Car Accident

Remote control cars can move as fast as bullets. Therefore, playing with this toy can also be harmful and cause accidents. In 2021, a guy was struck by a 140 mph radio-controlled remote race car. The incident occurred just before 8:30 p.m. on an outdoor track in Epping that was leased from New England Dragway.

The unfortunate man was hit after losing control of the car on the circuit and suffering a hip injury. After the RC car hit speeds of 55 mph with a RC car weighing roughly 25 pounds, he was brought to the hospital. He likened being struck by one to being hit by a missile.

10. House Fire Due to RC Cars

House Fire Due to RC Cars

A remote control car battery can be hazardous if it explodes while charging, resulting in a house fire. In 2016, a battery pack for an RC car caught fire early Sunday morning, causing a family of seven to lose their house. While the rest of the family was sleeping, the husband smelt smoke and looked toward the back of the home, where his son was charging the batteries. Fortunately, the entire family was spared from the disaster. Therefore, RC car owners are expected to be careful when charging batteries 

11. First RC Racing Competition

First RC Racing Competition

When you think about racing competitions, you probably think of high-end fast vehicles on slick international-standard racing tracks. Well, it does apply with RC cars. In fact, this fun hobby and sport started to hold the first RC racing competition in 1985. The competition was called IFMAR 1:10 Electric Off-Road World Championship which is a world championship radio controlled car race sanctioned by the International Federation of Model Auto Racing (IFMAR).

IFMAR was created in 1979 by professional racer and RC model entrepreneur Ted Longshaw. What makes it interesting, IFMAR has actually held this championship every 2 years since 1987, but it was inaugurated in 1985 as a championship for Stock and Modified class. Not to mention, it is regarded as the most prestigious event on the calendar, with factory entries from a number of well-known hobby and toy companies.

12. The Largest RC Cars Cash Prize In The History

The Largest RC Cars Cash Prize In The History

There always have been RC car races for as long as RC cars have existed to put drivers’ skills to the test. Although a trophy, a title, and bragging rights are frequently awarded to the winners, they rarely return home with their pockets bulging with cash.

However, in 2021, a great racer, Clay Keates, won over $18,000 after achieving his victory in the King of the Streets championship, the largest winner-take-all cash prize race in RC history. The event was just in its second year, but it drew 500 people in 2021, up from 42 last year, and 256 drag racers lined up to compete.

13. RC Cars As An Expensive Hobby

RC Cars As An Expensive Hobby

Since the 1960s, RC cars have been a popular hobby among model car enthusiasts. While some people like driving these small vehicles around for fun, others compete in RC car racing.

However, RC cars can be a costly hobby. To keep RC cars last a long time, they use strong and solid materials. As a result of the high-quality components, RC Cars become more expensive. Not to mention, the manufacturing need increases overall creation costs because these parts must be compact, light, and robust.

14. World’s Smallest RC Car

World’s Smallest RC Car

It will be fun to know more about trivia facts if you’re new to the RC cars hobby or looking to add a few new vehicles to your garage. For example, do you know what is the smallest RC car ever made in the world? According to the Guiness World Record, the smallest radio controlled car was developed by Michihiro Hino, Tokyo, Japan in 2002. It has a 25 mm long model with 1/90 perfect scale of a Mercedes Benz Smart car. It features the 45MHz belt PSD system Toy-RC 2ch- with a micro-nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery that can be fully charged in about 15 minutes. 

15. RC Cars World’s Longest Jump Ramp

RC Cars World’s Longest Jump Ramp

RC car enthusiasts never get tired of setting more records day by day. On the set of The Gadget Show in Birmingham, UK on November 12, 2019, a Team Associated RC8T3.1e operated by Jon Howels made the longest ramp jump by a remote controlled model car, 40.21 meter or 131 feet 9 inch. It beat the previous Guinness World Record made by a Carson Specter 6S, controlled by Thomas Strobel with 36.9 meter or 121 feet 0.75 inch in Sonneberg, Germany on 30 July 2011.

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