PowerUp 4.0 is the Next-gen Paper Plane With Engine That Can Fly Far and Fast

Did you ever compete with your friends to create paper planes that can fly the farthest? Now, the PowerUp 4.0 will remind you of those nostalgic moments and realize your childhood dreams to create the ultimate paper aircraft model.

The incredibly creative PowerUp 4.0 is what you get when you combine papercraft and remote-controlled airplane technology.

This paper plane comes with a tiny engine that can propel your model way farther than the regular ones. It is also infinitely more fun because you get to control the flight!

The designers take a regular paper airplane model into the next step by adding extra power. You will be able to fly PowerUp 4.0 paper planes within a range of 230 feet and as fast as 20mph!

PowerUp 4.0 Paper Plane

Overall, the weight of this fantastic invention is only about 19 grams, including the rechargeable battery that allows 10 minutes of fun flight time.

PowerUp 4.0 kit comes in two main parts, a paper, and a flight module. First, you will be required to fold the model airplane according to the template. The instruction lines are drawn on your paper so that you can fold easily.

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PowerUp 4.0 Paper Plane

You need to follow along the lines as accurately as possible. It is necessary because your plane requires a good balance and perfect airflow for optimal first-flight experiences.

The paper aircraft design is very clever as it is deliberate and considers fundamental engineering principles. For instance, the model features elevators like the tail of a real airplane that can control stalls or dives. Nevertheless, folding the PowerUp 4.0 kit is not as complicated as building an actual aircraft frame.

PowerUp 4.0 Paper Plane

Then, you can attach the flight module. It contains a controller unit and battery that will sit on the front side of the paper planes like a cockpit.

The tail of the module comes with two propellers that will push your plane fast and far. Meanwhile, the crossbar of the module also gives the wings structural rigidity for stable flight.

You may connect your phone with the flight module via Bluetooth. PowerUp 4.0 comes with an accompanying app that can be used to control your paper plane.

Hyperice Normatec 2.0

The app will let you start the engine, turn the paper plane left or right, and use the accelerometer indicator for smoother control. The combination of the app and the control modules allows this paper aircraft to fly in a sophisticated manner.

You can buy the affordable PowerUp 4.0 paper airplane kit, starting from $80 to $240. The price includes landing gears, spare parts, various paper plane model templates, waterproof papers, a detailed mini guidebook, and many more!

It is not just a toy but also a testament to your love of aerospace engineering.

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